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25 Best Toys And Gifts For 6 Year Old Boys [2019]

Six-year-old boys are extremely imaginative, making it easy (yet hard) to find the perfect gifts and toys. They are getting ready to move into the “next tier” of toys, but they aren’t there just yet. So, you need to find something that will fill the gap, yet give them time to enjoy it. With so many products on the market (all marketed for them), how do you know what is best for them?

We are going to show you 25 of the best toys and gifts for six-year-old boys. We will go over the most popular options to help you narrow down your search. Once you’ve finished this list, we hope that you found the perfect toys to finish your shopping list. If not, at least you’ll have a good idea of what to look for.

Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad


Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad

Crayola light up tracing pad: features 1 graphite pencil, 12 short colored pencils, 10 tracing sheets, 10 blank sheets, and 1 graphite pencil. (3 AA batteries required. Sold separately).

Let your kids explore their creativity and build valuable art skills through the Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad. With it, kids can trace from all sorts of images, including one of over 100 images that come with the product. Everything from soccer to music – let your kids draw whatever they want. They can draw full sheets or trace single images, and mix and match as they wish.

As it lights up, it is perfect for any time, day or night. Kids can put the paper and tracing image on the board, turn it on, and begin drawing. It is easy to use and perfectly safe. It comes with the pad itself, a pencil, 12 colored pencils, 10 tracing sheets, and 10 blank sheets. It uses AA batteries, so kids can take it with them outside, in the car, or around the house. It is the perfect tracing and drawing station for young kids who want to get creative and have fun.

Mongoose Expo Scooter

Mongoose Expo Scooter

  • Rides over bumps on paved and non paved surfaces, 12 inch air filled bike style tires, Riding around the neighborhood or urban mushing
  • BMX bike style handle bars and hand brakes are easy to stop and build confidences, Also freestyle handlebar rotor and axle pegs
  • Wide foot deck make it easy to balance and stable while coasting, Perfect for riders 6 to 9 years old, maximum weight 220 lbs

Mongoose is a trusted brand in bikes and scooters because they consistently deliver quality at affordable prices – and it is no different with this scooter. The Mongoose Expo Scooter gives kids and adults the chance to ride wherever they want with ease. Perfect for paved and unpaved surfaces, you can ride it with no problem wherever you go. Its build makes it great for tricks and mobility, whether you want this to do stunts on or you want it for getting around.

The tires are inflatable tires that work great on all surfaces, allowing for a smooth and continuous ride wherever you go. With the front and rear caliper brakes, you have complete control over speed. Slow down or keep the speed going, or stop exactly what you need to. The freestyle rotor and axle pegs give you control and make doing tricks a breeze.

This is something kids can grow up with. Kids can learn to ride it, learn tricks, and get going on it easily, and it is built to last for years. Give your kids something they will have well into their teens, and maybe ride as adults. Perfect for mobility or BMX-type tricks. It is perfectly safe to ride, including for younger children, and requires very little set up to get going. All you need are a few tools and an air pump and you can have it ready to go.

Mattel Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots

Mattel Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots

  • Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots deliver hard-hitting fun for over 40 years!
  • The classic boxing match pits Red Rocker versus Blue Bomber in the ring.
  • The game has one key aim be the first to knock your opponent’s block off!

The original Mattel Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots are here and ready to fight! The design, down to box design, is largely the same as it was when originally released. Two fights, red and blue robots, on either end of a bright yellow ring. Behind the fighters, on the outside of the ring, sits two control buttons. You push the buttons to start fighting and trying to knock the block off the other player.

It works exactly the same as it always has. There have been no major changes to the Mattel Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots toy. You push the buttons and try to get the other robot’s head to pop off. If you do, you win! Push the head back down to get back to playing. It is easy, safe, and low tech, with nothing needed other than what comes in the box. It is great for ages 6 and up, and perfect for everyone in the family to play.

Zebco Fishing Dock Demon Spincast Combo

Zebco Fishing Dock Demon Spincast Combo

  • Durable Solid-Core 30-inch Z-Glass Rod
  • Comfortable EVA Handle
  • Pre-spooled with 6-lb line

Fishing is a great activity to share with your kids. It is perfect for bonding and getting outdoors and active, and it is something many kids can handle. Getting your little one into fishing, though, means finding the right rod. You need something that is a perfect size and is easy to use; something that will fit your child’s size and capabilities. The Zebco Fishing Dock Demon Spincast Combo does that and offers great quality on top of it all.

