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28 Best Toys & Gifts for 1-Year-Old Boys [2020]

So you have a little one in your life who needs a gift, huh? Not sure what to buy the 1-year-old on your gift list? Well, our carefully selected list is here to help. Play, activity, and learning are all critical ingredients to the development of youngsters this age, and our list has you covered on all three fronts.

Open-ended toys, those that can be used in many ways, are best for toddlers this age. They inspire learning and proper development, they will grow with your child, and they do more than just entertain. Our list contains many options for this type of open-ended play.

We have examined the best products, read through customer reviews and ratings, scrutinized the manufacturer specifications, and ensured that each of our selections is not only safe and appropriate but also fun, educational, and purposeful. We have selected options that can grow with your child and help them develop in many ways, and we are proud to offer this list of the 28 best toys for 1-year-old boys for 2020.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Learn with Puppy Walker

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Learn with Puppy Walker
  • Two ways to play as your child develops and is learning new skills
  • Can be used for seated play or as a supportive walker
  • Teaches sounds and phrases, letters, shapes, numbers, colors, and much more

Whether your child is walking yet or not, this gift makes an excellent choice for any 1-year-old. Thanks to its multiple uses, the puppy walker can help your child with their academic as well as motor development while also sparking wonder. The front side of this walker is an activity board that plays music and uses words and phrases to teach your baby new and vital skills. He can sit, press buttons, and turn gears with seven different hands-on activities.

As he becomes more confident, he can use this toy as a walker, which will play music and repeat encouraging phrases to keep him strolling and developing those gross motor skills. He will be taking this walker everywhere he goes as he masters walking and moves on to more active play. This toy is perfect for the budding walker in your life and comes with many activities that will keep him engaged and growing.

Melissa & Doug First Play Jungle Wooden Activity Table

Melissa & Doug First Play Jungle Wooden Activity Table
  • Enhances the development of many different motor skills
  • Made from sturdy wood, not plastic
  • Perfect for open-ended play at multiple stages of development

If you would like a toy that will keep your little man engaged and entertained, look no further than this activity table from Melissa & Doug. There are many different options for play, including rolling, sliding, pushing, turning, and pulling on the many different activities. Your child will develop his fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and his sense of purpose when he plays at this perfectly sized table. The jungle theme and bold colors are great for keeping his attention while also inspiring his mind.

Parents will love the durability of this table, which is built from wood and made to last. Perfectly sized for a seated toddler, he can continue to play with this while standing, squatting, and kneeling when he is a little bigger. The skills that this table teaches are ones he will work on for months or even the next year. For a small size, this toy has a lot to offer.

Palm Crayons

Palm Crayons
  • The perfect size and shape for young hands to hold and color
  • Set of nine vibrant colors
  • Washable crayons for easy cleanup

Introduce your little man to the magic of coloring with these palm crayons, which are designed with small hands in mind. These egg-shaped creations are made from non-toxic wax that is tested to meet the highest safety standards. He can color and explore his imagination without the need to press very hard, and the vibrant colors will inspire him to keep creating. The size and shape of these crayons are perfectly suited for toddlers and helps them develop their hand strength, dexterity, and motor skills. And he can’t put them in his mouth!

These crayons are so much fun that your 1-year-old will probably find other uses for them, too, including rolling them around. He will love returning them to their “egg home” in the provided container, too. For a fun, creative activity that will help him grow while also providing lots of fun and excitement, give him the gift of color and wonder.

Munchkin Barnyard Friends Squirtin’ Bath Toy

Munchkin Barnyard Friends Squirtin’ Bath Toy
  • Set includes eight different animals for bath time fun
  • Perfect for creating underwater bubbles and loads of water entertainment
  • Teach him animals sounds and names while he bathes

Your toddler will love bath time when he gets to share it with all his animal friends. He can practice his grip strength and fine motor skills by squeezing these fun toys in the water, yielding lots of splashing fun. You can help him learn animal names and sounds for each of his tub companions as he bathes each night.

These little animals, which include eight different barnyard varieties, are the perfect size for his toddler’s hands to squish. Made from durable, safe materials, parents will not have to worry about these toys spending time with your little one in the water. He will love getting into the bathtub each day when Old McDonald’s friends are part of the fun.

