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24 Best Toys And Gifts For 4 Year Old Boys [2019]

A four-year-old boy has an imagination that can be captivated with a small cardboard box or a high-flying rocket. Not only that, but it can change in a moment’s notice with no rhyme or reason.

There are plenty of toys designed for your four-year-old boy. But, only a few will truly captivate them and keep them interested longer than five minutes. Since it has been so long since you were four, and times have changed, knowing what to buy is harder than ever.

So, today we are going to show you 24 toys that your four-year-old boy will absolutely fall in love with. We’ll cover a lot of the popular toys that have a proven track record and help you finish your gift/shopping list. After you finished reading through our guide, you’ll have a good idea of what you should buy and why it’s a good buy.

LEGO DUPLO Town Backhoe Loader Construction Toy

LEGO DUPLO Town Backhoe Loader Construction Toy
Features a buildable Backhoe Loader with 2 big shovels on posable working arms, plus extra bricks for scooping

Explore and learn about construction early with your child with the LEGO DUPLO Town Backhoe Loader Construction Toy. A simple and easy-to-understand backhoe toy, this comes with plenty to get your child digging, deconstructing, and building. It works great with other LEGO DUPLO toys, especially those in the same line (DUPLO), and it is a perfect gift for any construction fan out there.

Being LEGO, this is an easy-to-assemble set that will teach them great hand-eye coordination. The building kit is not heavy and does not require a lot of complex reading or building to get started. After a few minutes, they’ll be able to put their toy(s) together and start playing. It is designed for four-year-olds and up; even those with no LEGO experience at all.

The backhoe comes with a little figure and helps your child become more immersed in the actual play session. Your child can use both diggers, front and back, to pick up the blocks and move things around. Deconstructing or building something entirely new, the diggers give your child the chance to do whatever they want.

KidKraft Bucket Top Mountain Train Set

KidKraft Bucket Top Mountain Train Set
  • Brilliantly detailed wooden pieces
  • Open-ended play encourages creativity
  • Convenient storage bucket

Train sets have long been popular gifts for children. In all shapes and sizes, and in all sorts of locations, train sets are an easy item to pick out for young ones. They do require a little time and patience (mainly from the parents), but they give your child a world of their own to experience.

The train set has all the building materials, vehicles, and décor designed for children’s use and play. It is not something you build and then watch it go and go – it is meant for your child to play on. Moving the train and vehicles, setting up the trees and plane, choosing where and when everything moves, and exploring the world itself is all part of the experience.

It is designed to be an interactive toy. For train lovers, imaginative children, and any child that likes to roleplay, this toy is a toy you’ll want to get them. It engages your child mentally and physically and has a lot to offer. From the moment they pull it out of the package, they’ll quickly start to learn while having fun.

KidKraft Bucket Top Construction Train Set

KidKraft Bucket Top Construction Train Set
  • Brilliantly detailed wooden pieces
  • Open-ended play encourages creativity
  • Convenient storage bucket

Evading danger and getting the materials to where they belong, the KidKraft Bucket Top Construction Train Set is a must-have for any young child. It is a great start to a train set collection and it is a wonderful toy for any young child to have. Engage their imagination and watch their interest in trains and construction grow with everything they do.

The whole set comes with the train, tracks, and the construction site and accessory items. Your child can position the construction vehicles and other extra items wherever they want, making the site fit their personal preferences. Switch things around as the construction site changes and evolves or combine it with other sets and toys to make something entirely new. All of the pieces are free to move around as much as your child wants them to.

Move both trains and vehicles around on the tracks to create a construction site that is alive and bustling. Keep the materials moving and the work going, making sure everyone is able to continue building up in this little area. Their imagination will grow and they will do so much with this train set; creating their own personalized world!

Green Toys Race Car

Green Toys Race Car
  • Buckle up, because the Green Toys Race Car is ready to roll
  • Built in the USA from 100% recycled plastic milk containers that saves energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • This cool hot rod is better than any hybrid and proudly displays the #2 recycled plastic symbol from which it is made on its hood

A simple toy that’s easy-to-use and captivate, the Green Toys Race Car is an easy gift that always works for young boys. Whether they are a fan of cars or not, it is tons of fun and is VERY green – just not in color. It is made from recycled materials and does not require any waste to play with, nor is it difficult to clean or manage. It is everything you could want in a modern toy for your child.