At 30 inches, this rod is a perfect size for small children. It is big enough for them to use effectively without it being a burden or difficult. It makes it easier for your child to get into fishing and be able to do most of it independently. This rod is a strong glass rod that is resistant to breaking and that works exceptionally well. You can get tons of fishing trips out of it until your little one grows out of the size and needs a new one.

The Dock Demon comes with a pre-spooled 6-pound line. It is ready to go out of the box, and your kid should have no trouble learning how to use it. The comfortable grip and lightweight design make it accessible for all kids. Highly durable and reliable, you can see use from this rod from the moment you get it and for years after. It is the perfect first rod or an upgrade to an existing rod your child may have.

Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes

Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes

  • Run, jump and stomp to launch Stunt Planes; 100% kid-powered. No batteries required. Great for year round fun to get kids away from screen time and play with outdoor toys. These air rocket launchers are the perfect toddler toys for girls and boys ages 5 and up.
  • Includes 3 Stunt Planes (Looper, Glider and Wildcat), a sturdy adjustable air rocket launch stand and launch stomp pad with an air hose. Looper plane performs giant loops, glider plane soars up to 100 feet and Wildcat plane does all kinds of crazy tricks.
  • Adjust the angle of flight with the adjustable launch stand, fly into or with the wind and change how these planes fly.

Designed by aeronautical engineers, the Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes gives kids tons of outdoor fun. With three planes in the box, you have three exciting ways to play. The Looper does loops, the Glider soars high into the sky, and the Wildcat will do all sorts of tricks and stunts. Kids can pick the one they want, put it on launch stand, and stomp on the pad to watch it go.

No batteries or electricity necessary with the Stomp Rocket. It is entirely “kid-powered” and ready to play right out of the box. After set up, all you need to do is put on your rocket of choice and stomp on the pad. The air in the pad goes through the stand and to the rocket, propelling the rocket forward. It is a safe and active toy that kids will love. Any kid aged 5 and up can start playing with the different rockets and watching them blast off into space (not literally!)

Step2 Kickback Soccer Goal And Pitch Back

Step2 Kickback Soccer Goal And Pitch Bac

  • Fun multi-use sports center with a 2-in-1 soccer goal and pitch-back
  • Practice scoring goals or play a game of soccer with your teammates
  • Practice throwing and catching on the reverse side of the soccer goal

Whether for personal fun or for practice, the Step2 Kickback Soccer Goal and Pitch Back make a perfect gift for any active kid, or any kid who is a sports fan and wants to play around. If your kid likes to be active, with friends or family or on their own, this works wonders. They can practice their shots or they can get competitive with others. It is hours of endless excitement and challenges.

For anyone who plays soccer, hockey, or baseball, this is a must-have. It does not matter if your kid is only doing this recreationally or has dreams of making it big – this is great practice for them. It comes with two hockey sticks, a soccer ball, and a pitch back ball. Choose your preferred sport and start practicing. The goal makes it easy to switch between any of them without any added setup needed.

This is a great way to start getting younger kids active, too. If you have toddlers or young children looking to get into sports, this will set them up easily. It is fun and easy to use, and the included equipment is safe for them. The whole kit is built for smaller children. It is the perfect gift option for any child or family.

LEGO City Heavy Cargo Transport Toy Truck Building Kit (60183)

LEGO City Heavy Cargo Transport Toy Truck Building Kit (60183)

Kids can build a realistically detailed heavy toy truck with an opening cab and flatbed toy trailer. This construction site toy also features a toy helicopter with spinning rotors and opening cockpit, making it a great engineering toy for kids!

Part engineering, part construction, the LEGO City Heavy Cargo Transport set gives kids a heavy-duty set of toys once built. It comes with the pieces for a heavy toy truck, complete with a transportation bed, and a helicopter. Both the truck and the helicopter have places for you to put in minifigs, too. Whether you want to use the included minifigs or you want to use ones you already own, anything will work.

The entire set is somewhat easy for any kid 5 and up to put together, and the finished products are usable. The truck moves and you can place items on top of it, like the helicopter. Both truck and helicopter have windows that open, giving you access to driver seats for minifigs. The helicopter’s rotors move, too. Everything is functional and works as your kid will want. For the 310 pieces you get, and the functionality of the set, it is incredibly affordable. It is a perfect companion to most other LEGO sets.

