Best Robot Lawn Mower [2019]

How We Picked

The sun is shining, the rain is falling, and the grass is growing – and now you gotta mow. It would be nice if you did not have to pay someone to do it for you, except then it would not get done. So, you pull out “good old rusty” and you sweat and strain to keep your yard looking great.

Well, you and “rusty” can take an extended vacation because there are plenty of robotic lawn mowers that will be happy to do this for you – every day! So, which one is right for you? Well, that is exactly what we want to show you.

Below, we have nine of the best robotic lawn mowers on the market right now. Each of these will easily handle your lawn care needs and let you get plenty of rest and relaxation.

#1 Husqvarna 430X

Husqvarna 430X


    • Cutting Capacity: 0.75 Acres
    • Sound Level: 57 dBA
    • Incline Rate: Up To 45 Degrees
    • Weight: 29.1 Pounds

Husqvarna is a well-known giant in the lawn care industry. Over the years, they have developed some of the best, most reliable lawn equipment trusted by home handymen and professionals alike. For those looking to take a load off and enjoy their weekend, Husqvarna has created the 430X.

Husqvarna 430X on a grassy hill

The Husqvarna 430X is a robotic lawn mower than runs purely on electricity. Gone are the days of pulling out the trusty lawn mower, filling it with gasoline (and spilling some on you too), and pushing it around in the scorching heat. Robotic lawn mowers have come a long with since their inception, with the 430X showing what they are truly capable of.

Husqvarna 430X in the garden

The 430X looks more like a miniature sports car than a lawn mower. It is shrouded in a matte black finish, with a sloped look. On the back are two large wheels that control where the mower goes. On the front are two smaller guide wheels that basically keep it off of the ground.

Looking at the weight of the 430X, it comes in at 29.1 pounds which is fairly light when compared to other robotic mowers. Generally speaking, heavier mowers tend to stay in place better on rough/bumpy and hilly terrains. As for the cutting height, you can adjust it from a low of 0.8 inches to 2.4 inches (for reference, most gasoline-powered lawn mowers adjust from 1.25 inches to 3.75 inches). If you have hilly terrain, the 430X can handle steep inclines with a maximum incline angle of 45 degrees inside of the guide wire and up to 15 degrees next to the guide wire. As for yard size, the 430X is capable of handling approximately 0.75 acres on a single charge, with a charging session lasting about 50 minutes. When the 430X is running, it produces a paltry 57 dBA of noise which is comparable to an air conditioner or normal conversation; if you are inside, you will not hear it.

Husqvarna 430X avoiding obstacles

But, that is just the basics. Now, let us talk about what makes this such a great buy. For starters, this has Automower® Connect which gives you the ability to start and stop the lawn mower from your smartphone. You can change the cutting height, the schedule, send it back to recharge, and more from your chair without getting up. It has a built-in GPS system that actually maps out your yard (and everything in it), knowing where to go using the guide wires and what to avoid. Plus, it will not cut the same place twice, keeping up with where it has been to increase cutting efficiency and battery life. And, the 430X can actually work in the dark too with integrated LED lights on the front of the unit. And finally, you can control your 430X using an Amazon Alexa system or a Google Home system too.

Husqvarna 430X close up

What We Like

This is an extremely quiet lawn mower with plenty of power. The built-in GPS system is great for larger yards as it keeps the mower from mowing over the same place multiple times. It is weatherproof, making it perfect for day/night mowing without having to worry about the weather sending it back to the base for cover.


If you have been on the fence about a robotic lawn mower, the Husqvarna 430X should remove all your doubts. It is built for some of the worst terrains while still being dependable. The weatherproofing, GPS, and built-in theft tracking technology make this a steal (pun intended). Kick back, relax, and let the 430X handle your lawn care needs while you stay inside and enjoy the air conditioning.

    • Will Work In The Rain
    • Great For Yards Up To One Acre
    • Built-In GPS And Theft Tracking Technology

#2 Robomow RS612

Robomow RS612


    • Cutting Capacity: 0.25 Acres
    • Sound Level: 72 dBA
    • Incline Rate: Up To 20 Degrees
    • Weight: 44.1 Pounds

The Robomow RS612 is a robotic lawn mower that is designed to handle small yards around 0.25 acres in size. For looks, the Robomow has a distinctive green and black color scheme, with fairly large drive wheels. The wheels have built-in paddles/spikes for added grip. It really looks like a vacuum without the storage bin and handle.