Designed with the environment in mind, the Green Toys Race Car is made from recycled milk jugs. The recycled materials have made this a more eco-friendly toy for your child to use, giving your kid a fun experience without the waste and environmental dangers so common with today’s toys.

It is a simple race car, easy to throw around and play with. It is just the right size for small hands, being big enough for your child to carry around and toss without being so small that they lose it easily.

Plus, cleaning it up is a breeze. The car is dishwasher safe and made from plastic materials, so it is not going to rust, stain, or get ruined from everyday play (or cleanup).

Matchbox 9-Car Gift Pack

Matchbox 9-Car Gift Pack
  • Gift pack assortment has a variety of vehicles to keep kids entertained for hours!
  • Contains 1 exclusive vehicle with decos you can't find anywhere else in the line!
  • 9 stunning cars come in each set!

If your child is a fan of Matchbox cars, or if you want to get your child into the world that is Matchbox, this is the perfect gift pack to get. It comes with nine different cars, all with the Matchbox quality and designs that you come to expect. These are all basic, common vehicles, that your child will understand and instantly recognize.

The gift pack includes regular vehicles, a police car, a digger, and more. Whatever interests your child may have, there is a vehicle in this pack to match up with what they like. It also allows your child to create a whole world out of the vehicles included. Give each one a purpose and job, helping your child to identify work related activities by associating the vehicles that do the work.

Matchbox Quality – Each of the 9 cars included offer the same quality and designs that Matchbox is famous for, keeping these cars in great shape for years of abuse.This is a wise investment and it is something your child will love for years (even in adulthood). No matter how many Matchbox cars they buy or how they play, these will work flawlessly for years.

PoKéMoN Electronic & Interactive My Partner Pikachu

PoKéMoN Electronic & Interactive My Partner Pikachu
  • Play with Pikachu like never before!
  • 2 Modes of play - Discovery and Train!
  • Over 100 different Interactions with Awesome Lights and sounds!

Pikachu is a highly-popular and loved character across multiple generations. The little yellow mouse continues to shock its way into the hearts of children with the brand new PoKéMoN Electronic & Interactive My Partner Pikachu, a new toy from the Pikachu family. It reacts to touch and can even learn. Any fan of the cartoon or game series will adore this little electronic friend. It is the perfect companion and the perfect gift for a young fan.

There are two modes with Pikachu – discover and teach. Discover mode allows your child to play with Pikachu, trying to find all the different touch sensors around the body. With over 100 different reactions to touch, your child will spend an endless amount of time trying to get every reaction out of Pikachu. The moving and light-up body parts make it exciting for them.

The teaching mode gives your child another layer of play. Your child will begin to teach the Pikachu and get more engaged and involved with their new friend. Pikachu can begin to learn and understand the things taught to them, making them feel more engaged, creating a rewarding and exciting experience for your child. Pikachu is a cute little friend, and your child will love having this one by their side, learning and having fun with them.

Liberty Imports Kids Take Apart Toys

Liberty Imports Kids Take Apart Toys
  • ✅ STEM LEARNING: Assemble and disassemble an awesome toy race car from tires to engine to spoiler. Everything needed to assemble, take apart, reassemble, fix & repair
  • ✅ TAKE APART FUN: Completely take apart car and put it back together with power drill. Perfect engineering toy is a must-have for boys, girls, and gadget-lovers!
  • ✅ INCLUDES: 30 piece interchangeable modification car parts include 5 car parts, 5 modification parts, 8 tires, electric power drill and screws

Teach your child about cars and watch as they explore the pieces of a new toy with the Liberty Imports Kids Take Apart Toys. The toy comes with two vehicles and some tools. The vehicles come apart and can go back together, creating a toy and an educational experience. Using the provided tools, your child will take off the wheels, hood, bumper, seats, and other parts of the vehicle, and can put them together.

The cars themselves, when together, work like any toy car. They are a toy themselves, not simply a learning and construction toy. Your child will love every minute of this playtime experience, from taking the car it apart, to putting it together, to playing with it on its own; it’s hours of endless fun!

The construction part of it is educational in two ways. Taking it apart and putting it together helps your child to think critically; essentially, it is a puzzle. Like LEGO sets or an ordinary puzzle, it requires your child to think and find solutions. It also teaches your child more about vehicles and tools. If your child already has an interest in both, or if you want to develop that interest, this toy gives them a good look at it in a child-friendly package.

