Best RFID Wallet [2019]

How We Picked

In the past, a wallet was just a wallet. It didn’t need to have special features such as RFID blocking built-in. But, advancements in the payments industry combined with the natural tendency of criminals to find ways to exploit security loopholes, the need for an improved wallet naturally developed.

Enter RFID Wallets

RFID, which stands for Radio Frequency Identification, is a new technology that allows for contactless payments. This helps to speed up the time at the counter, and the gas pump, even when walking into a secured building and/or location. But, criminals have also figured out that RFID-chipped cards are easy to hack, without even having to “touch” them.

See the need for an RFID wallet yet?

An RFID wallet is built with special materials that are designed to block and/or interfere with a reader’s ability to see your card information. And some “security experts” have claimed that you can get the same benefit from aluminum fail – in theory, they are correct. But, who truly wants to unwrap their cards from aluminum foil every time that they go to the supermarket and/or a prestigious business meeting?

Not us!

And today, you can see the RFID wallets that we found that look good, work great, and don’t cost an “arm and a leg.” So, are you ready to find your next RFID wallet?

Armour Supply Co. RFID Wallet

Armour Supply Co. RFID Wallet

Starting out our list of the best RFID wallets is an offering from Armour Supply Co. (ASC) Right off the bat, you can see that this is not a “normal wallet”. Instead of following tradition, ASC decided to be different.

The RFID wallet from ASC is a minimalist wallet, meaning there’s not a lot of “heft” to it, and yet it comes with so much. For starters, it can hold up to twelve credit cards, identification badges and/or contact cards. But, it also has a built-in money clip (in either metal or elastic, stretchy material; both work effectively).

Armour Supply Co. RFID Wallet outdoor shot

Plus, the RFID wallet from ASC comes in up to nine different color options. They are Black, Carbon Fiber, Copper, Green, Green OD, Grey, Navy Blue, Orange, and Red. So, they can be used in any situation from everyday carry to business meetings and/or presentations. Other extras that the wallet comes with include a multi-tool that can be carried in the wallet and an additional keyring tool that can hold two keys + a bottle opener.

And, the wallet comes with a lifetime warranty from ASC so you don’t have to worry about it falling apart. And if it does, just give ASC a call and they’ll take care of it for you.

Armour Supply Co. RFID Wallet box and accessories

What We Like

For starters, this is a unique looking wallet with plenty of color options. The Red color option is exceptionally bright and stands out. And, the Carbon Fiber color options looks very clean and professional. The wallet does not feel cheap and/or flimsy and it can truly hold up to twelve cards.

Armour Supply Co. RFID Wallet packaging


For someone looking to get an RFID wallet that looks different, doesn’t cost a lot, and will protect your RFID-chipped cards, this is a great start. With all of the color selections and added extras, it’s hard to believe that Armour Supply Co. isn’t charging more.

  • Color Options: Nine
  • Card Capacity: Up to 12
  • Extra Tools Included
  • Lifetime Warranty

MGear Steel Patriot Carbon Edition RFID Wallet

MGear Steel Patriot Carbon Edition RFID Wallet close-up

This next RFID wallet lets you show off your “Patriot Pride” loudly. MGear has created several great RFID-blocking wallets, but the Steel Patriot adds just a little more than the others.

MGear Steel Patriot Carbon Edition RFID Wallet back

The Steel Patriot wallet from MGear is another minimalist wallet, so it’s not very big at all. It can hold up to five cards (an option for eight cards is available from MGear). In order to secure the cards properly, you’ll need to have at least three cards in the wallet. It also has a money clip built-in on the backside of the wallet in the event you need to store some case.

MGear Steel Patriot Carbon Edition RFID Wallet

Again, it only comes in one color option which is Carbon Fiber, but it does have a nifty front-plate that is designed to look like the American Flag. As we said, you can definitely display your “Patriot Pride”. And while there’s only one color option, it will definitely work in almost any environment from EDC to business meetings without becoming a distraction. As with the last wallet from ASC, this wallet also comes with a multi-tool in the rare event you need to unscrew something or cut through some fabric.

MGear Steel Patriot Carbon Edition RFID Wallet multi tool

What We Like

The American Flag cover is unique and definitely a “talking point” when out and about. For RFID protection, you get two different RFID cards to work with (black or gold) and they wrap around your cards. Access to all of your cards is easy by using the push-through tab on the bottom of the wallet.


This is definitely for the patriotic! If you want to proudly display your loyalty to the United States while protecting your RFID cards, then this minimalist wallet from MGear is the right way to go.

  • Color Options: One
  • Card Capacity: Up to 5
  • Extra Tools Included

Travelambo RFID Slim Wallet

Travelambo RFID Slim Wallet

When you have the “lambo” name as part of your brand and/or product name, you’re expected to produce and the Travelambo RFID Slim wallet managed to perform just fine.

