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BETO Sleep Coach is another example of IoT done right

beto-sleep-coachThe Internet of Things (IoT) is certainly one prime example of how technology has made life a whole lot better and easier for everyone, and one of the great things about IoT is the way it is able to change the way we interact with things in and around the home. For new parents (or seasoned parents, it does not matter) who have just welcomed the latest bundle of joy to the home, you know that one thing is guaranteed. Your sleep pattern is going to go out of whack for one simple reason: baby’s sleeping time will be the one that dictates how much sleep everyone else gets in and around the home. Enter the BETO Sleep Coach, a device that merges IoT with artificial intelligence technology in order to optimize baby sleep patterns so that everyone will turn out better for it.

The BETO Sleep Coach helps to ensure that babies are well-rested without losing any sleep over it. Touted to be a first-of-its-kind IoT device and companion app, it will rely on AI to deliver insights such as when to feed the baby, and when to put the baby down for a nap. You can say that simplicity is the essence of the BETO Sleep Coach. Not only is it portable, it is also wall-mountable, depending on how you would like to use it. This IoT device boasts of large, easy-to-understand buttons that will help activate the recording of daily routines such as naps, meal times, diaper changes and baths.

All of the recorded data will be sent over to a server for careful analysis. From there, the BETO Sleep Coach can offer data-driven suggestions to parents for optimizing their baby’s sleep. It is definitely the more affordable method for the whole family to end up with an adequate amount of sleep. After all, pediatric sleep specialists are expensive despite offering hands-on guidance and consultations, not to mention time consuming. Books require time to go through them. The BETO Sleep Coach straddles the middle ground and will not make huge demands of your time, something that you are already in short supply with a new addition to the family.

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