Razor A2 Kick Scooter


Razor A2 Kick Scooter

  • Original kick scooter made of sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Patented t-tube and deck design folds conveniently for transport
  • 98 mm inline-style urethane wheels with spring less shock system

Same design and build as the original Razor Scooters, the Razor A2 Kick Scooter offers quality, reliability, and excitement in a single package. It is easy to use, portable, and great for getting young kids active and having fun. Kids can grow with it, too, learning tricks and becoming better at moving around on it. While it is perfect for younger kids, it is not something they will grow out of immediately.

The sturdy build is perfect for younger kids. As they learn to ride it, they are likely going to fall and make mistakes – and that is okay. That is part of learning and getting better. This design is not going to punish them for it. It stays in great condition through all sorts of use, continuing to be a reliable toy and way of getting around.

The design also makes it easy to take this anywhere. The T design allows for simple fold up. Your kid can fold it up and put it in a carrying bag, hold it, or store it without it being a puzzle to move. There is no complicated handling for anyone – parent or child. It stores easily and nicely, and come back out and opens up just as easily.

Inline wheels with springless shock system and the rear brake make for easy mobility and use during riding, adding to safety and comfort.

LEGO DC Batman Mr. Freeze Batcycle Battle Building Kit (76118)

LEGO DC Batman Mr. Freeze Batcycle Battle Building Kit (76118)

Build a Batcycle featuring a dual minifigure cockpit, stud shooter, detachable weapons and split function to divide the vehicle into two bikes for Batman fans to role-play battles against Mr. Freeze on his snow scooter!

Get into the action with Batman and Robin with the new LEGO DC Batman Mr. Freeze Batcycle Battle kit. This kit includes minifigs for Batman, Robin, and Mr. Freeze. Mr. Freeze even has a brand new helmet and backpack, alongside a non-shooting weapon. Batman is not left alone here, though! He, too, has a weapon of his own he can use in the fight against Mr. Freeze.

With the minifigs, you can build two vehicles – the Batcycle and Mr. Freeze’s snow scooter.

There is a total of 200 pieces in this kit, most of which is going towards building the full vehicles for our heroes and villains. Once built, they make for great action as you have Batman and Robin facing off against Mr. Freeze, equipped with some of your favorite weapons for all of them. Stop Mr. Freeze before he turns your other LEGO sets to ice, or watch as he brings havoc and chaos wherever he goes. The story is yours to tell.

LEGO City Monster Truck Building Kit (60180)

LEGO City Monster Truck Building Kit (60180)

Build a cool monster truck toy with big engine, giant wheels, 2 fire barrels with flame elements and a buildable ramp, then be the hero of the demolition derby!

Includes a stunt driver figure

Build and destroy with the LEGO City Monster Truck kit. It comes with builds for two pieces – a monster truck and the ramp to jump it off. It gives kids 6 and up the chance to feel powerful and like a monster truck driver, ready for the dirt and derby.

This 192 piece kit is easy to put together, coming with pieces for the truck and ramp as well as the minifig to place in the truck. Once together, the monster truck can move and go up the ramp, leading to lots of fun on its own. Add to the fun by playing together with other LEGO City kits, creating a bigger demolition derby and creating a whole LEGO world.

It is a perfect addition to any current LEGO sets or as a fun start to a growing collection. The LEGO City Monster Truck set comes in at an affordable price, with endless enjoyment possible from it. The wheels on the truck move easily, the ramp offers added action, and it goes well with many other sets in the LEGO City line. Continue to build up your city or create absolute havoc – there are endless ways to play.

Building this set is going to be easy as it is a somewhat small kit. The truck itself is pretty large, at 4 inches tall and 5 inches long, but there is not much to this set. You can have it built and play ready soon after getting it out of the box.

Marble Genius Marble Run Super Set


Marble Genius Marble Run Super Set

85 complete see-through Marble Run pieces in 19 distinct styles allow you to see all the action.

Get your kids thinking, building, and having a blast with the Marble Genius Marble Run Super Set. It comes with 100 complete pieces for kids to play with. That is, 100 pieces they can actually use – not 100 pieces with some they have to put together. That is how many usable parts there are to this puzzle game. It gives kids more opportunities to have fun, explore opportunities, and challenge themselves. That is 85 translucent pieces and 15 marbles.

