26 Best Toys & Gifts For 8 Year Old Boys [2019]

Buying for an eight-year-old boy can be frustrating. They are moving away from the “simple” toys into more expensive and complex toys. At this stage, finding something that will keep them interested for longer than a day is almost impossible. While they do like the toys, their attention span is limited. So, how do you find toys that they’ll love and play with for longer than a few days?

We’ve scoured the internet looking for toys that eight-year-old boys would love. There are TONS of products available – not all of them are worth your time or money. However, we’ve found a treasure trove of products that are sure to be WINNERS for your eight-year-old boy. If you haven’t been able to find the right toys, we’re here to help.

Below, we are going to show you 26 of the best toys for eight-year-old boys. These are some of the most popular options, with great reviews from parents (and children). With this list, you should be able to either narrow down your options or check off a few boxes on your gift/holiday list.

NERF N-Strike Elite Disruptor

NERF has been around for quite some time, giving boys (and girls) the ability to play good guys/bad guys, hunting expeditions, and even wars. It’s all fun and games and the darts are soft and fly far.

This particular gun is rather compact, making it easy to learn and use. It comes with six darts that can be loaded into a rotating chamber ready to attack anyone in its path. The darts can fly up to 90 feet under optimal conditions and they will not break any windows or shatter any glass.

There’s even an option to fire ALL of the darts at one time through a specialized “slam-fire” action. If one shot wasn’t enough to overwhelm your opponent, six surely is! When your kid has a sleepover, give everyone a few of these disruptors and watch the boredom slip right out the door.

NERF N-Strike Elite Rampage

  • High capacity 25 dart drum
  • Slam fire action for rapid dart blasting
  • Hand powered blasting up to 90 feet (27 meters)

If six darts weren’t enough, how about an onslaught of 25? Instead of a six-shooter, you get a drum that can hold up to 25 darts ready to attack everywhere in eyesight. Again, the darts can travel an amazing 90 feet and it requires no batteries. All you have to do is pull back the cocking mechanism, pull the trigger, and annihilate the competition.

Again, NERF guns are built for everyone, even those under 8 years old. Of course, they have their “minimum” ratings, but we played with toy guns for years and no one got hurt. When you want to give your child an “unfair” advantage, this is the next step up. They’ll easily be able to stay in the action longer than everyone else with the massive dart blasting drum capacity.

Since you’re already considering the disruptor, why don’t you get a couple of the disruptors and a few of the rampages? Then your kids can set up an overnight/all-day war that’ll keep them outside and ACTIVE!

NERF Elite Titan CS-50

  • Fully motorized with 50 dart drum
  • Includes 50 darts
  • Spinning barrel and shoulder strap

Strap up and get ready for WAR! The Elite Titan CS-50 from NERF is designed to obliterate everyone else around you. Equipped with a fully-motorized (batteries not included) drum capable of holding up to 50 darts, nothing stands a chance in front of you.

Throw the shoulder strap on, grip the rear trigger and aim using the front grip. Don’t worry about aim as all you have to do is pull the trigger and let the darts do their job. While the Disruptor and the Rampage are good options, this is the BAD BOY that changes the game.

Don’t send your kids into a NERF war without the right equipment. Send them with the Elite Titan CS-50 and TONS of darts. The CS-50 from NERF is the only option when losing a NERF war is not an option!

Spikeball 3-Ball Kit

Next up is a “Shark Tank” product that has exploded in popularity. Not only will your kids love this gift, but so will the adults in your family – it’s literally fun in a bag for anyone who likes to compete. So, what are we talking about?


The premise is easy – you have a circular net that sits between you and your opponents. You have a ball that you hit/spike into the net, your opponent has to return the ball in the same way; the goal is to get them to miss. You can SPIKE it or you can lob it – the choice is yours. But be warned, this is a highly-addictive game that can serious bouts of laughter and sore muscles tomorrow.

The best part – everyone can play this game. You’ll find yourself looking for reasons to play this. Now, this is best played in an outside environment as it can get a little rowdy. However, you can use this in other events such as school and/or church events too.

You can play this with as few or as many as you want. In fact, you could do tandem teams, back-forth, all-out war – the possibilities are limitless; you could even add in multiple balls to up the intensity. It comes with everything you need to get started including a carrying case and multiple balls. And, it comes with a lifetime guarantee that covers ALL the parts for LIFE!