Robomow RS612 side

As for weight, the RS612 weighs a total of 44.1 pounds which is average for most robotic lawn mowers. Cutting height can be dropped down to 0.78 inches and raised to 3.14 inches, making it more comparable to gasoline-powered lawnmowers. For those with hilly terrain, the RS612 can handle up to a 20-degree incline without any problems. Again, this is built for yards that are less than 0.25 acres in size. For larger yards, it takes about 90 minutes for the RS612 to recharge before it is ready to go again. As we said earlier, this looks like a vacuum cleaner – and the noise level is comparable. At 72 dBA, the RS612 is as loud as a vacuum cleaner or a toilet flushing continuously.

Robomow RS612 in garden

Moving beyond the basics, the RS612 can mow in multiple zones using the personalized, downloadable app and properly installed guidewires. The app will allow you to start and stop the mower, control which zone it mows, and even start when you are not home. You can set the RS612 to work on a weekly mowing schedule, ensuring that your yard is “picture perfect” all week long. If the RS612 detects rain, it will stop the current programming, return to base, and wait for the rain to stop before starting again.

Robomow RS612 cover

To keep thieves from running off with your lawn mower, the RS612 is equipped with anti-theft features that are engaged if the unit is tilted over and/or picked up; a valid code would need to be entered before it could be used again. And finally, the RS612 can be controlled using an Amazon Alexa device in your home.

Robomow RS612 in action

What We Like

Even though this built for small yards, it works great for multiple zones. You could set the front yard to be cut on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday with the back yard being cut of Monday and Thursday only.


With the peg-system guide wires, it will not take much time to set up a perimeter and let the RS612 handle the yard work. It is built for smaller yards (or smaller zones) and will cut extremely close to the ground for the perfect lawn all year long. It has special anti-theft features that make thieves think twice before running off with it. For the price, it is a competitor for sure!

    • Anti-Theft Code System Disables If Picked Up Or Tilted
    • Returns To Base Automatically If It Starts Raining
    • Works With Amazon Alexa

#3 WORX Landroid WR150

WORX Landroid WR150


    • Cutting Capacity: 0.50 Acres
    • Sound Level: 63 dBA
    • Incline Rate: Up To 35 Degrees
    • Weight: 25.0 Pounds

The WORX brand has been working overtime, creating some of the most useful home and garden tools on the market. In the past, anything from WORX was considered “throw-away” gimmicks, but they have completely changed from a gimmick company into a brand that you are proud to own.

WORX Landroid WR150 and accessories

The WORX Landroid WR150 lawn mower is a perfect example of this. This is a very distinctive lawn mower with a bright color scheme and a “rough-and-tough” outer shell too. The rear-drive wheels look “tank-like” with staggered spikes for added grip and traction. In the front, there is a single wheel that pivots giving you zero-turn capabilities when needed. The black/orange/red/white color scheme stands out in a major way, though it does not look cheap at all.

WORX Landroid WR150 cutting close to a wall

This is one of the lightest robotic mowers on our list at only 25.0 pounds, which is almost anemic when compared to others in this market. As for cutting height, it can cut as low as 1.6 inches and as high as 3.9 inches; this is acceptable, but we would prefer that it cut lower. To make up for the high cutting edge, WORX has given this a “cut-to-edge” feature that gets closer than most other lawn mowers. The WR150 is designed to cut yards up to 0.50 acres in size on a single charge.

WORX Landroid WR150 battery

If you have more yard than this, then the mower will need to recharge first which takes around 90 minutes to complete. As for noise, this lands at around 63 dBA which is slightly louder than a running air conditioner or a normal conversation.

WORX Landroid WR150 bottom

Now, past all of that, the WR150 has several features that help it stand out from the crowd. For starters, it has an anti-collision system (ACS) that helps it steer clear of any obstacles. Most other lawn mowers turn around from bumping into objects. The WR150 can be fitted with ACS “goggles” that will help it avoid the bumps altogether. Another great feature is the ability to add other “off-limit” zones without hooking into the primary wiring system. This is great when you just set out a new pool or built a new garden and do not want to run new wires. Also, there is a Find My Landroid module that can be installed to help you locate your stolen lawn mower. It connects to your downloaded app and lets you know if it has been removed from your property, even showing you on a map where it is located.