Mega Bloks First Builders Big Building Bag

Mega Bloks First Builders Big Building Bag
  • Set contains 80 brightly colored blocks
  • Perfectly sized for toddler’s hands
  • Open-ended play that teaches many different skills

When you give building blocks, your child will enjoy playing and exploring with them for years to come. The Mega Bloks are just the right size for little hands to grasp and manipulate, and they provide hours of building and rebuilding fun for your little construction worker. He will explore his own imagination and creativity while learning valuable lessons and improving his fine motor skills.

Building with blocks helps with focus and attention, improves his organization, and enables him to develop problem-solving skills. He will love stacking and unstacking these colorful blocks that come in a variety of shapes, all of which are safe for use by toddlers who still love putting things in their mouths. Cleanup is easy with the reusable storage bag, too. He will love building towers, creating innovative ideas, and building something all his own, and this toy will grow with him as he ages.

Kidsthrill Rainbow Stacking & Nesting Cups

Kidsthrill Rainbow Stacking & Nesting Cups
  • A classic toy that teaches many skills while yielding lots of fun and exploration
  • Set contains ten stackable cups that nest for easy storage
  • Can be used in the bath or at the water table or sandbox, too

Stacking toys are a perfect gift for the 1-year-old on your list, and this set is a wonderful example of how stacking cups can be used in many ways. Your little man will love stacking these on top of each other and then knocking the set down again and again. He can learn many essential motor skills, cause and effect, and problem-solving when he tries to fit them together in new and exciting ways.

He can also use these to hold and pour out water or sand, making them open-ended in many different settings. He can explore dumping the contents from one into another, learning new concepts and having loads of fun. The stack can reach up to 25 inches in height, which will encourage him to stand and move to finish his tower, too. Parents and toddlers love stacking cups, and this durable set will become a treasured favorite in your home, too.

Hape Pound and Tap Bench

Hape Pound and Tap Bench
  • Encourages musical development and exploration
  • Can be played in multiple ways
  • Promotes fine motor skill and cognitive development

Give your toddler the gift of music with this multi-functional toy from Hape. He can pound the balls down to hear them plunk the xylophone underneath, or he can pull the instrument out and play it on his own. Either way, he will love banging and pounding this musical toy that teaches him valuable skills while delighting his senses.

Playing musical instruments promotes understanding of cause and effect, develops hand-eye coordination, and builds dexterity and arm/hand strength. He will love creating his own melodies, chasing the balls after they have made the satisfying “thud,” and tapping out his own beats. This toy is well made from quality materials by a manufacturer known for durability and safety. With a rugged finish, rounded edges, and sturdy construction, he will enjoy playing with this toy for a long time to come.

Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark Water Table

Little Tikes Spiralin' Seas Waterpark Water Table
  • A gift that will be enjoyed for many years
  • Outdoor fun for all ages
  • Holds up to 7 gallons of water for tons of splashing, pouring, and squirting fun

Water tables are always a big hit, and this one from Little Tikes is a great option. Hours of open-ended and valuable play await him with this sturdy and multifunctional table. Fill it with water, and he can learn motor skills while exploring his imagination. Balls can be dropped into the spiral, which twists around until they splash down. He can make the water wheel turn, fill the squishy balls with water, or play with his own water toys.

As he gets older, he will still enjoy splashing and playing with this toy that engages children as old as six. As he learns to play with others, he can enjoy parallel and even cooperative play with his siblings and playmates, too. This table is large enough to accommodate several children at once. Parents will love that it is easy to empty and fill and that it is made to last. Add some fun and excitement to your backyard with this vibrant, educational, and entertaining water table for your little man.

My Pal Violet

My Pal Violet
  • A cuddly friend that learns your child’s name and favorite things
  • Plays over 40 songs and teaches essential new words and phrases
  • Connects via smartphone or computer to customize your child’s experience

Every child needs a cushiony friend, and Violet makes an excellent option for your little man. This plush is not only cuddly but smart. When you connect with Violet’s internal processor using your tablet, phone, or computer, you can program in your child’s name, his favorite things, and other variables that will ensure that Violet and your toddler become fast friends.