Mega Toybrand Premium Play Tool Set

Mega Toybrand Premium Play Tool Set
Enhance your toddler’s or young kid’s motor skills, develop their coordination abilities and boost their imagination! Help them spend long happy hours playing alone or with their friends with Mega ToyBrand premium play tool set, the top educational toy for creative play indoors and outdoors!

Watch your child build, fix, and deconstruct everything around them with the Mega Toybrand Premium Play Tool Set. They are not going to build, repair, or deconstruct anything in actuality, as these are plastic play tools, but they will in their imagination. This set is high-quality, true-to-design, and engaging for your child’s imagination. Whether they want to be like a parent or another role model, or they want to play with tools because it seems fun, this set is going to give them that opportunity.

The set comes with various tools, a case, and a stand. All the tools fit inside the carrying case and the case can close up neatly, making for easy portability and storage. When open and ready to play with, the case looks like any tool bench. It will feel like a true tool bench and tool case for your little one, and the tools will look and act the same as the real ones they see.

The whole set is perfect for your child’s imagination. It gets them interested in tools, makes it easier for them to see things to build and repair, and has them mimicking their parent, teacher, or other role model; it brings out every bit of a child’s imagination.

LEGO DUPLO Town Truck & Tracked Excavator

LEGO DUPLO Town Truck & Tracked Excavator
Kids will have a truckload of fun with these toy construction vehicles from LEGO DUPLO! They can dig into their imaginations as they use the toy dump truck and excavator to build a LEGO town of their dreams

Construction is the focus with the LEGO DUPLO Town Truck & Tracked Excavator set. LEGO DUPLO gives your child the LEGO experience in a smaller, easier to handle package. Designed for young children, the pieces are easy to put together and manage.

Constructing the toy itself is a fun part of the LEGO experience. You get to see it come together and form a toy that is on the package. It engages your child mentally and physically, and can sometimes challenge them slightly as they try to navigate the whole building process. With the LEGO DUPLO Town Truck & Tracked Excavator set, your child has everything they need and will learn to love LEGO toys and building sets.

The whole set, when complete, creates a fun construction toy set perfect for their imagination. Pick up and move blocks, take apart other LEGO sets, or use it when building new sets. It works well with other LEGO sets and they can create their own toys too when they get tired of the instructions.

Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler

Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler
  • Working lights
  • Working radio with MP3 jack
  • 2.5 and 5 mph (4 and 8 km/h) max. forward; 2.5 mph (4 km/h) max. reverse

In the backyard, on the sidewalk, or at the park, the Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler is the driving experience every child wants. It has realistic features and usability, with plenty of control and speed. It is everything a child wants in one of these vehicles, with a design that most people love and know. Get your kid into off-roading early and watch their excitement explode as they drive around the neighborhood or around yards and parks.

The design for the Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler is distinctive and something you have seen countless times by now. The Jeep design has long been popular with Power Wheels vehicles, even back to when they were first coming out. The Jeep Wrangler design looks like the vehicle itself. If your child is a fan of the vehicle, or a fan of movies that have it in them, the design of this car is going to be love at first sight.

With manageable speed and great control, any child can jump right into the Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler and hit the road. The working lights and doors will add to the whole experience, making it feel like a real vehicle. Give your child an experience like no other for a lot less money with the Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler.

Paw Patrol My First RC Marshall Rescue Racer Remote Control Fire Truck

Paw Patrol My First RC Marshall Rescue Racer Remote Control Fire Truck
Paw Patrol Rescue Racers to the Rescue! Save the day with this rough and ready remote control. Zip around just like Rocky in this Recycling Truck

Every kid loves Paw Patrol. It is one of the most popular children’s shows around, with a wide variety of cute characters and tons of interesting stories. Kids are hooked from the first episode, wanting to buy everything Paw Patrol that they possibly can; this RC car is no different. It has one of the most favored characters, Marshall, on it and it is an actual RC car they can play with.

The car itself features Marshall on top of his red fire truck, a look any fan of the show will recognize immediately. It looks like it came right out of the cartoon, ready to drive around and help people at all times. Your child will adore the cute, bright look of the fire truck and how true to the original design it is.

