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30 Best Toys & Gifts for 3-Year-Old Boys [2020]

As children enter the preschool years, options for gifts and toys become even more vast and varied. How do you know if a toy is age-appropriate? Is this activity too hard for my son? While they are no longer toddlers at this age, they are also just now developing the real cognitive and motor skills that will carry them into their early school years, so it is important that their play reflects their developmental needs.

Because boys this age have lots of energy, imagination, and curiosity, it is important that games, toys, and activities harness rather than suppress these. Finding active and flexible activities will help to ensure that he loves his gift and uses it for some time. Our list contains 30 of the best gift options for three-year-olds, including something for just about any interest level and area of developmental need.

Our list is made up of popular items, those that are classic but still highly recommended, and the latest in learning tools. No matter your budget, you are sure to find something on our list to entice your favorite preschooler to have an enjoyable time.

Blue Horse Hopper

Blue Horse Hopper
  • Stable 4-legged hopping toy for hours of active fun
  • Seat height is 11” and the body height is 20” from ear to floor
  • Comes with a two-way hand pump for easy inflation

Give your little man the gift of activity with this fun toy. Bouncing engages the core muscle groups of the body, teaches balance, and improves spatial orientation. Little ones will learn to self-soothe with the bouncing action of this toy, too. Fun for kids of all ages, this gift could also be shared by younger and older children.

The bouncing action requires energy, which means your little one will be getting a workout every time he uses it. Perfect for those with lots of vitality to burn, this bouncer can be used indoors or outside and requires no special equipment or batteries, either.

Step2 Flip and Doodle Desk and Easel with Stool

Step2 Flip and Doodle Desk and Easel with Stool
  • Can be used as an art easel or a desk
  • Molded storage trays and bins keep supplies within reach
  • Comes with 2 large bins, 4 medium bins, and a stool

Allow your little artist to shine with this desk/easel set that gives them plenty of room to be creative. The folding easel can be used upright while standing or as a desktop while seated. When it is in the easel position, your little man can draw on the magnetic whiteboard or place a sheet of paper in the provided clip for drawing, painting, or coloring.

This desk set has plenty of space to store crayons, paints, markers, coloring books, paper, and much more. With molded trays, bins, and other storage options, your creative one will have lots of places to stash their favorite art supplies. Art is a terrific way to encourage imagination as well as fine motor skills in your young one, and this gift will last for a long time.

FurReal Cubby, The Curious Bear Interactive Plush Toy

FurReal Cubby, The Curious Bear Interactive Plush Toy
  • Responds with 100+ sound-and-motion combinations
  • Nighttime mode turns him into a sleep machine for your young one
  • Moves eyes, ears, mouth, nose, and arms

Every little person needs a little friend, and this curious bear toy from FurReal is a perfect choice. During the day, your preschooler will love playing with the bear, who is interactive and makes motions and sounds, depending on the activity. He comes with his own accessories for play, too. At night, your little one will love sleeping with this toy, who doubles as a sleep machine. He emits sleepy sounds and soft music to help your young one get a good night’s sleep.

Because Cubby responds to voice and touch, your son will feel like he always has his very own best friend with him, day or night. And parents will not have to worry about this toy turning to daytime mode while your little darling sleeps, either. Adults and children find Cubby adorable, so he will soon be a part of your family.

Little Genius Starter Kit

Little Genius Starter Kit
  • Teaches preschool letter formation, phonics (ABCs), and counting
  • Kids can create pictures, dress and feed a character, and have a problem-solving adventure
  • You can monitor your child’s progress from your own phone or tablet

Turn your tablet into a teaching tool with this early learning set that teaches letters, counting, and much more. From Osmo, the starter kit includes a stand for your tablet, a silicone play mat, 38 silicone sticks and rings for letter and number formation, 19 cardboard costume pieces, and storage for all the parts. You will also get four game apps that allow your child to interact with the pieces in lots of diverse ways.

