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27 Best Toys & Gifts for 10-Year-Old Boys [2020]

Your favorite 10-year-old loves getting gifts, but as he gets older, it can feel harder and harder to know what he wants, or which toys are best for his stage of development. He is not a little boy anymore, but he is also not a teenager yet. What do you get for a young man with varied interests and lots of learning still to do?

Toys and gifts for boys this age should help them in their quest to become more independent, they should teach essential thinking skills, and they should foster his cognitive, social, and emotional development. Oh, and they should be fun, too! That may seem like a tall order, but it does not have to be when you use our guide to the best toys and gifts for 10-year-olds to help you choose.

We have examined all the top lists, scoured the hottest and latest trends, and looked carefully at what real customers are saying about the newest toys, games, and devices. We have carefully curated our list to include only the greatest among all the top toys to offer you our list of the 27 best toys and gifts for 10-year-old boys for 2020.

Electronic Playground & Learning Center

Electronic Playground & Learning Center
  • Your child can build over 50 electronic projects
  • Teaches concepts related to current, capacitors, voltage, resistors, and more
  • Includes what he will need to create a touch lamp, alarm, radio, metal detector, and much more!

Introduce your young man to electronics, creating, and fun with this electronic playground and learning center. He will learn valuable concepts, have opportunities to explore and test his theories, and build working projects that are useful as well as fun to make. There are over 50 experiments included, and each comes with precise diagrams he can use to create machines and devices.

He will learn all about voltage, transistors, capacitors, and much more while using easy-to-build circuits. He only needs what is in the kit plus a 9-volt battery. No tools or soldering required, which means he can use this set all by himself or with friends. Parents will love the learning that takes place while your 10-year-old will love exploring how things work and diverse ways to create new devices. Introduce him to the world of electronics and engineering with this exciting gift from Elenco.

Ripstik Ripster Caster Board

Ripstik Ripster Caster Board
  • Compact size is better for smaller riders
  • Includes removable deck plates made from durable materials
  • Wheels are made from high-grade urethane to last and provide a smooth ride

When your young man is ready to tackle two wheels, he will love the Ripster Caster Board from Ripstick. Part skateboard and part scooter, this board is more maneuverable than a traditional skateboard. It allows for easy turning and acceleration without pushing, making for a more stable ride, too. Once he gets the hang of riding, he will love the slip-free deck platform that includes concave sections that make it easy to keep your feet in place.

The Ripster is a more compact version of the RipStik Classic, making it perfect for shorter and smaller riders. Your young man will not have trouble carrying this lightweight design, either. When you give this as a gift, you are also encouraging active play and time spent outside, which is another benefit of this type of present. Whether he already knows how to ride or is just starting out, this is the perfect board for learning, growing, and developing his skill. Complete this gift with a helmet and protective gear.

4M Crystal Growing: Experimental Kit

4M Crystal Growing: Experimental Kit
  • Kit contains everything he needs to perform multiple experiments to grow different crystals
  • Once they are grown, he can proudly display his crystals in the included display cases
  • Comes with complete instructions that are easy to follow

This gift has many benefits for your intermediate learner. He will love watching his crystals grow and can even display his finished products in his room after they are completed. This kit contains everything he will need to complete seven different crystal-growing experiments. He can learn about the complexity and beauty of crystal structures while also learning how to conduct investigations and predict their results.

Each crystal grows inside its own display case, and once they are fully grown, friends and family can enjoy them for years to come. The crystals come in a variety of colors, and he will love deciding which is his favorite. He can learn about the principles of geology, scientific experimentation, and physical science when you present this gift to your budding scientist or nature lover.

Besten Floorless Indoor Privacy Tent

Besten Floorless Indoor Privacy Tent
  • Allows for privacy, comfort, and imaginative play for children of all ages
  • Fits any standard sized twin bed and has three openings for complete access from all sides.
  • Gives your child a place to relax and focus

Your little man is growing up, and having his own space becomes more important as he gets older. Give him the gift of having his own fortress with this privacy tent that affixes to his bed. It has an easy set-up, and it will not take up floor space in his room. Each of the three sides opens to allow access and ventilation, but he can close them all when he wants privacy, concentration, or relaxation. Perfect for children who share a room with a sibling or who enjoy their alone time.