ArmoGear Infrared Laser Battle Mega Pack

Laser Tag is one of the most popular games/activities for eight-year-old boys. They love the competition and it’s great as a replacement for exercise. However, laser tag can become expensive when you take them to an arena every weekend. What if you could keep them home but give them the same effect – minus the blacklights and foam board obstacles?

Now you can! ArmoGear has created an affordable Laser Battle Mega Pack that gives you the ability to let your child and their friends enjoy a friendly (maybe) game of laser tag in your home, shed, or backyard.

The Battle Mega Pack comes with four laser blasters and four vests, with the ability to buy even more if you need (just buy a second pack). This is an ultra-affordable option, especially when you consider the fact that you have to pack everyone up, pay for gas, food, drinks, and the games.

The lasers can blast up to 150 feet away (longer than some yards) and there are multiple shooting styles too (pistol, shotgun, machine gun, rocket). They are even equipped with LEDs for night/low-light play too. Make family night a little more interactive – The vests can even fit most adults making the boring board game nights a thing of the past!

Franklin Sports MLB Electronic Baseball Pitching Machine

Baseball is a sport that transcends time. Whether just a stick and a rock to a metal bat with an MLB baseball, everyone at some point in time has enjoyed a quick game of baseball. In fact, you probably had your own share behind a bat. Now, it’s time to give your child a chance to enjoy baseball too.

To some, this might feel a bit like cheating – it’s not. Most of the time, parents run out of time to play in the backyard, leaving their children to toss the ball up, track it, and try to hit it. However, this isn’t teaching them how to hit the ball the same way as if it were being pitched. With the Electronic Pitching Machine from Franklin, they’ll get a chance to learn basic hitting mechanics on their own time.

This pitching machine comes with six balls that are delivered at seven-second intervals. The height can be adjusted to teach them to watch the ball and also how to get comfortable with different launch angles. While this won’t replace family time, it will help them hone their skills in. Plus, they can use it with their friends for a friendly game of catch or even a friendly competition/rivalry.

Stomp Rocket Jr. Glow Rocket

Day or night, this next toy is sure to light up their day/night/eyes!

The Stomp Rocket is built to fly – up to 100 feet! All you have to do to create liftoff is set the rocket on the base, move the air chamber a safe distance away, step back a little bit, run and jump on the air chamber and watch the rocket soar into the heavens. The rockets can glow in the dark, adding a new dimension to an already fun game. Now, time doesn’t matter as you can play in the yard at night too.

The rockets are made of foam and will not damage your home or surrounding vehicles. Plus, they withstand tons of abuse as they aren’t hard and brittle. Even better, the kit is kid-powered (no batteries required). While this isn’t a game of laser tag, they’ll still get plenty of energy out and get some exercise in the process.

Your child can play with this alone or with friends. Watch as they try to beat their best highs or get their rocket further than their friends.

LEGO ClicTime Star Wars Darth Vader Alarm Clock

This is a two-for-one gift! If you have an eight-year-old boy who loves Star Wars but also loves LEGOs, then you cannot skip out on this. While you can’t assemble it as a kit (bummer), it is a cool alarm clock with a look unlike any other.

It comes with an alarm, snooze feature, moveable arms and legs, and a light-up display to say goodbye to the “dark forces”. Darth Vader is one of the most iconic characters in the Star Wars lineup and now you can let your kids enjoy having him in their room protecting them at night and waking them up in the morning.

It does require two “AAA” batteries, so make sure you stock up on these beforehand. It stands 9.5 inches tall and has a 12hr LCD screen that lights up when needed. Again, we wish this was a built-it kit, but it still looks awesome and your eight-year-old boy will love it!

LEGO Creator Space Shuttle Explorer Building Kit

Here’s another gift option for the thinker/star-gazer in your life. As children, we love the idea of space travel and what better way to imagine we’re floating in space than with a LEGO Creator Space Shuttle Explorer Building Kit.

This kit comes with 285 pieces that allow you to create a space shuttle, a moon station, and a space rover. It also comes with its own minifigure so they can really recreate the moon landing if they wanted to. Watch as they use the robotic arm to pick out space trash or find the next signs of alien life.