Your child will love manipulating the pieces and learning through touch as they explore their early literacy and numeracy skills. You can wash all the silicone pieces in the dishwasher, and parents will love being able to monitor their child’s progress via the parent app, too. This starter set is compatible with other kits from Osmo that teach additional skills in later years.

OUTREE Pod Swing Hanging Hammock

OUTREE Pod Swing Hanging Hammock
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Easy to install and use, comes with everything you need to hang it
  • Safe for use up to 170 pounds

Every kid needs a place of his own to hang out and be alone, and this pod swing is the perfect addition to your child’s room, your playroom, or your outdoor patio or deck. The pod swing is part hammock and part swing but 100% fun. Kids can sit in it while they read or watch TV, or they can swing and imagine themselves soaring high.

You will get everything you need to hang this right away, and because it can handle weight up to 170 pounds, you will not have to worry about older kids playing on it, too. You can easily move it if needed, and the inflatable cushion makes it easy to customize to your level of support and softness. This gift will grow with your child and will become a cherished place for them to relax and unwind.

The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt

The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt
  • Fun and funny story about crayons who revolt
  • Teaches kids about emotions and how to communicate
  • Great for budding artists, kids who love humor, or anyone who loves a good story

This classic from 2013 is still a hit among preschoolers, and for a good reason! Author Drew Daywalt and illustrator Oliver Jeffers have created a hilarious tale about the day Duncan’s crayons go on strike. The simple crayon drawings are so effective at conveying the emotions of each color that children and adults will love to read this story again and again.

While each color has its own grievance, they have collectively decided they are no longer willing to draw until Duncan, their young owner, can satisfy their demands, which include knowing which is the exact color of the sun, why wrappers are missing from some crayons, and why some colors don’t get used much. In the end, your young artist will be inspired by the final masterpiece young Duncan creates to satisfy all his crayons’ demands.

Banana Bike LT Lightweight Balance Bike

Balance bikes are becoming the preferred method for teaching kids to ride a bike these days, and many children find remarkable success in learning balance, coordination, and other motor skills from these fun toys. Plus, balance bikes are a terrific way to help your child stay active while also keeping them safe. This balance bike is an excellent introductory model for your young rider and comes in a variety of color choices.

This model from Banana Bike is lightweight, can be used indoors or out, has an easily adjustable seat height, and is well-engineered and constructed. It may require a bit of adjusting to get it fully assembled and riding smoothly, but the results are well worth it for any parent who wants to give their active child a gift that will help improve their balance and bike-riding skills.

STEM Club Toy Subscription

STEM Club Toy Subscription
  • Highly rated STEM toys will be delivered to the recipient’s home at intervals of your choosing
  • Curated selection encourages exploration and understanding of STEM concepts
  • Helps to develop creativity, problem-solving, and logical reasoning skills

In today’s world, kids need skills in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) more than ever before, and it is never too early to start teaching these talents. This subscription includes highly rated STEM toys and activities that are age-appropriate and begin to teach basics in these areas at an early age.

You can choose your deliveries to come either once a month, once every two months, or once every three months, and each shipment will bring fun and exciting toys and games for your young explorer. For your three-year-old, you will get activities that teach cause and effect, problem-solving, building, and counting, which are foundational skills for later STEM learning. And because a new toy comes regularly, your child will learn to look forward to the next installment of their gift throughout the year.

Learning Resources Coding Critters Ranger and Zip

Learning Resources Coding Critters Ranger and Zip
  • Screen-free, interactive play that also teaches basic coding skills
  • Coding challenges as well as free-play modes that allow for hours of fun
  • Comes with 22 pieces in this pet playset, including Ranger the dog and Zip the puppy

Kids will play and learn with this fun and interactive playset that teaches necessary coding skills. Most coding games are taught using a tablet, but there is no screen time needed with this playset. Your child will be able to code Ranger and Zip to play games, chase one another, and fetch for you. And when your child is not coding and learning, they can use the pieces for their own imaginative play.