Violet plays music, sings lullabies, and teaches valuable vocabulary. She is the perfect size for your little one to carry with him wherever he goes, too. At night, the lullaby timer will play soft and soothing music for up to 15 minutes to help your child drift off to sleep. Make Violet a part of your family, and your toddler will love having a playmate that is all his own.

Bright Starts Mix & Match Sesame Street Friends Wooden Stacking Toy

Bright Starts Mix & Match Sesame Street Friends Wooden Stacking Toy
  • Features Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Oscar the Grouch
  • Sorting and stacking puzzle that enables him to mix and match Sesame Street friends
  • Promotes coordination and problem-solving while entertaining

Invite the magic of Sesame Street into your little man’s world with this puzzle stacker that features Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Oscar the Grouch. Your child will love sorting and stacking these pieces to create his favorite Sesame Street characters, and he can even mix and match the pieces to create new and exciting ones. His little hands will find these pieces easy to grasp and manipulate while he develops his spatial reasoning skills.

Made from durable wood materials and safe, non-toxic finishes, this stacking puzzle is perfect for your toddler. He will learn shapes, explore patterns, and develop his sense of wonder while creating with these vivid and well-made pieces. This toy is suitable for children as old as 3, and your toddler will get tons of play from this set before he is ready to move on.

Kidoozie Funtime Tractor

Kidoozie Funtime Tractor
  • Makes lots of realistic sounds, including engine noise, horn, and animal sounds
  • Includes farmer and five barnyard animals
  • Tractor moves on its own for 10 seconds each time a button is pressed

Load up the fun when your little one plays with this set from Kidoozie. He can press the buttons to hear engine sounds and the tractor horn honking. When he places each of the animal friends in their right spot in the trailer and presses down, he will hear animal sounds. When he presses on the farmer while seated in the tractor, a tune will also play. And this tractor is self-propelled, moving ahead for ten seconds each time he presses the button on the hood.

Your toddler will love pretending and exploring life on the farm while caring for his animal friends. He can develop his imagination through open-ended play while expanding his motor skills. Plus, it is just plain fun! While it does require three AAA batteries, these are included with the set, which also consists of the tractor, trailer, farmer, and five animals. He will have everything he needs for an afternoon of farmyard fun and play.

Surprise! What’s Inside? Soft Feely Box

Surprise! What’s Inside? Soft Feely Box
  • Great for developing sensory learning
  • Includes eight soft toys with varying textures and sounds
  • Teaches valuable understanding of how to use senses to explore his world

Exploration and sensory play are crucial for toddlers, and this plush toy has both in abundance. Your little man will love stuffing the tiny toys inside this soft-sided box and then pulling them back out again. As he progresses, he will love reaching in and trying to guess what he is holding before pulling it out to reveal.

This is the kind of toy that can grow with your child, and once he has developed beyond sensory play, the plush toys inside can become a part of his toy chest and be used for lots of other adventures. While he is still young, he will delight in the many ways to see, hear, and feel the items inside his mystery box again and again.

Infantino Textured Multi Ball Set

Infantino Textured Multi Ball Set
  • Set of six easy-to-hold balls of various textures
  • Perfect for sensory play and development
  • Balls can be used for all types of activities and play, indoors and out

Help your child develop physically and mentally with this simple but valuable gift. The bright colors and various textures of these balls help your child explore his senses in new ways. He will also develop his fine and gross motor skills by gripping, tossing, rolling, and bouncing these balls of assorted sizes. And once he is standing and on the move, he will love chasing after these fun shapes and bringing them or throwing them back to you.

Balls are great for open-ended play, and this is the perfect set to have around for indoor or outdoor play any time of year. Every time he drops one (and he will many MANY times), he will grow stronger by picking it back up, and the soft texture and small size are just right for his tiny hands. When mom or dad are ready to play catch with their little one, you will be glad you have this set around the house.