Kids can put it together however they want right out of the box, or they can follow the free app with the set. The app, available for iOS and Android, has instructions and challenges for different builds. You and your kids can follow it to build massive, complex, and unique builds, and challenge your little one to make something astounding. There are levels to it, as well, to keep it interesting and keep your kid “leveling up” as they play.

Compatible with other sets from the same maker, you can continue building on top of it and letting your set grow. You already have nearly endless opportunities as is, but compatibility with a wide range of sets adds more to the already incredible options you have. The initial set is affordable for the amount you get, with other sets coming in at equally low prices. This allows you to get the most out of the money you spent and the most out of the experience with this puzzle.

Hauck Lightning Pedal Go-Kart

Hauck Lightning Pedal Go-Kart

This Pedal Go Kart provides an authentic driving experience and allows the driver to control their speed. Lightning is designed to be the perfect pedal go kart for young drivers and can be used to ride both indoor and outdoor. It encourages physical activity, builds strength, endurance and coordination.

A fun way to get your kid active and outside, the Hauck Lightning is perfect for any child. This pedal go-kart offers a durable design and build, with comfortable seating and ease of use. Any kid can get right into it and use it without trouble. Since it is pedal-powered, and not powered by batteries, gas, or electricity, it is low risk and offers unlimited use. So long as your kid can pedal, there is some use to be had from it.

Your child will sit in an ergonomic chair designed for comfort and extended use. No worries about the chair leading to pain or discomfort, or cutting a fun ride short because your kid’s body cannot handle sitting on it for too long. The chair and overall design allow small children to feel comfortable and natural as they ride.

Pedal power makes this perfect for indoor or outdoor use and extended play. Your kid can ride it anywhere, for however long they can. Let your kid ride it until they are physically exhausted from all of the pedaling.

The entire design of the build looks to racing for inspiration. Everything from the seat, to the pedals, to the wheels and brakes are about speed and usability. It makes for a fun ride for any kid and leads to longer, better rides as a whole.

LeapFrog LeapPad3 Kids’ Learning Tablet


LeapFrog LeapPad3 Kids’ Learning Tablet

Discover exciting experiences and thrilling adventures with the LeapPad3. This high-performance Wi-Fi tablet includes a fast, powerful quad-core processor and sleek design. Designed for children 3-9 years old.

Give your kid a learning experience like no other with the LeapFrog LeapPad3. LeapFrog has been the chosen brand for children’s educational entertainment for years now, and it continues to improve with every new device they bring out. The LeapPad3 is no different, with features that any kid is going to love. It makes it easy for your kid to have fun and learn without you having to worry.

The LeapPad3 has over 1,000 games, eBooks, videos, and songs ready for your child. Everything, including the videos available through the search function, is pre-screened by experts. No worries about what your kid is watching – you know it is going to be educational and safe for their age. With apps and cameras, your kid can have simple fun doing whatever they want.

Built to last, you do not have to worry about getting a replacement any time soon. Through falls and sticky fingers, the LapPad3 will stay strong and continue to work exceptionally well. Built for ages 3 and up, it is not going to break any time soon. You will not have to replace it until you want to – when you want to upgrade to a newer version. With how much content offered on the LeapPad3, and how easy it is for kids to use, you will not have to update or upgrade for a long time. It is built to last.

Infrared Laser Tag Guns – 4 Players with Tactical Masks and Glasses

Infrared Laser Tag Guns – 4 Players with Tactical Masks and Glasses

Up to 4 teams can play in this riveting battle! Switch between the unique powers of PISTOL, SHOTGUN, MACHINE GUN and ROCKET LAUNCHER to blast your enemy and declare victory!

Laser tag is getting better and better every day, and this set of infrared laser tag guns is proof of that. It has different weapons and battle modes, different settings and options, and different ways to play. With the included gear, it makes for exciting and engaging team play, too. It is perfect for kids who want to play in big team fights. It offers endless fun and completely unique ways to play.

There are four gun types: pistol, shotgun, machine gun, and rocket launcher. Each one comes with different ammo amounts and takes a different amount of lives. Mix and match during the game, or play with specific guns in play. It is up to the players how they want to make the most out of these toys.

To add to the fun, this kit comes with masks and glasses. Different colored masks to match team colors and protective eye gear look cool and serve a purpose for those playing.

The buttons and clearly visible life meters make playing a breeze. Anyone can start right up and know how to play, getting right into the fun. The included guns and vests are simple and straightforward, perfect for all ages to use on their own. The materials are safe for use, as well.