This playset comes with basic instructions on how to program the buttons as well as coding challenges that guide your little explorer to teach the characters various tricks. When your child is done telling the pups what to do, you can engage a play mode that changes the buttons’ functions to commands like dancing, napping, and eating. There are even features that are engaged only when the two dogs are together.

My ABC Busy Box by Alex Discover

My ABC Busy Box by Alex Discover
  • Step-by-step instructions to create fun objects for every letter of the alphabet
  • Includes tons of craft supplies, including yarn, googly eyes, flowers, stickers, and much more
  • Create the recommended crafts or imagine your own to explore the alphabet and your imagination

Your child can explore each letter of the alphabet while creating a fun craft project, too. You get everything you need to create your fun alphabet that is made from objects that start with each letter of the ABCs. Help your child with their phonics skills when they create a tiger T, a pizza P, and a bicycle B.

This craft set contains everything you need for the full alphabet of crafts, including flowers, stickers, felt shapes, stick-on eyes, crayons, yarn, and so much more! With simple-to-follow instructions, your three-year-old can create these all on his own, with a friend, or with you. And because he will be learning as he is creating, you will both enjoy this activity.

Hape Rock and Rhythm Kid’s Musical Instruments Wooden Drum Set

Hape Rock and Rhythm Kid’s Musical Instruments Wooden Drum Set
  • Perfectly sized for your child’s enjoyment
  • Teaches hand-eye coordination, dexterity, creativity, and musical skills
  • Includes drums, cymbals, and rhythm makers

From Hape, a leader in quality toys for toddlers and preschoolers, this wooden drum set is the perfect gift for your budding musician. This set is the ideal size for your young rocker to play their best beats. And your son can learn rhythm, keeping time, and other musical skills along with manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination with this toy.

This drum set combines perfectly with Hape’s other musical toys, which means all your children can play along and create music together. And by introducing music at an early age, you are also helping them establish a love for creative expression. This set is made from durable materials that are sourced from environmentally sustainable forests, as well.

Play-Doh Play ‘n Store Table

Play-Doh Play ‘n Store Table
  • A wonderful place to play with and store all your Play-Doh and accessories
  • Comes with 25 tools for creating shapes and objects from Play-Doh
  • Includes eight colors of Play-Doh for hours of creative fun

While kids of all ages love to play with Play-Doh, it is nice when they do not have to use it on your dining room table or kitchen counter. The Play ‘n Store Table gives children a pint-sized area on which they can play with their clay and contain their mess, and the two hinged doors on the sides reveal great compartments for storing all the tools and cans of Play-Doh away when they are done.

Play-Doh allows children to explore their creativity through open-ended play, and manipulating the clay teaches coordination and fine-motor skills, too. Your child will love having his own table just for his creations, and with the many included tools and molds, there is no end to what he can create all by himself.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Railway Set

Melissa & Doug Wooden Railway Set
  • Wooden railway set that includes over 100 sections of wooden track
  • Includes two different multi-piece trains plus a 3-piece truck
  • Can be used to create four different configurations of track for hours of building fun

From Melissa & Doug, another leader in quality toys for young children, this is a wonderful train set for your youngster. Your child will love building the many different track configurations, playing with the different vehicles, and arranging the 30 accessories to create the railway of their dreams. The magnetic trains are easy to click together, and this set allows for hours of imaginative play and construction.

The set comes with full instructions for building each track, or your child can explore on his own to create something new and different. The collection is made from solid wood that is ruggedly constructed, perfect for rough little hands. With tons of accessories and over 100 sections of track, your preschooler will love this, his first train set.