Of course, all the parts work with the other LEGO kits too so you can just add to their collection (or start them on one). If you see your kids staring in the skies (day or night) or just questioning if we are really alone, this is the perfect LEGO kit for them.

LEGO Speed Champions McLaren Senna Building Kit

For those who still want to go fast without leaving the atmosphere, we have another option they are bound to love. This is for the kids who see a fast car and go WOW! Or, they see an exotic car and can’t stop staring.

The Speed Champions McLaren Senna Building Kit from LEGO is a 219 piece building kit of pure fun and adrenaline. It’s a work of art that allows them to enjoy the fun of exotic without the price of an exotic. When they finish, they’ll have their own personal McLaren Senna with removable windshield, interchangeable rims, and all the stickers and logos needed to make it “real”.

To give it a more authentic feel, they can also make a box fan and use tools with the minifigure so they can act it out. Watch as their eyes light up even bigger when they realize they don’t have to hope they see an exotic on the road – now they can have one in their home/bedroom.

LEGO Technic WHACK! Building Kit

If you want to go for something BIGGER, then you can’t skip out on the Technic kits from LEGO. These kits are bigger, better, and more fun than their simpler counterparts. And the WHACK! Building Kit is one of the most sought after building kits for eight-year-old boys.

This building kit comes with 135 pieces designed to create a rock-em, sock-em crash buggy that can handle some serious abuse. On looks alone, this thing rocks! But, LEGO didn’t stop with looks – they made it functional too. It has a build-up motor that allows you to pull back and let it rip with blistering speeds that can give any child a burst of excitement.

Of course, the LEGO pieces are compatible with other LEGO sets meaning you can easily make your own creations too. This is one motor that doesn’t require any batteries (no extra costs); just hand power. If your child likes to watch things go BOOM and CRASH, they’ll love being able to create their own crash buggy.

LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox Robot Building Set

While LEGO has the Technic series which is AWESOME, they lack the ability to code them to do anything other than to move. LEGO has upped the stakes with this Robot Building Set!

Admit it – you were entangled in the idea of robots (and controlling them). Of course, we didn’t have the technology of today back then. When you see this next kit from LEGO, you’ll wish you had. Not only can you create a robot, but you can make it move, talk, and even let out a few unwanted sounds.

Even better, this kit will teach your thinker to code. It is a very basic level of coding but it gives them an idea of real-world applications for coding. If they’ve shown an interest in computers, artificial intelligence, or augmented reality, then this is a great place to get them started without breaking the bank.

When they finish with their personalized robot, they can also create a musical guitar, or cat, or even a land rover that can shoot missiles! The kit comes with 847 pieces leaving them with more than enough to create unique models not mentioned in the instructional guide. Also included are specialized playmats for the sensors to work with and even a wall poster for the LEGO-head(s) on your gift list. It does require 6 “AAA” batteries so make sure you stock up.

RipStik Ripster Caster Board

Outdoor gifts are BIG for eight-year-old boys. And unless you’ve lived under a rock for quite some time, you’ve seen the Razor Ripstik being used by boys of ALL ages – including adults at times.

These aren’t your average skateboards! These pivot in the middle giving you a walking motion that can allow you to navigate without taking your feet off of the board. It’s a variation of the skateboard that requires a higher level of dexterity and body control – it’s a great workout. Plus, once they get comfortable using it, they can learn all kinds of unique tricks including jumps, grind, and other stunts (some even use these at the skate parks).

It is smaller than a standard RipStik and is made from a super-strong, fiber-reinforced polymer so it’ll probably outlast their young years. The popularity of the RipStik over the years is a GOOD reason why you should buy one for your eight-year-old boy. Millions of RipStik sales and kids navigating the parks and streets on one should be all you need to know.

Spalding NBA Slam Jam Over-The-Door Mini Basketball Hoop

Every kid has imagined sinking the game-winner with seconds left hanging in the balance. When we were young, it was imagining you were Michael Jordan. Now, kids dream of being Lebron James or Steph Curry. No matter who they admire, now they can sink the game-winner whenever they want.

The Spalding NBA Slam Jam Over-The-Door Mini Basketball Hoop is just the right size for their bedroom or game room. The rim is actually made from steel (not plastic) and it is 9 inches in diameter. Even better, the rim has a breakaway features for those over-the-top slam dunks for a guaranteed two points. The backboard is made of polycarbonate for years of use and abuse while still looking like the real thing.