He can turn his bed into a top-secret fort or a reading nook whenever he likes. By reducing light and keeping him warm at night, he will also sleep more soundly, which benefits him as well as mom and dad. He will love the pocket inside for stashing his book or tablet, and there is a hook inside for hanging a lantern or a Bluetooth speaker, too. When he is ready for time to himself, he can quickly zip up the two-way, double-sided zippers to close the three doors from inside or outside the tent. Great for sleeping, playing, relaxing, reading, studying, or listening to music.

Think Fun Gravity Maze Game

Think Fun Gravity Maze Game
  • A fun game that develops critical thinking as well as spatial reasoning skills
  • Comes with game grid, nine towers, three marbles, and everything you need to play over 60 different challenges
  • Great for family fun and is easy to learn

Puzzle games are excellent for his developing mind, and when they are this fun, he will not even realize how much he is learning! Think Fun is a leader in puzzles and learning games, and this version will be fun for the whole family to play. The goal may be simple, but the possibilities for how to accomplish it are anything but! While the game may be complex, it is easy to learn and grows along with your child’s understanding and development.

The game includes nine towers, three marbles, and a game grid. You get challenge cards that help you direct the fun, or you can play all on your own. Your 10-year-old will develop reasoning skills, visual perception, spatial understanding, and much more while having a wonderful time. Beginners and experts alike can play this award-winning game, which makes it an excellent activity for siblings, too.

Pranklopedia: The Funniest, Grossest, Craziest, Not-Mean Pranks on the Planet! By Julie Winterbottom

Pranklopedia: The Funniest, Grossest, Craziest, Not-Mean Pranks on the Planet! By Julie Winterbottom
  • 224 pages of harmless, prank-filled fun
  • Loads of ideas for pranks to pull on parents, siblings, and friends
  • Includes cut-outs, recipes, and other instructions for hours of laughter and fun

What 10-year-old does not love a practical joke now and then? The Pranklopedia is a great gift to teach him how to amuse as well as annoy his siblings and friends without being mean. This book has over 70 pranks and hoaxes suitable for all types of situations and includes a step-by-step guide on how to develop your own harmless but amusing pranks. Teach him the power of laughter without bullying or harming others.

Not only will he learn simple and funny pranks, but he can also create gross recipes to freak out others, including fake vomit, snot, and dog poop. He will roll with laughter when he fakes out his friends using the cutout signs, letters, and labels included in this book to create practical jokes. And because all of these are harmless fun, you will feel good knowing he is learning ingenuity and creativity without laughing at someone else’s expense. This makes a great stocking stuffer!

Klutz Airplanes Craft Book of Paper Kit

Klutz Airplanes Craft Book of Paper Kit
  • Learn to fold ten different planes that actually fly
  • Includes 40 sheets of decorative paper
  • 56 pages of detailed and illustrated instructions for crystal-clear understanding

Your young man will love creating competition-worthy flying machines from paper with this do-it-yourself kit from Klutz. The set contains detailed instructions for folding ten distinctive styles of paper airplanes that are guaranteed to soar. And once he has his technique mastered, he can use the included decorative paper to fold gorgeous and capable paper airplanes that will delight and amaze his friends and family.

The 56 pages include detailed, crystal clear instructions with images, helping him to feel successful all on his own. He will also learn how to make the best fold, check his own accuracy, and change his design to get the best results. He can even enter the Captain’s Club to test his models against other flyers. This makes a great gift for rainy days, to take with him to relatives’ houses, or for any boy who enjoys a challenge and working with his hands.

Taylor Guitars Baby Taylor Guitar

Taylor Guitars Baby Taylor Guitar
  • A ¾ sized guitar made from beautiful materials and built to last
  • Perfect for a young musician interested in learning to play
  • Includes a carrying case for easy travel

If you know a budding musician who is serious about developing his musicality, consider an investment in an instrument that he can play for many years to come. From Taylor, this ¾ guitar may be small in size but not in sound quality or craftsmanship. If your young musician is taking lessons or plays in an ensemble, he can take this guitar with him with ease, too, using the included carrying case.