What We Like

The Landroid’s ability to cut right up to the edge is a lifesaver. Gone are the days where you still have to weed-eat most of the yard because your lawn mower did not take care of it for you. Plus, the battery works with all of the other 20V WORX products too.


The WORX Landroid WR150 is a great, budget-friendly option with a lot of features found only on higher-end models. The anti-theft (“Find My Landroid”) option is a great theft-recovery device that is worth more than they are asking. With plenty of power and range, you will have a hard time finding a better budget-friendly option that this.

    • “Find My Landroid” Function + App
    • Returns To Base Automatically If It Starts Raining
    • Anti-Collision System To Avoid Bumping Into Obstacles

#4 Gardena R80Li

Gardena R80Li


    • Cutting Capacity: 0.20 Acres
    • Sound Level: 60 dBA
    • Incline Rate: Up To 25 Degrees
    • Weight: 25.0 Pounds

Gardena is another mid-tier brand that creates some awesome lawn care products. The R80Li is the perfect example of this as they found a way to incorporate features found on higher-priced models into this one.

Gardena R80Li controls

The Gardena R80Li is very colorful, with a bright bluish-green outer shell matched with grey and black accents on the edges and top. The drive wheels are located on the front of the mower instead of the rear like most (no noticeable performance difference). The pivot wheel is located in the rear and keeps everything balanced.

Someone setting up the Gardena R80Li

Probably the lightest lawn mower on our list, it only weighs 16.5 pounds. As such, it is not able to scale hilly terrain with a slope greater than 25 degrees. Cut height can be adjusted from 0.70 inches to 2.00 inches using a rotary knob. The programming schedule can be set using the onboard LCD on the front of the unit. This is capable of cutting small to medium-sized yards under 0.20 acres on a single charge. To recharge the mower, it will take around 50 minutes. As for noise, it stays quiet at a conversational tone of 60 dBA.

Gardena R80Li docking station

One of the more notable features of the R80Li is the fact that it can work while it is raining. Most of the other units will run away until the rain is gone. Not the R80Li – it just keeps on mowing. Another great feature is the anti-theft alarm and pin code system. If the unit is picked up, it will beep loudly. If it is removed from the property, it will require a code to unlock it.

Gardena R80Li close up of controls

What We Like

This is a great lawn mower that can handle small yards without making a lot of noise. The ability to cut the grass down to 0.70 inches is crazy. We do wish it was a little heavier so it can handle larger slopes, but it handles most yards without any problem.


The Gardena R80Li is a great budget-friendly option that finds a way to pack in higher-priced features at a fraction of the cost. Sure, you do not have an “app” to work with, and you cannot control it with your voice, but it will keep your lawn looking great.

    • Will Not Stop Just Because It Starts Raining
    • Anti-Theft Pin Code System For Added Security
    • At 60 dBA, It Is Almost Unnoticeable

#5 Robomow RS630

Robomow RS630


    • Cutting Capacity: 0.75 Acres
    • Sound Level: 72 dBA
    • Incline Rate: Up To 20 Degrees
    • Weight: 45.0 Pounds

If the Robomow RS612 was too small for you, then its bigger brother should be your next option. The Robomow RS630 can handle 3x as much yard as its smaller sibling. Again, the Robomow has a bright green exterior with a lot of black accents. The rear wheels are wide with staggered paddles to keep it planted, even on high hills.

Amazingly, the RS630 weighs 45.0 pounds (one pound more than the RS612). The cutting height ranges from a low of 0.78 inches to 3.14 inches which gives you plenty of cutting options, even if you miss a week or two between cuts. This is designed for larger yards, with the ability to cover up to 0.75 acres in a single charge. Recharging the unit will take about 90 minutes and then it is ready to go again. All of the Robomow lawn mowers hover around the 72 dBA noise level, making them some of the loudest mowers on our list.

