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BetterBack forces you to keep better posture

Better Back

Your parents can scream at you until they’re blue in the face, but it’s not going to make you have better posture. Unless you actively want to change something, you’re not going to, which is why we carry a lot of bad habits into adulthood. Eventually we realize that the things our parents told us to do were for our benefit, and have to begrudgingly change our ways after the fact.

 If you still slump and slouch, especially when sitting at your desk, then the BetterBack will help you change your crooked ways (before it’s too late). For those that have terrible posture, this is the first step to not only sitting better, but correcting your posture indefinitely. This folds around your back and knees, essentially forcing you into decent posture, but in a comfortable, hammock-like way.

Only using this for 15 minutes a day can help your body’s muscle memory know what good posture is and keep it that way. This will work on any chair, meaning it’s perfect for the office, during the big game, on a plane, or just sitting in quiet meditation. When you’re not using it, this will fold down and zip up to a little package size so it can go in your bag when it’s not needed. This is a $59 purchase that could drastically alter your posture, if you remember to make yourself use it.

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