Musicians rave about the quality of this instrument, and even pros love taking this smaller version on the road with them because of its portability. Younger musicians will love learning on this fully-functioning, well-made instrument that can help him learn the basics while appreciating how great the guitar can sound. A kid-friendly version of an adult instrument, this is an excellent option for the junior Hendrix or Santana in your life.

Franklin Sports Mini Basketball Hoop with Rebounder and Ball

Franklin Sports Mini Basketball Hoop with Rebounder and Ball
  • The height can be adjusted to accommodate kids of all sizes
  • Includes an electronic scoreboard and time clock
  • Returns the ball automatically when he makes a shot

Do you have a hoops fan on your gift list? This over-the-door basketball hoop with an automatic return is an excellent option for your 10-year-old dribbler. He can work on his free throws or jump shot in his bedroom or playroom at any time. With an adjustable height that will grow with him, he will love the auto-return feature that sends the ball right back to him every time he makes a shot.

This set comes with a mini-foam ball, which is perfect for indoor play. He can practice to his heart’s content without a lot of noise, and the included time clock and scoreboard will motivate him to keep trying. Hang this over his closet or bedroom door, and he is ready to shoot hoops whenever the mood strikes. The ball return swivels to accommodate side shots, as well.

Robotics: Smart Machines Science Kit

Robotics: Smart Machines Science Kit
  • He can build eight different motorized machines with this kit
  • Uses your smartphone or tablet to control the devices using the app interface
  • Comes with a full-color illustrated manual with step-by-step instructions on how to build everything

Robotics combines knowledge and skills from many scientific disciplines, including computer science, physics, and engineering. With this kit, your 10-year-old can build fun and unique robotic machines that perform simple functions. He can control and program his creations using the app interface, which allows him to command speed, power, direction, and other features. He can learn necessary programming skills while creating something fun and functional, too.

The full-color instructional manual provides easy-to-follow directions, and he has over 200 pieces from which he can choose when building his creations. He can build himself a Robo Dog or a Spy Bot, plus many other creations. Each project teaches him problem-solving, engineering, and programming skills as well as how robotics work in the real world. Be sure to check the app store for compatibility with your devices before purchase.

Nintendo Switch Gaming System

Nintendo Switch Gaming System
  • Allows for gaming at home or on the go
  • Your child can play alone or with others
  • Impressive battery life

A robust and flexible gaming system from Nintendo, the Switch offers many options for your young gamer to play. When docked at home, it connects to your TV for high-def gaming. When he wants to game while away from home, it undocks and can go anywhere. He can play solo or with friends, making it a great option for taking to sleepovers, on family road trips, or wherever he wants to go. Parents will love the high level of parental controls that are available on this device, too.

He can enjoy the same gaming experience no matter where he is with this full-service, multifunctional device. Nintendo has eliminated the need for separate home and mobile devices, which is wonderful news for parents and kids. The Switch has an impressive battery life that varies depending on the resolution of the game being played. It is rechargeable, which means you will not need to invest a fortune in batteries, either. The removable Joy-Con enhances play and makes multi-player action possible no matter where he is.

Small Discoverer Outdoor Exploration Set

Small Discoverer Outdoor Exploration Set
  • Encourages outdoor exploration and interest in nature
  • Includes six tools for outdoor adventures, including a flashlight, compass, and whistle
  • Hiking backpack allows him to carry everything he needs

Help your young man learn to love and appreciate the outdoors by giving him the right tools to encourage his interest. He can go hiking, camping, exploring, or pretend in the backyard with this impressive set of six compact tools for outdoor use. He will get a pair of binoculars, a whistle, a compass, and a magnifying glass. Plus, he gets a handy backpack to carry all of this plus his water bottle and lunch in, too. He will feel like a real explorer when he has the right tools for the job.

He can learn to discover nature in new and exciting ways by investigating things up close. And with binoculars, he can stay a safe distance from wildlife while still enjoying their magnificence and charm. Encourage the future botanist, zoologist, or archeologist on your gift list with this exploration set. It is perfect for taking on scout expeditions, with him while hiking or camping, or to use to get to know his own neighborhood better. Plus, he will be spending time outdoors, which is a valuable bonus.