Robomow RS630 top

Again, the RS630 has the ability to mow in different zones, giving you the ability to extend its capabilities far beyond 0.75 acres over the course of a day or week. The zones can be built using guidewires and the downloadable app which can be used on any Android or iOS smartphone. The RS630 is also built to detect rain. If it detects rain, it will return to the base and wait for it to stop before heading out to finish the job. Plus, it is equipped with anti-theft features to keep it from being stolen. If it is removed (or tilted), it will stop working until a code is entered in. Basically, it becomes useless to the thieves.

What We Like

If you have a larger yard, this will work great. The ability to create multiple zones makes it easy to focus on certain areas more than others (i.e. front yard / backyard). With the scheduling system, your front lawn could look picture perfect while the back could grow a little more.


The Robomow RS630 is built for larger yards. Setting it up is simple as all you have to do is throw down some perimeter wires using the peg-system and make sure it is plugged in (the base). With all of the features included, this is a great deal that will save your back and your summers.

    • Assignable Zones Ensures The Perfect Cut All Year Long
    • Control Your RS630 Using Alexa Or Your Smartphone
    • Designed For Larger Yards

#6 WORX Landroid WR140

WORX Landroid WR140


    • Cutting Capacity: 0.25 Acres
    • Sound Level: 63 dBA
    • Incline Rate: Up To 35 Degrees
    • Weight: 22.0 Pounds

If the WORX WR150 was too big for you, then the WR140 will be just right. It is designed to handle smaller yards while still giving you the same great look as its bigger brother.

The WR140 stand out in a crowded market with its bright orange/black/red/white color scheme. The rear wheels are exposed, with staggered paddles making them look tank-like. On the front right, there is a “cut to edge” side that looks hyper-aggressive but allows you to get everything next to it without having to go back and trim up later.

WORX Landroid WR140 and docking station

And, the WR140 manages to drop a few pounds, barely weighing in at 22.0 pounds. Cutting height can be adjusted from 1.6 inches to 3.9 inches, allowing you to cut grass in almost any condition. Again, this has a “cut to edge” feature that ensures you will not have to go back and use the trimmer to fix up any stragglers or rough edges. The WR140 is designed for yards up to 0.25 acres on a single charge, with a recharge taking about 90 minutes. The WR140 is fairly quiet, with a noise rating of 63 dBA, which is comparable to a running air conditioner.

Smartphone controls for the WORX Landroid WR140

Again, WORX made sure to pack the WR140 with plenty of features. First, it is completely weatherproof, giving you the ability to maintain your mowing schedule no matter what the weather decides to do. Next, you can add several attachments to it such as the Anti-Collision System, the Off-Limits Module, the Landroid Garage, and so much more. Plus, you can install a “Find My Landroid” module which makes it possible to track where your WR140 is, even if it gets stolen.

What We Like

The WORX platform is gradually becoming a big-time competitor in the lawn care market. The 20V power pack works with multiple WORX products and can give you greater run times if you need it. The “cut to edge” feature is unique and makes cleanup even easier, especially if you do not enjoy trimming after your mower has finished.


For those looking for a sub-$1000 robotic lawn mower, here it is! The WR140 is built for smaller yards but comes packed with features found on some of the more higher-priced options.

    • Weatherproof, Will Keep Going If It Starts Raining
    • ACS System Designed To Keep It From Bumping Into Things
    • 20V Battery Works With Other 20V WORX Products

#7 Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 115H

Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 115H


    • Cutting Capacity: 0.40 Acres
    • Sound Level: 60 dBA
    • Incline Rate: Up To 30 Degrees
    • Weight: 20.7 Pounds

The AUTOMOWER 115H is very small, with a viper-like design. It has a black/gray color scheme that almost looks sinister with the top-view design. The drive wheels are located at the front and are covered in staggered paddles, giving it excellent grip.

Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 115H on the lawn

The 115H weighs in at 20.7 pounds, which is light when comparing this to other models. As for cutting height, this can handle grass between 2.0 inches and 3.6 inches, making it great for higher, thicker grasses. This mower can handle up to 0.4 acres in a single charge, with recharge times only taking 60 minutes. With a noise rating of 60 dBA, you probably will not hear it when it is running.

Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 115H on docking station

Built to work with the Husqvarna Automower® [email protected], you can easily control it using your smartphone. Using a Bluetooth connection, it can communicate with your phone from over 120 feet away. And it can work in tight spaces, choosing to follow the guidewire when it gets in a bind.