Busy Buggy

Busy Buggy
  • Three separate ways to play with this interactive toy
  • Walk or ride, depending on your child’s needs
  • Includes 17 interactive functions and lots of playful sounds

Another active toy for your newly minted walker, this Busy Buggy from Radio Flyer is a fun addition to his toys. When he is still developing confidence in his walking abilities, he will love pushing this around like a walker. As he gains strength, he can sit on the seat and ride it either by pushing himself or with a little help from a parent or older sibling. While seated, he can interact with the 17 unique features that teach him valuable skills.

He can store his favorite toy or secret treasure under the seat, and the honking horn, moving gears, and reflective mirrors will engage all his senses while he explores either inside your home or outside. Built with quality and integrity from one of the oldest names in children’s toys, this walker has many uses and will grow with your child as he matures.

Manhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure Activity Center

Manhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure Activity Center
  • Has four different quadrants, each with its own learning activities
  • Detailed and colorful graphics add to the engagement of this activity center
  • Includes six tracks with gliders, six bead runs, a spring flower, and much more

This busy and entertaining activity center is jam-packed with activities to engage and instruct your toddler for hours of open-ended play. He can play at any one of the four quadrants, moving and manipulating the various activities. From babies to preschoolers, there is something for everyone on this table, that teaches fine motor skills and is packed with learning opportunities.

Made from high-quality wood materials and decorated with vibrant, realistic illustrations, your little man will enjoy this toy for a long while. Parents will love that it is easy to wipe down and disinfect with just the swipe of a rag. The classic design of this activity center is based on years of research about toddler development, but it is wrapped up in a beautiful and engaging package that will delight your 1-year-old while he explores, pretends, and learns.

Eco-Kids Finger Paint

Eco-Kids Finger Paint
  • Set includes five colors of finger paints
  • Made from all-natural ingredients that are safe for use by kids of all ages
  • Create a fun, tactile experience for your toddler

Nothing compares to the fun and sensory exploration that you get from finger painting. Now, parents can stop worrying about the hazards of synthetic and artificial materials when they purchase this set of organic, entirely natural powders that can be used to create fun paints for your little artist. Each color can be mixed with water to create just the right amount of paint for your art session, and you will feel great knowing that the paints are made from nothing but plants.

Painting encourages creativity and expression, and using finger paints allows your little one, who is still developing coordination skills, to create whatever he wants. These paints are made from fruits, plants, and vegetables, so it won’t matter if he sticks his fingers in his mouth (which you know he will) while creating. Let him unleash his inner artist while engaging in some sensory fun with a feel-good product that is great for your child as well as the earth.

Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set

Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set
  • Adjustable height extends from 2.5 to 4 feet
  • Comes with three pint-sized basketballs
  • Can be used indoor or outside and base can be weighted with sand for stability

Help your 1-year-old stretch his coordination skills with this child-sized basketball hoop that will grow with him. You can use this hoop either inside or outdoors, and when you add sand to the base, it weighs it down and provides stability for your little dunker. The height extends all the way up to four feet, which means he can use this activity for many more years.

Games like basketball develop a love for active play and help him build coordination and other motor skills. He can learn confidence while building muscle strength and stamina, and as he gets older, he will love playing with friends and siblings, too. The wide hoop is perfect for easy scoring, giving him the right amount of challenge for his age. He will be well on the road to becoming the next Steph Curry when you give him this fun and active gift.

Where Is Baby’s Belly Button? by Karen Katz

Where Is Baby's Belly Button? by Karen Katz
  • From a long-standing favorite author and illustrator of over 50 children’s titles
  • Sturdy board book with interactive flaps
  • Predictable text teaches body parts in a fun way

Karen Katz is a well-known staple among authors for children’s books, and this title is a perennial favorite for toddlers. Parents and children can interact with the narrative to discover each baby’s various body parts by lifting the sturdy flaps and looking underneath. Reading this with your child will help them learn where their own hands, eyes, and other parts are found, and he will delight in revealing their location each time you read it.

Reading aloud with your child is a crucial part of his early language development, and interactive books like this one give him a role to play in the process while making reading engaging and fun. Even older children will love to hear this tale again and again, and do not be surprised if your toddler requests this title regularly. Filled with adorable and culturally diverse illustrations of cute toddlers, this favorite has stood the test of time.