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall and Magic Castle

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall and Magic Castle
  • Set includes 878 LEGO bricks plus ten mini-figures
  • Harry Potter fans will love acting out their favorite scenes with this realistic model of the Great Hall
  • Includes accessories to enhance play, including magic wands, the Sorting Hat, and magical creatures like Basilisk, Fawkes, Scabbers, and Hedwig

If you have a Harry Potter fan in your life, then this LEGO Great Hall and Magic Castle set is sure to be a hit! He can construct this detailed and fantastical model using the design instructions. Once completed, he will have hours of exploration and fun reenacting his favorite scenes or coming up with new, magical adventures.

The Great Hall features a fireplace, benches, tables, and reversible house banners. The Grand Staircase has spiral stairs. Once inside, you will find the potions room, the treasure room, the sorting hat, the Mirror of Erised, and tons of other elements from the HP universe. You also get ten mini-figures, including Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, Professor McGonagall, Dumbledore, Hagrid, and many more. This set will give your young wizard hours of fun and enjoyment, and building it will be a challenge that he will enjoy completing.

Intex Empire Inflatable Chair

Intex Empire Inflatable Chair
  • Durable materials that create a comfortable, adjustable seat for any space
  • Inflates and deflates quickly through an extra-wide valve
  • Great for additional seating for friends or a comfy place to relax and read

Your 10-year-old will love to decorate his room with furniture that he and his friends can enjoy. No amount of rough-housing can harm this durable, inflatable chair made from 2-ply materials. The contoured seat is super comfortable, perfect for when he wants to chill, listen to music, or play a game. He can use this anywhere he needs a seat that is just his size, too. It even can be weighted down with water if he wants to use it outside.

Available in green or orange, this modern but functional chair will make a terrific addition to his space. He can adjust the firmness with more or less air, giving him the perfect seat every time. And because it can be deflated, you can remove it any time or take it with you whenever you need to. He will love having a place for friends to sit when they come over, and at such a reasonable price, you may want to have an extra on hand for visitors or houseguests.

The Atlas Obscura Explorer’s Guide for the World’s Most Adventurous Kid by Dylan Thuras

The Atlas Obscura Explorer’s Guide for the World’s Most Adventurous Kid by Dylan Thuras
  • Takes you to 100 of the most interesting and obscure places on Earth
  • Full-color illustrations are eye-catching and entertaining
  • Loads of useful and informative information on each location

From the same group who brought adults the original Atlas Obscura, this version for younger people is just as entertaining, fanciful, and mind-blowing. Written for intermediate to older readers, it contains the details of incredible expeditions to 100 of the world’s most mysterious and weird places. For kids who love exploration, enjoy learning about weird-but-true facts, or just like interesting trivia, this book makes a great gift option.

While exploring faraway places, your young reader can also learn that we all have things in common. With over 100 pages of gorgeous illustrations and full-color art, every page is a feast for the eyes. Give the gift of adventure and wonder with this handsome volume from the award-winning team at Atlas Obscura.

Rubik’s Cube

Rubik's Cube
  • Loose-fitting connections to encourage speed solving
  • With billions of possible combinations, there is still only one solution
  • Improves motor skills and encourages problem-solving

Since 1974, the Rubik’s cube has delighted and frustrated solvers around the world. This 3D puzzle game offers endless possibilities for fun, competition, and learning while being entertaining and exciting. And, it can go with your tween anywhere he wants to take it, making it great for car rides, waiting for appointments, or trips to grandma’s house. Speed solving is the latest craze in Rubik’s cube competition, and this model is loose fitting to improve your little man’s time.

The millions of moves and possibilities mean there are endless opportunities for the development of his thinking skills. And the low price tag means it fits any budget. Still the best-selling puzzle in the world, Rubik’s cube competitions can even become a whole-family affair! This easily movable cube is perfect for beginners or experts alike.