To use the toy, all your child has to do is pick up the remote control and press the buttons to get it to go. There are buttons on either side; one for forward and backwards and one for left and right. This is a common layout for most RC cars. It is easy to use with a comfortable grip and feel for young children. Let your child experience the excitement of Paw Patrol firsthand with this little RC car.

Melissa & Doug Water Wow! Reusable Color with Water Activity Pad 3-Pack

Melissa & Doug Water Wow! Reusable Color with Water Activity Pad 3-Pack
This 3 pack of Melissa & Doug Water Wow! reusable water coloring books for kids includes Farm, Safari, and Under the Sea

Watch your child explore different pictures, paint, and have clean and colorful fun with the Water Wow! Reusable Color with Water Activity Pad from Melissa & Doug. The activity pad uses water to paint on the pictures, not paint or crayons or anything that can be messy (or leave permanent problems); it is all about water. It is a clean, mess-free way of getting your child to let out their creative side. The best part is how this is all endlessly reusable. Let the water dry and do it all again!

When your child puts water on the picture, it reveals colors. Your child will “paint” with water to reveal the whole picture and scene on each piece of paper. When it dries, the picture “disappears” and the colors go away. Your child can do it again in the future and keep doing it for as long as they enjoy the whole experience.

The pen is large and easy to hold, with a firm and comfortable grip for children. Any child can go through the whole set of papers and paint on them, with no mess or trouble. It is perfect for any small child and is something any parent would love to have – it’s fun and engaging, without any of the mess of traditional paints.

LEGO DUPLO Town Fire Truck Building Kit

LEGO DUPLO Town Fire Truck Building Kit
  • Spark young imaginations with a buildable DUPLO Town fire truck with movable crane, and a building with an open window!
  • Pretend to extinguish the child-safe “flame” piece using the retractable fire hose
  • Includes a firefighter LEGO DUPLO figure

Watch your child challenge themselves and have some fun with the LEGO DUPLO Town Fire Truck Building Kit. The kit comes with everything your child needs to build the pieces into a fire truck and start playing. It is a simple kit that your child will have no trouble diving into, with a completed toy that will give them endless hours of joy and excitement.

Before your child can start really having fun here, they will have to put it all together and get it set up. The kit is small, with only a few pieces to build, so it is not going to be much trouble for them. For a young child, though, it is going to be an engaging and exciting way to start playtime.

Once built, your child will have a fire truck and a house they can play around with. Putting out fires, saving lives, and keeping the world safe is all part of life when your child plays around as a firefighter. The included pieces make it easier to roleplay as a firefighter and to get into the action; your child will feel like a real firefighter with this building kit from LEGO DUPLO.

Paw Patrol My First RC Chase Rescue Racer Remote Control

Paw Patrol My First RC Chase Rescue Racer Remote Control
Paw Patrol Rescue Racers to the Rescue! Save the day with this rough and ready remote control. Zip around just like Chase and his cuiser in Paw Patrol.

Let your child experience Paw Patrol on a completely different level with the remote control car of Chase. They can play as one of their favorite characters and ride around in the car, feeling like they are part of the show and part of the action. Watch as they drive around your home or outside, taking their RC car on the adventure of a lifetime.

The car is a blue police car with Chase sitting on top of it; they’ll recognize it immediately from watching the show. It is a fun toy for fans of Paw Patrol, making them love it more and want to play with it endlessly. Whether they are watching an episode or playing in the middle of the day, they are going to want to have this toy with them for every show.

It works like any RC car, with a controller that your child can use to control its direction. The controller is small and fits right into the hands of a child, and is easy for them to use and understand. The simple, clean design makes the RC car accessible and usable for all ages – important for your young one. It is durable and built for four-year-olds, so you know it will not break and bust after running off sidewalks, into walls, and going through all the damage a child can put it through.

LEGO Juniors Lightning McQueen Speed Launcher

LEGO Juniors Lightning McQueen Speed Launcher
  • Features an Easy to Build Speed Launcher with a race leaderboard, launch function and a starting ramp
  • Includes a Lightning McQueen character from Disney Pixar Cars 3
  • Car toy includes Easy to Build models with bigger pieces and a simple guide to get kids building and playing quickly

This is the LEGO set for your little CARS fan. It features the main character from the movies, Lightning McQueen, and his speed launcher, ready to go into the races. The pieces come ready to put together, like any LEGO set, and are simple to build and use. It is a great LEGO set for a small child, giving them large and basic pieces with an uncomplicated design; they can put it together no problem.