Waiting Is Not Easy! by Mo Willems

Waiting Is Not Easy! by Mo Willems
  • From award-winning author Mo Willems, another installment of the Gerald and Piggie series
  • Gerald must learn to wait for a much-anticipated surprise in this funny story
  • Simple words and fun illustrations are perfect for young readers

For those not familiar with the Gerald and Piggie series, this would be an excellent introduction for your whole family. These two friends are quite different, which is why they learn so much from one another. In this installment of their adventures, Piggie has a surprise for Gerald, who is not particularly good at waiting. While he laments the fact that waiting is not easy, Piggie reminds him that good things are worth waiting for.

You can be sure that your emergent reader will enjoy this story of friendship, emotions, and learning a tough skill- patience. If you have a little one who has trouble waiting, this is a great social story to teach them the benefits of learning to be more patient. You will love this book so much that you will want to get the whole Gerald and Piggie collection.

Step2 Game Time Sports Climber and Slide

Step2 Game Time Sports Climber and Slide
  • Includes the climber base, slide with ladder, basketball hoop, and multi-purpose ball
  • Great for playdates or sibling play
  • The crawl-through space underneath doubles as a soccer goal

A great indoor or outdoor playset from Step2, this climber and slide combo is great for active fun. With the integrated basketball hoop, soccer goal, slide, climbing ladder, and other features, your preschooler will enjoy climbing, kicking, sliding, crawling, dunking, and much more with this interactive playset.

Your child can develop physical and gross motor skills and muscle strength by engaging in sports and climbing. They also will learn critical thinking skills when they figure out how to accomplish their goals and get where they want to be. And this playset is excellent for sparking imaginative play and open-ended activities of many kinds.

LeapFrog Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart

LeapFrog Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart
  • Builds memory and sequencing skills
  • Counting and colors are introduced and practiced
  • Kids create fun “frozen treats” while listening to music

Learning has never been sweeter than with this fun and interactive pushcart that allows your child to create many different “frozen treats.” Siblings, friends, and family can order up their choice of ice creams and toppings, and your little one puts their memory and sequencing skills to the test to create each order.

Pretending to run his own ice cream cart is not only fun but educational and pushing this perfectly sized cart around will build motor skills, as well. The magic scooper knows if he has gotten the order right, and fun phrases and music will keep him entertained for hours. There is a lot to learn, and tons of creative play to be had with this interactive learning set from LeapFrog.

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Why by Amy Shields

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Why by Amy Shields
  • 128 full-color pages
  • Interactive question and answer format
  • Satisfies your 3-year-old’s need to know “why?” about many of life’s questions

National Geographic has taken everything they know about bringing educational, informative, and fun answers to kids and brought them to a new, younger audience. This book is created using a fantastic format using questions and answers to help your child explore their immediate world and all the “whys” they love to ask about.

Using informative text, games, recipes, and crafts, this book gives age-appropriate, accurate, and educationally sound answers to many of your preschooler’s questions while keeping them entertained and informed. By keeping your child engaged, this giant book provides hours of exploration for your curious, young reader.

Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Tough Trike

Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Tough Trike
  • Large pedals and perfect proportions make it easy to ride
  • Easy-grip handlebars for steering and control
  • Extra storage in the compartment under the seat

The tricycle has come a long way with this sleek, robust design modeled after a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Your little one will love riding this fun toy around the yard, driveway, and neighborhood with your supervision. He can even bring along his favorite toy or a snack in the hidden compartment under the seat.

Not only will he have fun exploring on three wheels, but he will also be developing motor skills like coordination and balance while strengthening his leg muscles, too! And the durable tires make it easy to ride this monster trike on just about any surface.

VTech Little Apps Tablet

VTech Little Apps Tablet
  • Has 12 learning activities that progress as your child learns
  • Includes 2 AA batteries
  • Has volume control and an auto shut-off switch

Your child will love learning and exploring with this beginner tablet from Vtech. With eight interactive, learning activities and four games, this tablet teaches counting, basic math skills, letters, music skills, and much more. Included in the device is a mini piano keyboard, an alphabet keyboard, a play camera, and more!