Bubble Blower Machine

Bubble Blower Machine
  • Produces over 2,000 bubbles each minute
  • Noiseless fun to create a fantasy world of bubble magic
  • Uses any bubble solution to make hours of play

Bubbles are always fun, and while your little one may not be quite ready to blow his own yet, you can add magic to any day with this bubble-making machine. Designed to be used for parties or gatherings, this device is sturdy enough to yield plenty of bubble enjoyment and to last for years. You can use any bubble solution you like and turn on the switch for instant bubble madness. Add delight and happiness to your outdoor play sessions, to his next birthday party, or for an afternoon of indoor play.

This machine has two settings, produces sizable bubbles, and operates on batteries or the included plug, whichever works best for you. The fun whale shape is a bonus to add more enjoyment to your bubble fun, making this the perfect addition to your child’s gift list this year.

Hatch Baby Rest

Hatch Baby Rest
  • Helps establish healthy sleep routines early in your child’s life
  • A multipurpose tool that is a nightlight, sound machine, and alert
  • Programmable and adjustable via your smartphone or tablet

Help your child establish healthy sleep patterns by creating the ideal sleep environment using the Rest sleep machine from Hatch Baby. You will love this device so much and keep it for years. As a nightlight, you can customize the color or brightness as well as program it to turn on and off at specific times. As a sleep machine, it will help your child sleep better and adhere to a healthy sleep schedule. As he gets older, you can use the Rest to alert your child when it is time to wake up, as well.

You can program this easy-to-use device from your phone, adjusting it to create the best sleep environment for your toddler. He will feel comforted by the lights and sounds, and parents will enjoy better sleep when their little ones sleep well, too. You can even program it with unique colors and sounds to let your child know it is getting close to bedtime or to remind them of other routines in your house. The Hatch Baby Rest is a present that both parents and children will love.

VTech KidiBeats Drum Set

VTech KidiBeats Drum Set
  • Three different drum pads and a cymbal each make unique sounds
  • Your child can play along with nine melodies
  • Four play modes include learning letters and numbers as well as directed and free play

Your child will have a blast while learning valuable skills and musicality with this drum set from VTech. He can use the included drumsticks to tap out any rhythm he wants on the four different electronic drums, and with four ways to play, he will not get bored quickly. He will enjoy playing along with the nine pre-set tunes, and the Number Jams and Alphabeats modes help him learn numbers and letters while tapping away.

Musical play such as this encourages a wide range of motor skills, and he will love jamming to his own tunes, too, once he gets the hang of it. Parents will enjoy the volume control, which means the whole house does not have to hear his musical stylings, too. Introduce him to the world of music with this interactive and engaging drum set for his next celebration.

Green Toys Shape Sorter

Green Toys Shape Sorter
  • Manufactured from 100% recycled plastics in the USA
  • Teaches shapes and sorting skills while developing motor functions
  • Perfect size for small hands to manipulate and grab

This puzzle game from Green Toys, a leader in sustainable toys, is a classic that teaches valuable skills. He will have fun exploring how the shapes go into the slots, and he will learn relevant fine motor skills by gripping, pushing, and manipulating. Your toddler will learn cause and effect, problem-solving, and other cognitive abilities with this puzzle game that is perfect for taking on road trips or to a friend’s house to play.

Green Toys makes all their products from recycled milk jugs, and all are made without plastic coatings or paint that can peel or chip. These blocks and its container are dishwasher safe and the complete set comes in recycled packing materials. Your toddler will enjoy learning about shapes, sorting them into their appropriate spaces, and solving this timeless puzzle, and you will feel good about your carbon footprint.

VTech Drop and Go Dump Truck

VTech Drop and Go Dump Truck
  • Teaches tools, numbers, and colors while developing motor skills
  • Great for open-ended play
  • Toddlers can push or pull the truck and dump the bucket using the lever

Your little man will love playing with this cheerful dump truck that is an excellent size for his little body. He can push it along the floor or pull it with the included string, which makes it great for seated, crawling, or more active play. Every time he drops the colorful “rocks” into the bucket, the truck will give a little cheer. He can pull the lever to watch the rocks dump out, and then fill it back up again. The truck plays a few tunes and repeats many phrases, reinforcing number and color concepts.