With 47 pieces, this is a small LEGO kit. Built for young children, that is to be expected. The kit features a small number of pieces and basic construction to make it something your young one can handle. You know that they will have no issue getting into the kit and being able to build, following the instructions. Small children can handle this kit themselves, with very little to no assistance from adults.

The finished product is one of their favorite movie characters – Lightning McQueen. Lightning comes with his Speed Launcher, that your child is also going to build. He is ready for the races and your child can start playing with him immediately. Play with him alone or combine him with other LEGO sets to bring together a bigger world.

Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Tough Trike

Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Tough Trike
  • A tricked out trike with cool Harley Davidson styling
  • Pedal powered – big foot pedals make it easy for little riders to get rolling
  • Rugged, durable tires and stable wheel base

Make your child’s trike a tough and stylish one with the Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Tough Trike. It has the Harley-Davidson design that you know in a small trike design. If you have a Harley-Davidson motorcycle yourself, or if your child has seen a Harley in the past and has loved its design, this is the perfect trike to pick up for them. Your child can feel tough and grown-up, roaming around in their tough trike.

Fisher-Price is a household name for high-quality toys built for children. They make all sorts of toys, from trikes, to kitchens, to everything else you can imagine. It is no surprise that they have come together with Harley-Davidson to offer this trike, bringing together two major brands to create a new and fun toy that your child is going to adore. You have the quality you trust with the design your child will want.

The trike is easy to use, comfortable, and safe. Your child will ride for hours without any problems, handling small bumps and bruises like a champ. It’s built to take the abuse your four-year-old will dish out!

Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle

Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle
  • 3 ways to play: driving, gaming, and racing. The more kids pedal, the more they can learn.
  • Bluetooth technology enables play on a tablet or TV screen for an immersive play experience
  • Download the free Smart Cycle Mission to Tech City app for exciting racing & learning games

Get your child active, having fun, and learning on the Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle. It is a cycle like the type you use when working out. It does not move from its stationary position, but it is great for practicing with pedals or exercising. This is a smaller version, built for a young child to ride on. It is not just an exercise bike, though. It has a screen and games, encouraging them to play and motivating your child to keep going.

The screen displays games that your child plays using the pedals on the bike. It is going to have them pedaling and moving to win games, doing what the game asks. Winning the games is all about pedaling – that is how it works; there is nothing else and no other controller to it.

It is a simple approach that gets your child exercising. When you want to make sure your kid is staying active, even when they are playing games, this is going to be your best choice. Your child will stay active, moving, and get a full-body workout while playing fun, educational games. It develops their mind and body without them realizing it.

Little Tikes 3′ Trampoline

Little Tikes 3' Trampoline
  • Perfect trampoline for toddlers to burn off energy
  • Features large jumping surface and handle bar for stability
  • Plastic and metal combination

Watch your child giggle and play and have fun with the Little Tikes 3′ Trampoline. This trampoline is just big enough for a small child to play on, getting some air and wasting a lot of energy. It is a trampoline, simple as that – there is not a lot extra to it, giving you what you expect out of a trampoline. The only addition is the bar in the middle, giving your little one stability when jumping to make sure they do not fall.

The Little Tikes 3′ Trampoline is a small, high-quality trampoline with a classic design. It is the trampoline design you already know, smaller to fit the intended audience. Your child will have no trouble getting on top of it and playing around. While adult supervision remains important, this is a safe trampoline. It is low to the ground and has a bar for your child to hold when jumping on. It reduces the risk of injury significantly.

The whole trampoline is safe to use and high-quality. It will remain in good shape through play and jumping until your child eventually grows out of it. It will keep your child active, give them a way to burn off energy, and keep them having fun. After all, who does not love a trampoline?

LEGO Marvel Spider-Man Car Chase

LEGO Marvel Spider-Man Car Chase
Build the speedy Spider-Man car with a special Starter Brick and spider web. Get your kid, nephew or grandson building and playing out adventures in the thrilling LEGO Marvel universe. The Green Goblin and Spider-Man action figures provide hours of play!

At only 52 pieces, the LEGO Marvel Spider-Man Car Chase kit is just the right size for a young child. You can use it as a way to introduce your child to LEGO, or you can use it to keep that love of LEGO growing. The smaller number of pieces makes it an accessible and manageable toy for a younger child to get into. It is still a journey to put together, but it is one your child can take on.