With a 5-inch rubber basketball, they can play day or night, rain or shine and sink the game-winner whenever they want. Friends will pick up a ball and challenge them every chance they get. It’s truly a gift that never stops being popular. If you really want to step it up, make sure to include a poster of their favorite basketball player or team too.

Marbleocity Mini Coaster

Rollercoasters are cool … infinite loops are cool … marble tracks are cool … starting to see a pattern here?

PlayMonster has designed a roller coaster that your eight-year-old boy will absolutely love. For starters, they get to build their own working roller coaster from the ground up (and it’s made of real wood; not cardboard or plastic). It takes about one hour to build but provides hours of endless fun. They’ll show their family and friends their creation and they’ll be learning about physics at the same time.

This is a STEM approved project and even comes with instructional material and characters to make the learning journey more fun. They’ll have fun without realizing they’re learning advanced concepts. It comes with almost everything you need except for household white glue (for building).

And if they fall in love with this building kit, there are other kits available including dragon coasters, skate parks, and a mini skate park. Toys don’t have to just be fun – they can teach too!

ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Logic Game

Now, for the thinker in your family, the Gravity Maze Marble Run from ThinkFun is perfect. This is a STEM Toy of the Year award winner and definitely gives your eight-year-old plenty of thought-provoking challenges.

While apps can give your child certain challenges, most of the time, they aren’t interactive (touch and feel). The Gravity Maze takes learning to a whole new level as they can touch, feel, see, and hear the game while learning problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. This is considered a single-player game, though you could let multiple people play in a next-up challenge.

The Gravity Maze comes with sixty challenges to give your child plenty of thought-provoking games to work through. By the time they finish this game, they’ll be ready for the bigger, harder challenges. Watch as your child figures out how to navigate their marble from the top of the maze to the bottom while showing you their newfound ability.

The first few challenges are fairly simple; this is intended and purposed. In order to get your child involved, they start rather easy so they get hooked. From there, the games become more difficult as they progress through the levels. If they do manage to figure all sixty challenges out, you can press them to work through all sixty in random order (under a specified time; under ten minutes).

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Mega Construction Engineering Set

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC is well-known for being able to captivate audiences. From biographies to documentaries, they have proven they can keep your attention for hours at a time. And now, they’ll captivate your eight-year-old boy’s mind with a construction engineering set that can create up to 35 different motorized models.

This kit is a crossbreed between K’NEX and LEGOs. It comes with 121 pieces that snap together to form helicopters, airplanes, trucks, cars, dinosaurs, and so much more. Plus, it has its own app that gives you full 3D views and instructions on a piece-by-piece level. The app is completely free and helps your child to see everything so they can create a replica of what they see.

To make it even more fun, they’ve included a motor to make it move. It can move forwards, backwards, or around (circular; helicopter rotors). The motor is battery-powered so you won’t have to worry about wires and electrical outlets. And when they are ready to start on the next project/model, they even have an extractor tool to make disassembly a breeze.

If they want, they can even create their own models as they aren’t limited. Watch as their imagination runs wild like the animal on the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC documentaries we all watch and love!

4M Solar System Planetarium

We’ve all done it. We’ve stared into the night sky looking at the stars! It’s beautiful and magnificent, but as we’ve grown older, we don’t do it as much. However, your eight-year-old boy is astounded by what’s out there. This next gift is perfect for the aspiring astronomer or adventurist.

The 4M Solar System Planetarium gives the ability to see the planets without having to jump into a spaceship to get there. It starts out in pieces that they will put together, paint, and put together in the proper order. The paint glows in the dark and the planets can be moved around the sun to give them a different look each day. Best of all, it does not require batteries of any kind.

The kit comes with a fact-filled chart and ten sets of kid questions designed to keep them thinking. For the child that loves to put their hands on what they are learning, this is a great first step. Once they finish this kit, there are other kits just like it including an earth and moon kit. Show them what they can’t see down here – take them into space for an interplanetary experience like no other.

Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Electronics Exploration Kit

Do you have a little builder in your home? Looking for something for the “experimenter” who tends to get in over their heads. The Snap Circuits Jr. kit is perfect for them.