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX


VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX

The VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX is an even smarter kids watch with more fun games and activities; interactive kids watches feature 3 fun activities, 5 games, 3 action challenges and a motion sensor

A smartwatch for kids, the Vtech KidiZoom gives kids everything they need. It has a lot of the same functionality as smartwatches for adults but built with kids in mind. It has activities, games, and a motion sensor to keep kids entertained and moving around. For everyday use, it also has a calculator, camera, voice recorder, and a video recorder. Kids can use it however they need to, at home, at school, or anywhere they go.

To add to the fun of the video, voice recordings, and photographs, kids can edit what they create. Add frames, photo effects, and voice effects with ease thanks to the simple design and layout of the apps in the watch. Design further with the numerous clock face designs, or play one of the games or activities that come along with the watch. It is endless entertainment.

Built to last, you do not have to worry about your kid breaking it. Splash proof and rechargeable, it can handle all sorts of activities and kids. Use a USB to upload photos and videos, too, for special moments your child wants to take with them.

The Vtech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX is a perfect companion to any kid’s life. Whether out and active or needing some help with math, or the creative type who loves photography and videography, this has something for everyone.

Walkie Talkies

Walkie Talkies

These kids walkie talkies feature an impressive 3 mile range and 22 channels enable long distance play and open a world of possibilities within your child’s outdoor adventures! Your kids can keep in touch with each other while hiking, spring outing and summer camping

“Hey buddy, where are you?”

“In our secret clubhouse. Don’t bring any girls!”

If you were a boy, or knew a boy growing up, you know how important secret communications are. They come up with secret codes, secret clubhouses, and secret handshakes – it’s part of growing up (some adults do it too).

Walkie Talkies give them the freedom to talk over long distances (i.e. house-to-house, front yard to backyard, etc. This 22-channel set of walkie talkies can give them a lot of running room with up to three miles of unobstructed distance, though we doubt they’ll use them anywhere near that far.

They are easy-to-use, easy-to-read, and even have a built-in flashlight for those night adventures (or when they stay out too long). The speakers aren’t clunky and hard to hear like the ones when you were younger. Instead, these are crystal clear, making even the faintest whispers heard “loud and clear”.

And, as an added bonus, since these have such a long range, they can be used in amusement parks and other large-venue spaces for you and the family to stay in touch with each other. It’s a literal win-win situation for you and for your children.

Liberty Imports Sport Boxing Set with Bag and Gloves

Liberty Imports Sport Boxing Set with Bag and Gloves

The spring mounted stand returns the punching ball to you after it’s hit and is much safer than a swinging bag

Little boys get into fights, it just happens. However, they may just be looking for a way to release some of their extra energy. At this age, they don’t really know how to do that. So, give them a SAFE way to release their pent up energy with a boxing set perfect for them.

This is a height-adjustable boxing set that works for children of all ages, though it is designed for kids between 3 and 8. It can be adjusted down to 30 inches and up to 43 inches, meaning most kids will be able to hit it with a jab, roundhouse, or an uppercut with ease. The weighted base makes sure that they don’t send it across the room or through a window and the boxing bad swivels to make it easier to deflect the heavy punches they punish it with. An added benefit that is easily overlooked is that this is a great way for them to exercise without “exercising”.

Since a boxing bag can be tough on soft knuckles, it comes with a set of boxing gloves to keep their hands “baby soft” while giving them all the padding they need to let loose. This is the perfect kit for any child as they can play alone or with their friends. And don’t worry, this bag won’t hit back too much. If it does, teach them how to duck and dive – more exercise without “exercising”.

Hot Wheels Roto Revolution Track Playset

Hot Wheels Roto Revolution Track Playset

  • Fuel imagination with this interactive, skill-based boosted play set!
  • Crank up the competition as challengers strategically launch their Hot Wheels cars into the rotating set
  • Racers can test and perfect their accuracy as they work to time their launches just right

Another toy that you can’t skip over is the Hot Wheels Roto Revolution Track Playset. This is one of their simpler kits and allows them to get used to Hot Wheels and how to put them together without hurting their fingers.

Since kids love to run cars into each other and watching the carnage happen, why not get them a playset that turns the carnage up to 100? With this playset, your kids can launch two cars (alone or with friends) and see who comes out on top. It’s easy to put together and even easier to play with.