The toy itself comes with Spider-Man, the Green Goblin, and their respective vehicles and weapons. It is a mid-battle action scene, ready for your child to put together. Watch as Spider-Man attempts to capture the Green Goblin and stop him from doing any more damage, while Green Goblin fights back and attempts to escape. It is up to your child how the action plays out.

This set matches up with other LEGO sets, especially those from the Marvel LEGO line. Use it on its own, with other Marvel heroes and sets, or with unrelated sets. LEGO sets work well together and offer unlimited chances to play, experiment, and imagine. Your child can take Spider-Man to anywhere and do anything.

Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper for Kids

Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper for Kids
The My First Flybar foam pogo stick is hours of healthy, bouncy fun. Crafted from durable foam, this is an ideal first pogo stick for kids; each jump makes a fun squeaky sound destined to delight

Watch your kid jump and play with the Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper. Simple and safe, it is the perfect pogo jumper for your young one. It gives them all of the joy of a pogo stick without any of the risks or physical dangers that can come with a real one. You do not have to worry about your child being too young to use this, as it is designed for smaller children to use.

The foam bottom is both where your child places their feet and what they jump on. Since it is foam, it is completely safe for your child to use. It is comfortable for standing on while making for a safe jumping pad. It is not going to go too high, but the jumping gives them enough air time to have a ton of fun.

It is a safe and fun way to get your kids healthy and active. They can play with it around the house since it does not jump too high or cause damage and it is great on wood or carpet and it is something any child will enjoy. It provides hours of excitement, for years to come. Until your child is old enough for a full pogo stick, this is the best option out there – all the fun, none of the dangers.

Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set

Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set
  • Indoor and outdoor basketball hoop adjusts to six heights from 2.5 to 4 feet
  • Includes an oversized rim and 3 Junior size basketballs
  • Develops social, motor skills and coordination

Get your young one into basketball early with the Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set. It comes with a standing hoop and three balls to throw into it. It is the perfect size for young children to toss or dunk, without having to hurt themselves or exert themselves too much to do it.

Little Tikes is no stranger to these types of toys, being a long-trusted source of them. This brand is known for quality and dependability, likely being the same type you had when you were a small child or saw when you were a small child. It is a small plastic basketball goal with three small plastic basketballs that are easy to toss around and handle for young kids.

Your child can play it on their own and develop their motor skills and stay active or they can play with it and other kids. It is like any other basketball set, only designed with young children in mind. It is completely safe for them to use, with no heavy parts for the child to hurt themselves with (or under when it falls). Everything is lightweight and easy to use. Your child can get a few good years out of this as they grow and get better, until they need something a little bigger.

Matchbox Mission 4-Level Garage Playset

Matchbox Mission 4-Level Garage Playset
  • A one-stop shop for real-world adventures
  • Four levels of activity, including a spiral ramp and real working elevator.
  • Features a premium car wash to get cars “clean.”

The Matchbox Mission 4-Level Garage Playset gives your child the chance to roleplay everything from action to maintenance to basic driving. It is a small set that does it all when it comes to cars. Tow a vehicle out of a crash site, clean it up, and have it riding around the set. The elevator and the track path give your child two ways to explore the set, and every opportunity to have fun.

This Matchbox set contains the cars you know and love. Matchbox is a trusted brand thanks to its quality and the huge selection they offer. This playset meets the expectations you have and will set your child on a bright future with Matchbox.

Your child can enjoy this set in multiple ways with various across a wide spectrum of careers. Your child can go from tow trucks to a luxury vehicle, and they can make up countless ways to play around with the set. Buy other Matchbox vehicles to use with this set to open up new opportunities and to aid in your child’s exploration of the toy.

Hot Wheels 20 Cars Gift Pack

Hot Wheels 20 Cars Gift Pack
  • This set is trunkloads of fun with 20 Hot Wheels cars included.
  • Vehicles feature classic decos and hot designs.
  • Collectors and car enthusiasts alike look upon these amazing 1:64 scale vehicles with fondness and reverence.

Hot Wheels are an excellent toy for any young child. They come in a variety of styles and types, go great with existing Hot Wheels toys and tracks, and are easy to play with in endless environments. They spark creativity and imagination, and they add to the fun of currently owned toys. This is a great start to a collection or a continuation from a current collection.