This tablet will progress as your child learns, and the learning activities become more challenging. And because there are so many things to learn and do in one tool, your child will love this toy for a long time to come. The color-changing screen guides your little one through the activities, which include vivid animations and sound effects, as well.

Melissa & Doug Examine & Treat Pet Vet Play Set with Role-Play Costume Set

Melissa & Doug Examine & Treat Pet Vet Play Set with Role-Play Costume Set
  • 24-piece set that includes plush dog and cat
  • Helps your child develop empathy through creative play
  • Includes everything your child will need to play veterinarian, including a costume

Teach your child how to care for others and to develop empathy for those in need with this playset that has everything you need to set up a pretend vet clinic. In addition to two “patients,” this set also includes a stethoscope, thermometer, syringe, ear scope, tweezers, clamp, cast, bandages, “treatments,” “ointments,” and a reusable, double-sided checklist for office visits. Recognized as a leader in early childhood play, Melissa & Doug’s vet set has been recognized by toy experts for its ability to help kids develop empathy through play.

Your set includes a carry-all bag to take your child’s vet clinic everywhere he goes, so he can even make house calls to friends, neighbors, and family members. Expand his imagination and problem-solving skills with this fun and educational gift.


  • 3D magnetic building set that combines STEM skills with creative thinking
  • Contains 100 translucent shapes for building and creating
  • Safe and durable construction that has been trusted for decades

Magna-tiles have been entertaining and educating kids for over 20 years, and this classic never goes out of style. Each geometrically shaped tile has magnetic edges that allow them to join to any other tile. By combining the squares and various types of triangles, your child can create anything that his imagination can conjure, including massive structures and tiny dwellings.

Teaching him fine-motor skills, spatial reasoning, resilience, planning, problem-solving, and much more, Magna-tiles are a gift he can play with for years and one that the whole family will enjoy using. With 100 pieces in a set, there are plenty of tiles for more than one person to build at the same time, making it a great buddy or sibling activity, too.

VTech Drill & Learn Toolbox

VTech Drill & Learn Toolbox
  • Includes instruction cards to learn about colors and numbers while making repairs
  • Includes working toy drill, wrench, hammer, screws, and nails
  • Great for role-playing and for learning how various tools work

Satisfy your 3-year-old’s curiosity about how things work with this pretend toolbox and toolset. The toolkit gives your preschooler everything he will need to “fix” things around your home, and the interactive activities that are included will guide him on how the various tools work. Sounds and music also come from the set, as well as mechanical noises that mimic real tools.

He will learn problem-solving as well as motor skills when he uses this toolset to repair and create new things. Each of the guided activities also includes counting, color recognition, or other cognitive skills that combine to create fun but educational experiences. This is an excellent gift for any preschooler on your list who loves to know how things work.

All Seasons Kids Wooden Dollhouse

All Seasons Kids Wooden Dollhouse
  • All-wood construction from sustainable wood sources
  • Three-story design includes 6 rooms, movable stairs, and a solar-paneled roof
  • Includes furniture and accessories for immediate play

The flexible design and quality of materials in this wooden dollhouse from Hape makes it a standout among its competitors. With bold, primary colors, it is perfect for all preschoolers, and the open design means many children can play at once and still have access to the six rooms within. This set comes with everything your child will need to begin playing immediately, including furniture and accessories.

Home play sparks imagination, creativity, and fun, and it helps kids learn basic chores, family roles, and the importance of caring for one another. Your child will have hours of free play fun and exploration with this well-built dollhouse that can change with the seasons and be used in unlimited ways to spark your child’s creativity.