They can build more than 100 different electronic projects with more than 30 different parts. All of the parts snap it; no need for solder or dangerous equipment. When they are finished, they flip the power switch and watch their creations come to life. Some of the projects include photo sensors, flashing lights, and an adjustable-volume siren.

The kit comes with an instruction manual to help them through every project. Plus, it gives you a chance to show them how much you know and create memories that’ll never be forgotten. If your little thinker needs a new challenge, this is perfect.

This is approved by the STEM/STEAM educational curriculum so it’s more than just a toy – it’s a building block that can lead them down a path of learning that is fun and interactive.

The Dangerous Book for Boys

Do you need a gift for the eight-year-old book worm in your life? Well, this is the perfect book for them. The Dangerous Book for Boys is a one of a kind book for any boy between the ages of 8 and 88. This bestselling book contains page after page of great information that every boy needs to know. It is filled with everything a boy needs to know, from how to build a tree fort, skills such as how to hunt and how to fish, to what direction true north is, and even teaching them lessons about girls (is that possible?).

The book contains 288 pages of crucial information that every young boy needs to know. The book is recommended for readers between eight and twelve years old, but it is a book that everyone of any age can enjoy. This bestselling book will soon be turned into an Amazon Prime series created by the talented Greg Mottola and Bryan Cranston, so you know that it is a good book with plenty of information an eight-year-old boy needs to know.

The Dangerous Book for Boys is a book that can be enjoyed time and time again. A book that once picked up will be a hard one to put back down.


NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Kids has created a book of answers for the age old “WHY?”. If you have a child that asks you question after question, then feed their curiosity with this one of a kind book from National Geographic Kids. The title of this book is titled Why? And for a book of this nature, that is a beautiful title. Filled with 1,111 answers about everything, your curious child will get hours and hours of enjoyment, reading this great book. The book is 192 pages long and is available for purchase in a hardcover format. It is filled with answers and beautiful pictures.

This book is the perfect gift for anyone that enjoys learning, and that has a mind that is filled with curiosity. This is one book by National Geographic Kids that is guaranteed to please any hungry mind. The book really does answer questions about everything. It gives readers the answers to questions such as, why is your snot yellow? What is in the inside of a turtle shell? What is the deepest part of the ocean? And even questions such as, why doesn’t the earth just float away in space? This is the perfect book to sit down and read as a family.

5,000 Awesome Facts (About Everything)

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Kids has created a book that is not only a great reading experience for young readers, but also for young adults as well. 5,000 Awesome Facts (About Everything) is a book that will help stimulate your child’s mind, and it is a book that will make reading fun. Sit back with your child and enjoy all of the fascinating facts that this wonderful book from National Geographic Kids has to offer. Every page turn will teach you something unusual that you probably never knew before. The book is recommended for kids between 8 and 12 years old, but it is a book that anyone can enjoy.

The NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Kids 5,000 Awesome Facts book is available for purchase in the hardcover form. This book not only contains awesome information, but every one of the 224 pages is filled with stunning pictures that you can expect from a Nation Geographic book. This unique book includes 5,000 facts on a variety of topics, every turn of the page will teach you something new, whether it is a fact about peanut butter and jelly, information about the spadefoot toad, or a fact about the Mr. Potato-Head doll. As soon as the first page of this book is turned, you definitely will not want to put it down.

My First Magic Set

Get the young magician in your life the perfect gift that will not only impress him but all of his friends and family members as well. The My First Magic Set created by Ideal is the ideal magic set for young beginners who are just starting out on their magic learning adventure. The magic is set recommended for children ages 4 years and up. The My First Magic Set game is sure to wow family and friends. Included in this set are 25 different magic tricks that are very easy to learn and perfect for any beginner.

Included in the magic set is 31 fun props and pieces that are used to enhance the 25 tricks that your young magician will learn. Some of the accessories that are included are 4 crayons, 4 half crayons, a magic drawer box, and of course, every magician’s trusty magic wand. Included in the magic set is an instructional manual to assist with using all of the props, as well as learning all of the tricks. The game also comes with codes that can be used online for one of a kind tutorial videos that will further assist with learning all of the tricks in this set.