Blank Comic Book: Draw Your Own Comics

Blank Comic Book: Draw Your Own Comics
  • Over 100 pages with different panels and designs
  • Great for kids and adults of all ages
  • Encourages creativity and imagination as well as expression

Whether you have a budding artist, a creative writer, or a comic book lover on your gift list, this blank comic book is a fun option. With 108 pages that contain various panels, speech bubbles, and designs, kids and adults will love to create their own graphic novel, comic book, or unique illustrations. He can create one long story or multiple shorter ones, depending on where his imagination takes him.

With the pre-made panels, he can focus on storylines and illustrations, and the high-quality paper means the finished product will be one he can proudly share with others. If you have a doodler, artist, or creative 10-year-old in your life, then give the gift of creativity, fun, and open-ended expression with this blank comic book.

Franklin Sports Table Tennis To-Go

Franklin Sports Table Tennis To-Go
  • Turns any table into a ping pong table with ease
  • Comes with two paddles, two balls, and an adjustable net
  • Expandable net fits tables up to six feet wide

Bring back game night with this fun and energetic activity. Table tennis is great for children of all ages, and you do not need to invest in a special table (or find room to store it) when you can set up your net anywhere. This set comes with an adjustable, retractable net that can fit on tables up to six feet wide and up to 1 and ¾ inches thick. It easily attaches and detaches, so playtime can turn into dinner time in just a few seconds.

You will get everything you need to start playing immediately, including two paddles and two balls. Plus, it all fits easily into the included carrying bag, allowing you to take this with you, too. You can turn your dining or kitchen table into a game room in a flash, and kids will love being able to challenge friends, siblings, and parents to a game whenever they want. This set also makes a great replacement if you have a ping pong table with a damaged net or missing paddles. Your 10-year-old will love visiting friends or relatives when he can bring his favorite pastime along with him.

Paxcess Electronic Roll-Up Drum Set

Paxcess Electronic Roll-Up Drum Set
  • Includes seven different types of drums plus variations in tone and pitch plus drumsticks
  • Includes earphone jack to reduce external noise
  • Can be connected to a computer to produce music

If you have a budding rocker or musician in your house, then this drum set should be high on your list. And, you will not have to worry about your neighbors hating you, either!! This electronic drum set plays synthesized drumbeats through an included speaker or into any standard set of headphones, which means your little drummer could be the only one who hears what he is playing. Perfect for families who live in apartments or in close proximity to one another, your young man can practice to the wee hours without anyone else needing to know.

The electronic pad features one snare drum, three toms, a bass drum, and several cymbals. You have two foot pedals that can be programmed to play the drum of your choice, too. Beginners will love the built-in metronome while learning new rhythms. More experienced musicians can produce their own music via the standard midi connection to their computer. This is an instrument that will grow with your child as he progresses.

Think Fun and Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty Puzzle

Think Fun and Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty Puzzle
  • A tactile and fun logic puzzle that is fun for small or larger groups to play
  • Comes with six colors of Thinking Putty, game pieces, puzzle board, and challenge cards
  • Can be played several ways to accommodate beginners and more expert players

Does your young guy love Thinking Putty? Does he thrive with hands-on experiences? Then, this is the game for him! Using the fun and stretchy material, players solve puzzles and build various paths on the grid to never cross colors. He will learn critical thinking skills while having fun as his spatial reasoning is put to the test.

This is another excellent game from Think Fun that is easy to learn but hard to master. This is a wonderful game for him to play with friends or siblings, and as he gets better at it, the game gets harder. That means he will never tire of playing. Perfect for family game night or whenever he needs some hands-on free time, this STEM toy is a fantastic addition to your gift list.

Mongoose Ledge 20” Mountain Bike

Mongoose Ledge 20” Mountain Bike
  • A quality bicycle with durable components that will grow with him for several years
  • Includes 20” wheels and an adjustable seat
  • A lightweight frame with a 7-speed shifter that is easy to use

When your young rider is ready for the next level, then consider a mountain bike like this one from Mongoose. He will enjoy a stable and comfortable ride on all types of terrain, giving him the confidence to take his bike wherever he wants to roam. For the family that rides together, this gift is a no-brainer for the 10-year-old that is ready to up his riding game.

Made from an all-aluminum frame, the controls and components on this bike are rugged and durable. It has a seven-gear range, and the full suspension takes the brunt of his off-trail bumps and thumps. He will feel confident and in control while riding on streets or off-road, and the size and weight are perfect for smaller bodies.