ETI Toys Original 101-Piece Construction Engineering Building Blocks Set

ETI Toys Original 101-Piece Construction Engineering Building Blocks Set
  • Productive play without screen time that teaches STEM skills
  • 101 pieces that build fine-motor skills and enhance creativity and problem-solving
  • Includes easy instructions for making 12 toys

Your child will love developing his STEM skills with this massive set of blocks in many different shapes, including plates, wheels, connectors, and fasteners, plus tools to help him put it all together. He has everything he needs to build 12 different toys or anything his mind can imagine. This set is great for individual play or group activities.

All the pieces come in a sturdy tote with a carrying handle, perfect for taking on road trips or to relatives’ houses. Your preschooler will love designing his own structures, trucks, and machines with this massive building set that practices creativity, logic, and problem-solving skills.

Learning Resources Farmer’s Market Color Sorting Set

Learning Resources Farmer’s Market Color Sorting Set
  • Teaches sorting, color recognition, and vocabulary
  • Help your child learn new foods and appreciate produce
  • Includes 25 foods and five sorting baskets, along with an activity guide

This fun set is great for teaching color sorting and categorization skills, plus your little one will learn all about different fruits and vegetables when you play with them. This toy can be used in isolation or combined with a play kitchen, restaurant, or dollhouse for other imaginative play scenarios.

Your child can count, sort, identify, and even describe each piece of produce, and because they are so life-like, they just might inspire him to eat his veggies at your next meal! Bring home a set today to start him on his journey to healthy eating as well as counting and sorting fun.

My Size Lookout Tower

My Size Lookout Tower
  • PAW Patrol tower includes rotating periscope, tower, lights, sounds, and vehicle
  • Stands 2.5’ tall, perfect for your preschooler
  • Compatible with other PAW patrol figures and vehicles

If you have a young PAW Patrol lover in your house, then this lookout tower playset makes an excellent gift. Your little adventurer can keep an eye out for trouble in the lookout tower that is just his size. The pups of PAW Patrol help your youngster learn to be brave and strong while fighting for what is right, and he can enjoy hours of free play with this playset that has room for all his pups and vehicles, too.

With the press of a button, he can listen to each pup’s signature phrase, and the rotating periscope at the top of the tower helps everyone keep an eye out for trouble all around. There is even a tower slide to send your characters from top to bottom in no time! This set includes the tower, one chase vehicle and figure, two chase pup packs, one Marshall figure, and two Marshall pup packs.

My First Colorforms Miss Weather Dress-Up Set

My First Colorforms Miss Weather Dress-Up Set
  • Colorforms are like reusable stickers, so they last a long time
  • Set includes 28 Colorforms pieces, playboard with dress-up figure, and a storage box
  • Helps your child learn about the weather and how to dress for the seasons

Colorforms are reusable stickers that your child can use to tell and retell stories. This set, which focuses on Miss Weather, allows you to dress up the main character according to the weather and send her on adventures. Your child will learn all about the seasons, how to dress for the weather, and how to tell a story using their own illustrations.

Colorforms have been enjoyed by preschoolers for years, and your youngster will love them just as much as you did when you were young. This is a great stocking stuffer or gift idea for your next road trip. Because the stickers are reusable, your child will be able to enjoy them for hours of fun and inventive play.

Inflatable Jump ‘n Slide Bounce House

Inflatable Jump ‘n Slide Bounce House
  • Built from sturdy, puncture-resistant materials that withstand tearing
  • Mesh sides keep kids from bouncing out
  • Stakes down to prevent being blown away

Once you give this as a gift to your 3-year-old, it could very well garner a permanent place in your yard. With room for up to three kids, your child will be the hit of the neighborhood, too. With easy set-up, a powerful fan that inflates the house in no time, and rugged construction that ensures it will last, this bounce house is a fantastic addition to your outdoor play space.

Encourage more outdoor play and exercise with this fun, bouncy house that helps your child develop strength, coordination, and balance. With a large play area, they will have plenty of room to bounce and explore, and parents will love how easy it is to pack away when not in use. For the cost of just two bounce house rentals, you can own your very own for year-round use.