This kit teaches them how to adjust to movement and make timing corrections to win every time. All they have to do is what for the track to line up, launch their car, and try to make it to the other side without being knocked out by their friends – sounds simple; it isn’t.

This is something that they’ll go to over and over for years to come. Not only that, but this kit works with other Hot Wheels playsets too so they can expand their tracks and create some otherworldly track runs (ever seen Hot Wheels on YouTube?). The only thing you need besides this playset is a large collection of cars for them to choose from!

Connect4 Game from Hasbro Gaming

Connect4 Game from Hasbro Gaming

  • Classic Connect 4 game is disc dropping fun
  • Choose yellow or red discs. For 2 players
  • When you get 4 discs in a row you win

For the days when the sun has decided it doesn’t want to play nice, you need inside options that won’t end up costing you. While laser tag in the house sounds fun (until they careen over the couch and break a light fixture or worse), you really need something that is a little tamer.

Connect4 is a game that transcends generations. It’s a simple game with a simple concept; it’s basically a modified version of checkers. All you have to do is line up for colored dots in a row (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) while trying to keep your opponent from doing the same. It seems simple until you forget about that sneak move that they did while you weren’t paying attention. It’s a game of skill and luck, but a TON of fun. Your kids will love the challenge of winning – and loathe when they lose. However, it will give them hours of fun, especially on rainy days.

Plus, you can pull it out for some family night fun and make it a guys against girls, kids against parents type of tournament. If you’ve ever seen the competitive spirit come out, this is where it will start!

KAS Kids Army Camouflage Combat Vest

KAS Kids Army Camouflage Combat Vest

  • Kids Combat Vest, Top Selling Item, 5 Star Customer Rating
  • 600D PVC, Fully Adjustable Straps, Woodland Camo
  • Fully Adjustable Straps, 9 Pockets

A six-year-old’s imagination is robust – one second they are a police officer stopping the bad guys, the next they are a cowboy shooting cans off of a fence, and even part of the army protecting us from the bad guys. Why not equip them with a real “bad boy” army combat vest from KAS.

It’s made from an ultra-durable PVC material that can handle a TON of abuse such as rocks, trees, bushes, fights, and more. It has plenty of pockets for them to store all of their gear, including walkie talkies (mentioned above), glasses, weapons, and secret orders. The camouflage pattern looks real and they’ll feel like they just enlisted every time they put it on.

If your family has a long line of military men or women, this is a great way to help them feel like part of that tradition/lineage. Give them a chance to tell their own “war stories” while they learn what war really was. Designed to fit children between the ages of five and thirteen, this will easily fit most six-year-old boys.

LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box Building Kit


LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box Building Kit

Kids will spend hours engaging in pretend play with this medium-sized building kit. This build your own play toy allows kids to create toy trains or tiger figurines with this classic collection of LEGO bricks in 35 different colors

It’s hard to argue against LEGO for any child – especially six-year-old boys. LEGO building kits are extremely popular for any age group (including adults). And while there are plenty of building kits on the market, there are times when you just want extra LEGOs to play with or build your own stuff. For that, this 484-piece building kit is perfect.

It has windows, eyes, tires, rims, wheels, and other classic bricks to give them plenty of creative flexibility. With so many pieces, they can build numerous cars, trucks, houses, buildings, and whatever else they can come up with. Watch as their imagination lights up with ideas as they see this box of extra LEGO parts.

LEGO Classic Large Creative Brick Box Building Kit


LEGO Classic Large Creative Brick Box Building Kit

Engage your kids in pretend play by letting them build their own play toys, such as creating a toy house or toy scooter. This classic creative kit of LEGO bricks comes with 33 different colored bricks

If the Medium Creative Brick Box of 484 pieces wasn’t enough, maybe this Large Creative Brick Box of 790 pieces will be. It has baseplates, windows, doors, tires, wheels, rims, and other classic bricks to work with. While you could buy a LOT of other smaller kits, this is what you want if your six-year-old boy likes to build their own stuff.

Forget the instructions, just let them build! LEGOs are designed to captivate your children for hours (and days). You can build whatever you want as long as you have enough pieces. With this kit, it would be hard to say you don’t have enough LEGOs (some still may; buy two!).

Crazy Forts


Crazy Forts

Endless play for entire family. Easy to put together. Simply connect the balls with sticks and cover the structure with bedsheets to create places where imaginations flourish.