US Art Supply 82-Piece Deluxe Art Creativity Set

US Art Supply 82-Piece Deluxe Art Creativity Set
  • A comprehensive set of art supplies for beginning or intermediate artists
  • Includes colored pencils, oil pastels, watercolors, drawing pencils, and much more
  • Comes with a field sketchbook, a watercolor pad, a drawing pad, and lots of accessories

Unlock the world of color and artistic expression with this deluxe art set from US Art Supply. This set includes everything beginning and intermediate artists need to create works of art. He can choose from several media, including oil pastels, watercolors, drawing pencils, and colored pencils to create with. This set includes all the essential tools he will need to explore his artistic side, including mixing palette trays, brushes, a ruler, a sharpener and eraser, three different pads, and a color mixing wheel.

He can explore his creativity and learn to express himself in new ways when you deliver this special gift for his next celebration. Everything is included in a sturdy carrying case that will allow him to take his tools with him to capture the world and his thoughts wherever he may be.

Funkprofi Rechargeable Walkie Talkies for Kids

Funkprofi Rechargeable Walkie Talkies for Kids
  • Rechargeable devices that do not require extra batteries
  • The 3-mile range enables long-distance communication when outdoors
  • Hands-free function allows talking without pressing the button

Young boys love to be able to communicate with their friends, and walkie talkies are an excellent solution for adventures, outdoor play, and hands-free conversations. Your 10-year-old can explore the neighborhood with his pals, keep in touch with parents while spending the night in the backyard, or remain connected with anyone of his choosing with these easy-to-use communication devices.

This model is designed with kids in mind, which means everything is easy to use and the right size for younger hands. Hands-free VOX means he can talk without pressing the button. The rechargeable batteries are a notable feature for saving money, too. These are durable and functional, with an impressive range and clear sound. If your family enjoys spending time in the outdoors, you can always stay in touch with younger members, even on the ski slope, hiking trail, or at the campground. It even has a built-in flashlight!

Disney’s Villainous Board Game

Disney's Villainous Board Game
  • A new twist on a classic strategy game teaches many skills while having lots of fun
  • Six Disney villains make up the characters for this board game
  • The instructions are easy to learn, but the game presents many new challenges every time you play

If your 10-year-old loves Disney movies, then invite him to take a walk on the darker side by playing a game where only the villains win. You can become your favorite bad guy or gal in this game, which pits villain against villain to reach their worst goals yet. Once you learn the schemes and plots for your character, you can move on to mastering another.

This is a great game for friends or the family to play. Each character has their own objective, which means no two games will ever be the same when you play this again and again. And this game can be played with players with varying skill levels, which makes it great for siblings, too. Fun for all ages with characters we all love to hate, this game teaches strategy in a new and fun way.

Epic Zero Series: Books 1-3 by R. L. Ullman

Epic Zero Series: Books 1-3 by R. L. Ullman
  • A Readers’ Favorite Book Awards Gold Medal Winner
  • Set contains the first three books in this fun and engaging series
  • Filled with humor and adventure

The main character of this delightful series is Elliott Harkness, whose family is full of superheroes while he has no powers at all. Other superheroes call him a “zero” because of his lack of super abilities, and it is tough living in the shadow of parents, a sister, and even a dog with immense powers. Elliott is struggling to get through middle school, just like any other boy.

This tale has many twists and turns as Elliott must find a way to save the world, learn to fit in, and still get his homework done. Your reluctant reader will be laughing and turning pages as he follows the adventures of this unlikely hero as he navigates family, school, and expectations. This set includes the first three books in the series, giving your young reader a great introduction to this hilarious and action-packed saga.

Garmin Vívofit Jr. Kids Fitness & Activity Tracker

Garmin Vívofit Jr. Kids Fitness & Activity Tracker
  • The battery will last for a full year without needing to be recharged
  • Can be worn all the time, even during water activities and bathing
  • Tracks activity and sleep while also reminding your child to complete his chores

Building healthy habits is vital for young people, and with this activity tracker from Garmin, your 10-year-old can start developing his active lifestyle now. With a fully waterproof housing and a battery that does not require charging, this is the perfect tracker for your young man. This device will encourage him to get his 60 minutes of activity every day, and it can give both you and him helpful feedback on his movements and sleep to improve his health.