The Hot Wheels 20 Cars Gift Pack comes with 20 unique cars. Everything from dragsters to muscle cars and more, this set contains a wide variety of vehicles that your child can play with and love. You have traditionally designed vehicles as well as odd and unique designs you have come to expect from Hot Wheels; the collection is a little bit of everything.

These are fairly standard Hot Wheels cars. They go with any Hot Wheels tracks and other toys and kits designed for Hot Wheels cars. You can buy this alongside these other items or buy them for any existing Hot Wheels toys, or buy them on their own. Hot Wheels cars are great toys alone or in combination with other items, sparking creativity and creating more fun.

Micro Mini Deluxe Kick Scooter

Micro Mini Deluxe Kick Scooter
  • The innovative Micro brand is known by families for its smooth-gliding, long-lasting scooters for children and adults.
  • Micro's 3-wheeled Mini Deluxe kickboard with Lean-To-Steer design, offers a stable ride that supports toddlers and small children as they master balance and coordination.
  • Incredibly strong (holds up to 110 lbs) yet extremely lightweight, perfect for young children; plus an adjustable T-bar (handlebar) grows with children from age 2 up to age 5.

Get your child riding around parks and the neighborhood in style and with ease in the Micro Mini Deluxe Kick Scooter. It sports 3 wheels, a comfortable grip, and a child-friendly design that grows with your child. It is the perfect starter scooter and a great option for very young children. It teaches important motor skills while being a lot of fun to ride.

The scooter is the right size for young children. They can hang on to the handles easily and ride around without it being too big for them to handle. Meanwhile, the board is big enough for a child to stand on top without balance worries. It makes riding simple and fun.

Scooters teach young children balance and vital motor skills. Thanks to the three wheels, your child can ride on top and learn basic balancing and turning. It is a great first scooter because its design focuses on the needs and abilities of a young child.

The t-shaped design gives your child the chance to ride this as they grow. Continue to bring the bar up as your child gets taller, keeping them moving and playing without having to buy an entirely new scooter within the first year of owning it.

For a four-year-old boy, what else could you ask for?

Things You Should Consider When Buying Toys For Four-Year-Old Boys

Four year-old-boys are moving from simple toys to more complex toys. The toys of yesteryear aren’t the same as today’s toys. Knowing which toys will work for your four-year-old can be hard. However, we’ve put together a guide to help you match the right toys to your child. Below, you’ll learn to think differently towards the toys you buy them and what matches their style and personality.

What Are They Interested In?

By now, you’ve noticed what they take a lot of interest in. If they play with action figures, they’ll like action sets. If they play with cars, they’ll enjoy track sets and building sets. If they play with outdoor equipment, they’ll like a soccer ball or basketball set. Don’t waste time and money buying them toys that they will not relate to. Instead, find the toys that they gravitate to already – maybe it’s a toy that they run to at their friends’ house. Don’t force them to like a toy – you’ll just end up wasting money.

What Is Their Learning Style?

Some toys require a learning period before they can be used (i.e. LEGOs and building sets). So, pay attention to their learning style.

Do your children learn from reading or by using their hands? If they don’t like reading, or have very little in the patience department, then you might want to stick to simpler toys. Don’t buy a toy that forces them outside of their comfort zone – this is not the time to try too many new things.

What Is Their Personality?

Finally, is their personality a match to the toys. For instance, do they like to play inside or outside? Are they extremely imaginative or do they just follow the instructions? Both of these are characteristics that determine the success of the gift(s) you buy them. While you can try to buy a few new toys to promote a different style of play, just be aware that they may get tossed off to the side fairly quickly.

Wrap Up

Well, that’s everything we could find for a four-year-old boy that we think they’ll love. With 24 different options to choose from, you’re sure to find a winner. Just make sure that you use the information provided in the buyer’s guide to matching the right toys with your child.

All of these toys are easily affordable, with durability as part of the focus. All you have to do now is press the “buy now” button and wait for the smiles to be delivered. We hope that you found the toys you needed to make this a special day for your four-year-old boy(s)!

If you did find what you wanted (and needed), that’s great. If not, we hope you have a good idea of what you need to find. While we did everything we could to make this is an all-encompassing list, we might have missed something. If you think we did, let us know and we’ll check it out. Who knows, we might use your gift suggestion on our list.

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