Something else you probably remember from your childhood – forts! Building forts from chairs, ottomans, cardboard boxes (whatever you could find) littered your living room floor and bedrooms. However, your parents probably weren’t near as thrilled as you were with all their sheets and chairs being used for other purposes.

What if you could let them build forts without the need for chairs, tables, and cardboard boxes?

With the 69-piece kit from Crazy Forts, that’s exactly what they can do. This kit comes with connect balls and flexible sticks that allow them to create forts of all types. All that you have to do is connect the balls together and lay a sheet over their fort. This is a great way to teach them how to build (think architecture and physics) while giving them a chance to create a secret hideaway and fort.

The best part, when they are finished, all they have to do is take the sheet off, pull everything apart, and store it – no more moving chairs across the floor and leaving scratches and no more cardboard boxes all over the house! To make it even better, it comes with instructions to get them started and help them come up with their own unique designs.

If you think they’ll want to go BIG, make sure you buy more than one kit.

Basketball Arcade Game

Basketball Arcade Game

Lots of fun for boys up to the age of 10

Have you ever gone to an arcade where they have skeeball and basketball – where do the boys go? To the basketball game!

Since you already know they love basketball, why not give them their own personal basketball arcade. This easy to assemble kit comes with everything you need to turn their bedroom into a mini-arcade. It comes with the mounting frame, the return sheet, the goal, the basketball, the tools, and the instructions – all you have to provide is some manpower and the children (or adults).

While it may not be as big or as advanced as the ones in the arcade, it will be more than enough for them. Plus, their friends will be amazed that they have their own basketball goal (court) in their room. Whether the sun has decided to hide or they just don’t want to be outside, this is a great alternative that they’ll play with year-round.

When it comes to winners, this is a slam dunk!

Magnetic Dart Board

Magnetic Dart Boar

16”Magnetic Double Sides Dart Board – 12 pcs Magnetic Darts – Classic Game – Enjoy the fun of all the same characteristics of traditional dartboard.

It’s hard to imagine a dart board in your home, for a six-year-old. However, this is a great alternative to the real thing. Since it uses magnets, not sharp tips, you don’t have to worry about holes in your walls or doors (or body parts).

The dart board is easy to mount, needing only a nail or screw to hang from (or a sticky hook) and a flat wall. From there, they step back as far as they need and try to hit the bullseye. It comes with four colored darts (in sets of three) to give four players a chance to play. The magnets are well-balanced and strong, made to stick the first time.

If you want to make it more challenging, just flip the dart board over and try to get the most points from one of ten different partitions. It’s a great game for indoors or outdoors, though you’ll probably enjoy it best inside on a rainy day.

Challenge your six-year-old to a game of darts and watch how fast they move to show you how good they are. It’s a fun game that they’ll go to when they “don’t have anything else to do”.

For a six-year-old boy, what else could you ask for?

Things You Should Consider When Buying Toys For Six-Year-Old Boys

Trying to figure out what your six-year-old boy will like is like trying to figure out why they like to play in the mud and bring it inside – it’s just fun! However, we’ve managed to figure it out (somewhat). Everything you need to know is listed below:

What Are They Interested In?

Children are unique. Each child has certain interests (some may overlap). While your child might like the rough-and-tumble life, another child might prefer the safety of a desk or living room floor. If they aren’t a rough-and-tumble child, don’t buy toys that promote those activities (i.e. boxing, laser tag, etc.).

What Is Their Learning Style?

Next, pay attention to how they learn. Some learn by putting their hands on the toys while others like to follow instructions. Make sure you buy toys that match their education and learning style, otherwise, they may throw the toys off to the side to waste away.

What Is Their Personality?

Does your child play with a lot of other kids? Then find toys that can be enjoyed by many. But, if they prefer to be alone, you probably should find toys that they can play without others (i.e. not Connect4, not laser tag). Make sure you pick toys that match their personality – don’t buy what you like, but what they will like. Remember, this is their toy, not a chance to make up for what you didn’t have when you were growing up.

Wrap Up

Well, that’s our list of toys designed to be WINNERS for six-year-old boys. It would be hard to disappoint your little boy with one of these gifts (unless they already had them). Remember to use our buyer’s guide to determine which toys match them and their personalities. If you do, there’s no way you can go wrong. Plus, these are all affordable options that should easily fit into most toy and gift buying budgets.

Hopefully, you found plenty of gifts for your six-year-old boy. We know we would love these toys are we definitely aren’t six!

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