He can pretend to build and create, drive his truck all over his imaginary town, and practice his walking and crawling skills as he maneuvers this pint-sized construction vehicle around the house. This toy can be used for a long time as it lends itself to many other options as he ages and his interests change. If you or he are tired of hearing the repetitive phrases, you can turn off the electronics and still use it as a great dump truck toy.

Gymnic Rody Horse

Gymnic Rody Horse
  • Builds coordination and body strength through active play
  • Great for young walkers but also fun for older kids to bounce away extra energy
  • Made from durable vinyl that resists tearing or punctures

Bouncers like Rody are excellent options for toddlers and preschoolers. They are a fantastic way for kids to work off their energy, and they promote valuable gross motor skills like balance and coordination. Before kids can learn to ride a bike or tricycle, bouncers like this are a great learning tool. Plus, they are tons of fun to ride, even for older kids.

This bouncing toy is made from sturdy vinyl that is made to last. Rody can be used for many years and holds up to 300 pounds. This inflatable can be a bit challenging to blow up on your own, so we recommend purchasing the optional pump along with it for easier inflation. This toy is available in over 10 assorted color combinations, so there is one to suit your toddler’s greatest desires.

Little People Spinnin’ Sounds Airport

Little People Spinnin' Sounds Airport
  • Includes spinning plane action, plane, and mini-figures
  • Programmed with loads of phrases and sounds
  • Perfect for open-ended, imaginative play

Your little navigator will love playing “airport” with this fantastic playset from Little People. He can pretend to be a pilot, a passenger, the grounds crew, an air traffic controller, or anyone else his mind can imagine with this fun and interactive set. He will get a removable plane, a baggage cart, two pieces of luggage, a table and two chairs, plus the pilot and passenger figures. He can have fun spinning the plane on the tower, moving the radar dish, and pressing the various sound-producing buttons.

Just like real airports, this playset is a busy place, and he can explore and imagine for hours as he lands planes, loads and unloads passengers, and moves luggage around the airport. While early play may just be touching and pressing everything, as he grows and develops, he can explore the depths of his imagination and continue to grow along with this toy for a long time to come.

Musical Rhymes Book

Musical Rhymes Book
  • Interactive book that teaches six classic nursery rhymes
  • Lots of knobs, sliders, and buttons to press and manipulate for motor skill development
  • Plays more than 40 songs plus phrases, sounds, and melodies

Your child will love “reading” this book to himself and following along to classic nursery rhymes. The easy-to-turn pages and interactive features mean he will never get bored while reading or listening. This book even has a small, five-key keyboard that plays notes and introduces various musical instruments to your young reader. You can switch to other modes that introduce vocabulary and have different games and features.

Whether in music mode or learning mode, there is tons for your toddler to do and many ways he can learn from this toy. As he develops, he can repeat the stories and follow along with the rhymes, and each new session gives him the chance to learn unfamiliar words and songs.

Hide N Side Crawl Tunnel

Hide N Side Crawl Tunnel
  • Bright and colorful material that is safe and long-lasting
  • Folds up easily for quick storage
  • Great for crawling, as a fort, or to play with friends or siblings

Even your family pets will love this active gift! A crawl tunnel helps your toddler develop motor skills, teaches essential concepts, and gives him an outlet to explore his imagination. From early learning games of peek-a-boo with a parent to later pretend worlds of forts and hideaways, this tunnel is sure to find a permanent place in your child’s room or playroom.

The flexible metal supports easily folds up into a carry bag for quick storage or to take with you on the go. Made from durable nylon, it is easy to keep clean and built to last. Do not be surprised if you find your pets or older children inside this from time to time, as well, as everyone loves a quiet place to sneak away from others. Perfect for all ages, this open-ended activity offers many possibilities for entertainment and learning.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Latches Board

Melissa & Doug Wooden Latches Board
  • Teaches how to complete six different types of closures
  • Develops fine and gross motor skills in children of all ages
  • Comes with the Happiness Guarantee from the manufacturer

This wooden playboard from Melissa & Doug is a fan-favorite for many ages. A child can play while seated, at a table, or in the car. He can explore the six distinct types of openings, and once he is successful, the opening reveals an animal picture that he can count. Your toddler will learn how to tie, snap, slide, hook, and latch various closures, preparing him for later tasks like dressing himself and tying his shoes.