Magnetic Fishing Toys Game Set for Bathtub or Water Table

Magnetic Fishing Toys Game Set for Bathtub or Water Table
  • Includes 30 types of marine animals in various sizes and colors
  • Life-like fishing poles teach hand-eye coordination and use magnets for easy catching
  • Teaches color matching, categorization, and accuracy while enjoying bath time

Turn bath time into a fun and educational experience with this magnetic fishing set. Your 3-year-old can use this set in the bath, at the pool, with their water table, or in their own kiddie pool…anywhere you want to practice fishing fun. The life-like rod and reel allow him to practice casting while also teaching him motor skills, color and pattern recognition, and much more.

This toy is great for siblings or friends to play, or you can play with your child, too. He will learn how to identify various marine animals, how to count and sort, and how to catch exactly what he wants. With this much fun, he may never want to get out of the water!

Kinetic Sand Bake Shop

Kinetic Sand Bake Shop
  • Magical kinetic sand is a sensory experience every child should have
  • Set includes 1 lb. of sand, sand roller. 5 molds, 3 stampers, decorations, and everything else to make “baked treats”
  • You get two colors of sand to create fun and fanciful treats

Kinetic sand is the magical, flowing sand that sticks together, is moldable, and still flows like a liquid. It is the perfect medium for modeling and building things, and it is easy to clean up because it does not seperate like regular sand. This set includes everything your preschooler needs to make his own “sweet treats,” including molds for cookies and cupcakes or anything he can dream up.

Sensory play is essential for youngsters, and this activity builds many critical motor and cognitive skills. Kinetic sand is great for car trips or travel activities, for a quick activity that is easy to clean up, or for when he needs to build, explore, or create with his hands. For a great price, you get a gift with many benefits and hours of fun.

Things to Consider When Buying a Gift for 3-Year-Old Boys

Three is a wonderful age for play, imagination, and development, and gifts for children of this age should encourage these. Three-year-olds are better able to play on their own or with other children, and they are absorbing so much from all their activities. Toys and activities that encourage social skills, fine and gross motor skills, early literacy skills, and the use of their imagination are all excellent choices. Here are some other considerations when selecting a gift for a three-year-old boy.


Gifts at this age should help children to feel confident in their abilities while also challenging them to learn and grow. Because most three-year-olds learn quickly and are developing a lot at this stage, toys that can be used in many ways or that inspire creativity are good options. Toys and games that require problem-solving skills or have varying levels of challenge are also good choices. Anything that can develop and grow with them during this quickly developing time is excellent.


Children this age also enjoy imaginative play, so offering options for dress-up, role-playing, and other activities that spark their creativity and can be used open-endedly are also good choices. Toys that are interesting and keep their curious minds engaged will help hold their attention span, too.

Activity Level

Because three-year-olds have lots of energy and are still developing their motor skills, activities that encourage them to use their muscles, to practice things like balance and coordination, and to engage in physical effort can be great options, too.

Educational Value

We all know that kids this age also love to ask “why,” so indulge this instead of shying away from it by offering gifts that are interactive, interesting, and satisfy their sense of curiosity. Gifts that encourage them to explore their world, to find out answers to their questions, and to keep asking interesting questions will keep that spark alive for years to come.


As always, safety should also be a consideration for your preschooler. Be sure that whatever you are purchasing is safe for preschoolers, as children of this age still like to put things in their mouths.

Wrap Up

Buying a gift for a 3-year-old does not have to be overly complicated. Look for activities and toys that are safe, age-appropriate, and allow for exploration and learning. Preschoolers are continually learning and always moving, so anything that will harness or encourage this is going to be appreciated.

Our list of the 30 best toys for three-year-old boys includes a little something for every young boy on your list. We have included activities, gifts, and games that encourage musical, creative, and physical exploration while also improving cognitive and motor skills. You are sure to find something in your budget, as well, with options at all ends of the price range.

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