Cleaning the Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 115H

What We Like

This is a small, easy-to-use robotic lawn mower with a lot of features. The built quality is top-notch and durable. Backed by a two-year warranty, there is not much to dislike about this compact mower.


If you like Husqvarna, but want a smaller option, then the 115H is perfect. It has a lot of the features of its bigger siblings without the price tag.

    • Bluetooth Connection + Control
    • Works On Slopes Up To 30 Degrees
    • 2-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

#8 McCulloch R1000

McCulloch R1000


    • Cutting Capacity: 0.25 Acres
    • Sound Level: 57 dBA
    • Incline Rate: Up To 25 Degrees
    • Weight: 15.43 Pounds

For those with smaller yards, the R1000 affectionately known as “Rob” will become your new best friend. It is covered in a deep black color scheme with a heavy dose of yellow/orange on the top, giving in an angry bumblebee look. The wheels have paddling on the bottom to give it extra grip on hilly terrain.

McCulloch R1000 on the lawn

This is a very small and lightweight lawn mower, with a total weight of 15.43 pounds. The cutting height can be adjusted from 0.79 inches to 1.97 inches, giving you plenty of options no matter how tall the grass is. And the knobby tires give it the ability to scale 25-degree inclines without any problems. Designed to work on smaller yards, this will cut up to 0.25 acres in a single charge. If you want to run this at night, you will never hear it as it has a 57 dBA rating which is almost inaudible.

McCulloch R1000 front

Installing the R1000 is easy, using the included boundary wires and grass pegs. In a few hours, you will have the perimeter covered. Since Rob is your friend, he knows who to talk to and who is bad. You can program Rob to work day or night, all week long or just on certain days. And, Rob will scream really loud if someone tries to take him. He has several features built-in to protect him from thieves. A special PIN code will be required if he manages to leave the yard for any reason.

McCulloch R1000 close up of controls

What We Like

The R1000 is simple to program and install. It will only take you a couple of hours to get everything set up just like you want. The ability to climb slopes up to 25 degrees means that drops off are not a problem for Rob.


Rob will become your new best friend. It is comical that a robot has a name, but the R1000 from McCulloch is a friend that you will want around every weekend. In fact, Rob will make your summers so much more enjoyable.

    • Fully Programmable
    • Works On Slopes Up To 25 Degrees
    • Built-In Anti-Theft Features To Keep Rob Close By

#9 Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 315X

Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 315X


    • Cutting Capacity: 0.40 Acres
    • Sound Level: 60 dBA
    • Incline Rate: Up To 40 Degrees
    • Weight: 20.9 Pounds

We couldn’t finish off our list without revisiting the Husqvarna brand at least one more time. This time, we want to talk about a lawn mower that handles a little less yard – the AUTOMOWER 315X.

While this is still a sleek looking unit, it is not nearly as impressive as the 430X mentioned earlier in this list. The lines are less defined (more rounded) and the wheels are tucked away deeper underneath the mower. The color scheme is a matte gray this time, making it blend in a little.

Modern house and Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 315X

As for weight, it barely even makes a dent at only 20.9 pounds. Cutting height is identical to its bigger brother the 430X with a low of 0.8 inches and a high of 2.4 inches. This is built to deal with plenty of hills, with a max slope capability of 40 degrees and 15 degrees when next to the guide wire. This is designed for smaller yards of less than 0.50 acres on a single charge. To recharge, this will need around 60 minutes. As for the noise level, it is almost identical to the 430X except for a total of 3 dBA (you honestly wouldn’t be able to tell the difference if you were inside).

Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 315X display

And again, this is absolutely packed with features. It is equipped with Automower® Connect technology that allows you to control the lawn mower from your smartphone. Adjust the height of cut, when it starts/stops, and even track it if it is stolen. Additionally, it comes equipped with GPS tracking to help cut your lawn more efficiently. Where most mowers go over the same spot a few times, the AUTOMOWER 315X does not. And finally, it will work with Amazon Alexa and Google Home systems, giving you 100% control, even without access to your smartphone.

Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 315X in the garden

What We Like

If you have a smaller yard with a steep incline or two, this is the lawn mower you want. It can easily scale 40-degree inclines without falling or stopping. It is still quiet when compared to other lawn mowers, barely registering at only 60 dBA.


If the 430X was just a little too much mower for your smaller yard, then the 315X should match your needs perfectly. It is a little more budget-friendly (hard to say when this is such a premium product), but it still tips the higher side of the pricing scale. Of course, it is loaded with features that most of the other lawn mowers cannot match.

    • Will Work In The Rain
    • Can Work On Slopes Up To 40 Degrees
    • Can Still Navigate In The Dark With Built-In LED Lighting System

Buyer’s Guide To Find The Best Robot Lawn Mower

Size Of Yard

First up, how much yard can your robotic lawn mower handle? If you have a fairly large yard, you will want to make sure that your lawn mower can handle it. Some of the robots on our list can only handle 0.25 acres before needing to go back for a recharge. If you have a small yard, then almost any of the lawn mowers on our list will work.

Perimeter Control

Most robotic lawn mowers are kept in your yard using guide wires that are installed by you. These wires help to communicate that the lawn mower should turn around. As long as they are installed properly, then the lawn mower will not leave the yard.

Some are even controlled using GPS + perimeter control. In either event, you will need to install a “fence” around your yard.

Anti-Theft Protection

And finally, make sure that your robotic lawn mower has anti-theft features built-in. Some have alarms that go off if the unit is picked up and/or removed. Some have tracking features that allow you to see where it really is. Whatever the feature, make sure you have one as they are not that hard to be picked up and run off with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do they know where to stop?

A: Robotic lawn mowers and controlled by perimeter wires (guide wires). These wires are installed by you (or someone else) and they communicate with the lawn mower using RF / electrical impulses.

Whenever the lawn mower gets close to this perimeter wire, the lawn mower stops moving forward and makes a move in another direction (generally at an angle). This keeps the lawn mower from running over your flower beds or into the road.

Q: How long will they run before they need power?

A: Most robotic lawn mowers are designed to run for between an hour and two hours. However, they are better rated based on the size of the yard rather than the time that they will run.

Most robotic lawn mowers are measured by their ability to cut your yard. For instance, some are rated for up to 0.25 acres while others are rated for 0.75 acres or more. Your terrain will dictate how much can be done in a single charge.

Q: Will rain hurt them?

A: All robotic lawn mowers are technically weatherproof as they will go home when they detect rain. Some are actually weatherproof and can continue running while they are in the rain. Each manufacturer designs there is according to certain specifications. If it is not weatherproof, then the unit will most likely return home on its own without any intervention from you.

Q: Will they run over my flowers?

A: If you install the perimeter wires properly, then your flower bed will be fine. Some units even come with a “stay out” or “keep out” module that can be installed to keep them off of your flower beds even if the perimeter wire was initially installed for it.

Q: Will they hurt my pet?

A: It is very unlikely that your robotic lawn mower will actually hurt your pet. Even though your dog and/or Are curious, most of these units have enough protection to keep small items like paws from getting cut.

If you are worried that your pet may become a little too curious, then make sure to keep them inside and/or tied up while the unit is running.

Q: What if I have rough terrain?

A: Almost all the units on our list have some type of wheel stud/spike. Unless you have multiple levels that have one or more inches of separation, your unit will be just fine. Most of these units are designed to go up slopes will with a minimum of 20 degrees.

Q: Can these be stolen easily?

A: Technically, yes…

Could a thief come by and steal your robotic lawn mower. Absolutely! Would they be able to benefit from it? Probably not. Most of the units on our list have some type of anti-theft system built-in, making them useless to anyone who takes it off of your property.

In some cases, you can even track where the unit is, making it even worse for any thief who would take your robotic lawn mower.


As you can see, there are plenty of options to work with. Each of the ones on our list stood out when compared to others in the same market. Depending on the size of your yard, there are plenty of options to work with. Gone are the days where you have to deal with thick, tall grass on a hot, humid day. As you can see, you have nine options that should work perfectly for you.

If you want to know what we were looking at when we compared each of these models, then the buyer’s guide included above should give you a good idea of what to look for. Also, we tried to answer some of the most commonly asked questions so that you would not have to leave wondering about any part of a robotic lawn mower.