Parents can assign chores using the free app, and once the device monitors their completion, kids earn points that they can redeem for rewards that your family has agreed to. He can develop responsibility and confidence while also receiving reminders of how to maintain his health and fitness. Parents can sync multiple children’s devices to their app, as well. Get the whole family moving with this activity tracker from a leader in the industry.

Hapinest Light-up Terrarium Kit for Kids

Hapinest Light-up Terrarium Kit for Kids
  • Includes everything he needs to set up his own terrarium
  • Includes instructions on how to maintain his living miniature world
  • LED light serves as a nightlight for his room, too

Your young scientist will love creating this miniature ecosystem where real plants can grow! He can learn valuable skills as well as tons of information about topics ranging from soil to plant life to scientific variables. The terrarium kit includes everything he needs to get started, including detailed instructions on how to establish his plants, where to place the terrarium for best results, and how to ensure it has enough water.

He will soon have a gorgeous, living display for his room that includes several species of plants inside an environment that is perfect for its growth. The LED light fixture keeps it illuminated at night, giving off a subtle glow that can serve as a nightlight, too. Help him learn more about nature and the wonders of life by giving him a unique gift that will last for years to come.

Things to Consider When Buying a Gift for 10-Year-Old Boys

While it may seem like just about any toy or game would be appropriate for a 10-year-old, that is not necessarily true. While they are undoubtedly growing and maturing a lot at this age, they still have critical developmental needs that should be considered when purchasing a gift for their birthday, Christmas, or any other celebration. The following are some criteria you should consider when selecting a gift for your favorite young man.

Cognitive Development

Toys that encourage creativity, curiosity, open-ended exploration and the learning of new skills are essential at this age. He will benefit from having clear instructions that are easy to follow on his own, as he may be more reluctant to ask for help these days. Illustrated instructions are also helpful. Look for toys that teach learning skills like problem-solving, spatial reasoning, organization, or creative expression.

Skill Development

Your 10-year-old is also still developing his fine and gross motor skills. Activities like sports, art, and music are great ways to encourage these in fun and activity-oriented ways. Tinkering, assembling, and manipulating are just a few of the things he needs to practice. Ensuring he gets moving and stays physically active will be an essential habit to instill during this time, as well.

Emotional and Social Development

At this age, your young man is becoming more aware of his own body, noticing how is alike or different from his peers, and he may even be starting puberty. One way to promote healthy emotional development during this time is to ensure he feels confident in his own abilities. Activities that build confidence are great. Things that challenge him and help him develop resilience are also needed.

He will also enjoy playing with friends and peers more at this age, so purchasing gifts that he can share with others will help him develop critical social skills like cooperation, sharing, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

Screen Time

Kids this age love electronics, and they are ready to start learning to use them purposefully. Finding productive technology and educative uses for screen time is important. Look for activities that teach skills, like coding or engineering, and do more than just entertain. Also, look for parental controls and the ability to monitor his progress, which will help you keep an eye on how much he is playing or what he is up to while online.


Knowing what this 10-year-old is interested in will help you select a gift that will keep him engaged. Does he enjoy the outdoors? Does he play a lot of games? Does he enjoy reading? Does he play sports, have a hobby, or play an instrument? Gifts can be given to encourage new interests, but you want to be sure you do not totally miss the mark, which could disengage him from the present altogether.


All toys and gifts should be safe and made from quality materials. Just because he is not a little kid anymore does not mean that safety should not still be an essential consideration. Look at the durability of the materials, the quality of assembly and craftsmanship, and purchase gifts that he can play with for a long time to come.

Wrap Up

Choosing the right gift for your 10-year-old does not have to be stressful. There are many excellent options from which to choose, and there are choices for all interests and abilities. For those with a specific budget in mind, we have included choices for all ends of the spectrum. Our list was carefully selected to give you options that will not only entertain but educate and engage your favorite 10-year-old. Whether he likes reading, games, sports, music, or exploring, our list has something he will love.

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