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Bic Disposable Pre-Charged Cellphones

Bic is an awesome gadget company. I’ve been using their quality ball-point pens and even a disposable razor or two for years. I’m not quite sure if I can trust them yet when it comes to anything too technological. I mean, they don’t really have a reputation as a tech company. But luckily, with this dip in the mobile market pie, Bic has a little help from their friends.

Bic has teamed up with Orange France to release the first ever Bic Phone, a cell which is sold with a pre-charged battery and made to be thrown away after a chunk of usage. The Bic Phone comes with a SIM card already set-up and roaring to go, with activation being the only needed step. Each Bic Phone will also offer 60 minutes of free talk time. But you can always add more minutes if you’re so inclined.

Don’t be turned away so easy. We don’t want you to worry that Bic hasn’t had any help along the way with hardware. As it turns out, Alcatel manufacturers the phones themselves, with the telephone number included in the packaging. So while it might be an extremely low-end phone (it’s made for strictly calls and texting only), at least Bic has a known hardware co-dependent backing them up.

The Bic Phone will be available in France starting August 7. There will be two color choices: Citrus Orange and Lime Green. The phone itself will cost €49 (£39/$80). It’ll be interesting to see how the disposable phone idea works, especially from a name not associated with the mobile industry at all up until now.


14 thoughts on “Bic Disposable Pre-Charged Cellphones”

  1. What a waste of phone, money, sim card, plastic material, geez, one hour of free talk time, that’s good for calling customer sevice then your time is all used up- wow what a waste… stick to pens and razor, non techy stuff alright? i wouldn’t buy that phone if it cost $5

  2. thankfully, this phone will add to our mounting environmental garbage dump heaps and probably contribute to our global warming and the end of human existence on Earth once and for all!

  3. Thanks Bic for making more waste in the world. The packaging alone looks like 2 lbs of unopenable plastic.

  4. Start holding companies to task for creating such trash? Disposables everythings should not be tolerated anymore, and I am sorry to say that it may require regulation, because people are stupid enough to want a single use cell phone or a single use razor or a single use whathaveyou. We should be finding ways to DISCOURAGE companies from making and people from wanting things like this, not extolling their virtues.

  5. Is phone actually ‘disposable” or not? It’s sold w. rechgable batt. and when 60 min. used, you can apparently buy more cred. w. prepaid mobicarte…so wondering if it is actually disposable.(note: “Picasso” in comments says you can always add more pre-paid minutes.)

    Also, says it’s “ready to go”, but then in fine print under details, says “clients must identify themselves to Orange agent”….what does that mean- ie. “register” the phone? Is it actually a 2-step process- buy but then can’t use till show up at an Orange store?

  6. christ things like this do have a use, put it in an emergency disaster kit

    not to mention you can recycle thi peice of crap

  7. What a stupid idea… I will not even talk about the waste and environmental implications since these have rightfully already been discussed, I just want to point out that for 30 to 50 euro it is already possible (at least here in Italy) to buy a shitty cell phones that in any case do more than this one, with pre-paid sim cards and some pre paid credit like 5 euro or something (maybe the process is a little longer, you need to have a valid ID and at least 10 to 15 minutes for activation of the mobile line…) and in the end you will have a plastic-and-electronics phone that is as capable of being trashed as this one BUT if you want you can keep it and reuse it on any gsm network in the world (locked phones are out of fashon for almost all Italian carriers); you can then decide to buy “disposable credit” instead of the next disposable phone, and reduce the trash to zero…

    It would be a bit different if this object was made of biodegradable material such as paper and condictive strips/inks (it seems possible, google for it…) but the way it is presented this seems to be just the non-rechargeable-battery version of the already existing (very) entry level cell phones… a nonsense.


  8. To all you naysayers out there, I say: I have a disabled friend whose lifeline, her landline phone, is not working. No response from tel co at least until Monday. This phone would be perfect for her emergency use this weekend. In fact, I came across this piece specifically looking for a way to help her.

  9. This “heads-up” is from the Bic People….

    Addendum: BIC phone is not a “disposable” phone. It is sold with a rechargeable battery, included in the pack and when your 60 minute credit is over, you can buy more credit with a prepaid “mobicarte.

  10. With all the disposable cell phones and the companies that make them this is just another drop in the bucket.
    Bic however is one of my favorite companies, so what took so long.?

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