This playboard challenges children in diverse ways, deepening with their developmental needs. Made from sturdy materials and built to last, you will enjoy having this in your child’s toy collection for many years. There is always a surprise each time you play with it, too. From award-winning manufacturers who know child development, you will not be disappointed in this selection.

Things to Consider When Buying a Gift for 1-Year-Old Boys

Between 12-24 months, your child is growing, changing, and developing at an extraordinary rate. Your little man is becoming more curious each day, learning from everything he sees and hears, and expanding his abilities to move, communicate, and understand the world around him. Toys and activities that encourage the development of these skills are appropriate.

As a toddler, his ability to think creatively, solve problems, pretend, and share his feelings are expanding. He will likely be engaged in more pretend play, and he will gravitate toward toys that engage his senses. Toys and gifts at this age should encourage the development of motor, cognitive, or emotional skills, and they should be able to be used in many ways.

The best toys will be those that are multifunctional and built to last. Look for toys that can be used as your child develops and grows, not just those that entertain for a few hours. Because toddlers are never gentle on their toys, look for those that are well-made from durable materials. Those that are realistic are also more likely to keep their attention for much longer, too.

Toys do not have a gender, and your little boy will love playing with anything that is developmentally appropriate for him. The toys on our list are designed for use by boys and girls and encourage learning and growth in ways that are significant to all toddlers, regardless of their gender.

The following are categories of toys and skills that are likely to keep your toddler interested for a long time and that will match his developmental needs, too.

Rockers and Wheels

Rocking and bouncing toys are great for building core body strength and encouraging balance. Kids love wheeled vehicles, especially those that are just their size. At 1, your little man lacks the coordination for a tricycle but will likely be able to push himself around on a ride-on toy. All these activities build coordination, muscle strength, and body awareness.

Pull Toys

Once your toddler is up and walking, toys that encourage movement will be necessary. While walkers are great when he is still gaining confidence on his feet, toys that he can pull will help him practice his coordination and motivate him to keep moving. Look for those that can also be used while seated to reinforce other skills.

Sensory Experiences

Music, art, and play involving various textures, colors, and sizes of objects are all excellent for your 1-year-old’s development. Making noises and music, creating images using paints and crayons, and exploring various textures, temperatures, and sizes helps him learn about his world and make sense of it. He can also develop fine motor skills and critical cognitive lessons when he makes music or creates something with his hands. Play that involves sand and water are also great, including filling containers, spilling their contents, and dumping materials from one vessel to another.

Blocks and Stackers

Playing with toys that can be stacked, sorted, and manipulated creates many valuable learning opportunities. Your toddler will learn to recognize colors, determine shapes, solve problems, learn cause and effect, and so much more with open-ended toys like blocks and other stackable toys. Puzzles are also great for teaching fine motor skills as well as memory and other cognitive functions.

Pretend Play

Make-believe play is a wonderful way for your young toddler to express himself and explore his world. He may not have the language to express all that he feels and knows yet, and pretend play, dress up, and other creative activities give him an outlet to show what he knows and needs. Toys that allow him to take on new roles and pretend to be new people will provide him with an important outlet that he needs at this time in his development.

Emotional Soothing

He may be growing and becoming a big boy this year, but he also loves familiarity and knowing he is loved. Most toddlers will have a special friend, usually a stuffed animal, that he relies on for comfort. Creating bedtime routines that nurture calm and comfort is also essential, so investing in favorite stories and playing lullabies will also be necessary.

Wrap Up

Your toddler will thrive when you give him a gift that helps him grow and stimulates his curious mind. While every toddler is different and at a different stage in his development, the gifts on our list are open-ended and multifunctional enough to meet a wide range of needs and support various types of learning. We hope the 1-year-old in your life will enjoy whichever of our 28 gifts you choose, as all are sure to please!

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