Totally Gross: The Game of Science

Enjoy a board game that allows you to learn and have fun all at the same time. The perfect gift for the young scientist in your life. The board game Totally Gross (The Game of Science) is unlike any other board game available on the market. University Games has created a science board game that allows players to learn all sorts of scientific facts, all the while playing a board game. This game offers a learning experience for kids as well as adults. The game can be played by 2-4 players, and it is recommended for ages 8 years and up.

Included in this science board game is a 140 different question cards, 50 different gross-out cards, 30 different lab cards, 4 unique game pieces, dice, and a jar of slime. University Games has created this very unique game that makes learning science fun. The game’s questions allow the young players to learn all sorts of facts about chemistry, biology, geology, zoology, and astronomy. Young players will learn and answer questions from all of these different categories. They will think that they are just playing a fun game, but they will be learning the entire time. This is one game you will want to add to family game night.

Monopoly Speed Die Edition Board Game

Board games are always a sure-fire WIN when it comes to eight-year-old boys. Most likely, you enjoyed a few games of Monopoly over the course of your childhood. You remember the HIGHS of catching a friend who landed on Boardwalk with a hotel on it. You remember the LOWS of having to mortgage everything and admit defeat. You also remember how long the game took…

It was ages!

However, now you can enjoy the game without having to play forever. The Speed Die Edition is made to cut down gameplay dramatically, increasing the fun factor without taking away the enjoyment of crushing your opponents. And, they’ve included new characters including T-Rex, Rubber Ducky, Hazel, Scottie, and Penguin.

For game night, there aren’t too many games that are as iconic as Monopoly. Continue the tradition with your “sped up” version of Monopoly. Show them who’s boss without playing until three in the morning.

Jenga Classic Game

Another fan favorite that should not be overlooked is Jenga! We all know the stress of trying to find one block that won’t send the tower crashing down. It’s a game of skill and luck that transcends time and age.

Your eight-year-old will love the concept, the WINS, and the losses. It comes with 54 hardwood blocks with a stacking sleeve to make time between games short. If you can’t remember how to play (it’s rather simple), it even comes with instructions.

Watch as your child tries to tap his way to victory. Show them the tricks to becoming a Jenga master and make memories that they’ll never forget. Game nights are some of the best ways to create connections that no other activity can muster up.

Just don’t be the one to send the tower down. Are you the master or will your eight-year-boy show you who the real boss is?

Things You Should Consider When Buying Toys For 8-Year-Old Boys

If you’re still stuck trying to figure out what to get an eight-year-boy, we understand. It’s probably been a little bit since you were eight. With that being said, here are the points you should remember and consider while making your purchasing decisions.

What Are They Interested In?

Do they love playing outside or do they stay inside reading books or playing games? If your child (or the child you are purchasing for) is an inside-child, then you probably won’t get much of a response from them if you buy toys that are meant for outside use ONLY (and vice versa). While it can be tempting to try to help them expand their horizons, this is not the age where you should try that. Instead, work with the parameters they’ve set – you’ll have time to help them expand their horizons on their schedule.

What Is Their Learning Style?

Next, find toys that work with their particular style of learning. Some children learn by reading through detailed instructions while others learn by using/doing. If you want your eight-year-old to enjoy the gifts you give them, make sure that they don’t have to change how they learn and use what’s given to them. Nothing will send the gifts you bought to the back of the closet or the trash can faster than a toy that makes them think too much (unless they love thinking).

What Is Their Personality?

Some children love interacting with friends where others are more to themselves. Both scenarios are fine – just make sure that you consider this when purchasing toys for them. While it can be tempting to buy toys that they can use with others, make sure they are comfortable playing with others. If they still struggle with interactions outside of the family, a NERF gun might not be the best option. Maybe a basketball goal is a better option since they can play with it alone and let their interactions come naturally over the course of time (i.e. friends in the neighborhood). Don’t force them out of their personality – they are learning who they are right now.

Wrap Up

As you can see, there are plenty of toys and gifts for eight-year-old boys to choose from. While eight-year-old boys are extremely picky and/or finicky, these gifts are sure to be WINNERS. Now, remember to use the tips from the buyer’s guide to identify the type of toys your child will love; if your child (the child you’re buying for) isn’t an outside child, they probably won’t like outside toys.

Ultimately, we hope that you were able to find everything you needed to finish out your shopping list. If you did, great! If not, at least now you have a better idea of what’s popular and resonating with other eight-year-old boys right now.