Unlike the past two, this is built more like a traditional wallet. The wallet itself does not fold (not bi-fold or tri-fold, but rather is just big enough to store money and credit cards. And it does a good job of holding up to six cards comfortably without any bulging issues. To store your money, you can place it folded in half in the middle pocket. For identification purposes, there is a front-facing clear pocket for you to display your driver’s license if needed.

The Travelambo wallet comes in 31 different color options. There’s no need to list them all here, but there’s plenty to choose from. And, you get three different leather options to choose from too: they are Crosshatch Leather, Napa Leather, and Oil Wax Leather so you can match the leather to your style. There’s no way you won’t be able to find a color option and leather combination that won’t work for your everyday life.

Travelambo RFID Slim Wallet flat

What We Like

The Travelambo wallet is more of a traditional wallet that has plenty of color options to work with. While it only protects RFID-chipped cards in the 13.56MHz frequency, it works well. Would we have preferred a wider range of protection? Sure … Does it matter? Not at the moment … Also, because each card has its own dedicated pocket, you can carry what you need without worrying that it’ll fall out because you don’t have “enough” cards in your wallet.


For those who aren’t looking for something trendy and/or outlandish in design, the Travelambo RFID Slim Wallet should be on your list. With over thirty-one different color options, you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for you. And with the individual pockets for everything, nothing slips out when you don’t want it to. This is a great option at a super-affordable price.

  • Color Options: Thirty-One
  • Card Capacity: Up to 6

Radix One Black Steel RFID Wallet

Radix One Black Steel RFID Wallet

When you think minimalist, you think small and bland. And yet, somehow Radix managed to make minimalist look “sexy”. The Radix One Black Steel RFID wallet is a simple as it gets, without compromising on looks.

This wallet is comprised of three parts (two steel outer plates and one silicone band) – that’s it! The two outer steel plates hold all of your cards and/or identification badges together with the supplied silicone band. When you need access to one of your cards, you push them out using the slide-out mechanism and pick which one you need. And the silicone band acts as a money clip so you can keep some money on you too.

Radix One Black Steel RFID Wallet card slot

As the name implies, this only comes in one color – black. The outer plates are black and the silicone wrap is black too. And this will work in ANY environment so it can be your EDC wallet and/or formal wallet.

What makes this wallet unique, besides being so “bland” is the strength it provides. The steel plates are ultra-durable and hard to bend. Plus, they’ll survive a fall with only minor scratching. The silicone band will NOT let your money slip out (some users reported money actually tearing; that’s how hard it can hold your money).

Radix One Black Steel RFID Wallet on stone

What We Like

For the minimalist, this is the wallet of choice. There’s not a lot to it, just two steel plates and a wrap-around silicone band. It will hold plenty of cards and/or identification badges while keeping your money SAFE.


Not everyone wants to stand out and the Radix One Black Steel RFID Wallet does not stand out. But it also protects your RFID-chipped cards with two super-strong steel plates that block almost all frequencies. And if you’re a little rough on your wallets, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the strength of this wallet.

  • Color Options: One
  • Card Capacity: Up to 10 (minimum of 4)
  • 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

Trayvax Original 2.0 Metal Wallet

Trayvax Original 2.0 Metal Wallet

You would think we’d be past all of these minimalist wallets, but we’re not. Next on our list is the Trayvax Original 2.0 Metal Wallet and it’s built for years and years of abuse!

And while it is “minimalist” in the traditional sense, it’s not nearly as small as some of its competitors. It used multiple metals to protect your cards from the elements and criminals (stainless steel backplate and aircraft-grade aluminum frontplate). To hold everything together, Trayvax uses military-spec paracord that will outlast you. If you need quick access to your license, there is a half-open window on the frontplate. As far as the cards go, just push them out using the finger groove and select the one you need. The included money clip is strong and there’s very little chance that it’ll slip out (even in high-activity sessions).

Trayvax Original 2.0 Metal Wallet back in hand

You can pick from four colors with the Trayvax 2.0; they are Black, Blue, Gray, and Green OD. If you want, you can actually change out the paracord yourself and use any color scheme you want (not from Trayvax). Some users have done this so they can add more cards and/or storage. While this is a great wallet, it’s better for outdoor enthusiasts than a business person.

What We Like

When a company stands behind its products for 65 years, we take notice. It is very strong and durable, with plenty of flex thanks to the paracord. Everything is easily accessible and it’s made in the USA.

Trayvax Original 2.0 Metal Wallet black


For someone who is HARD on their wallets, this is a great option. The Trayvax 2.0 is durable, and the company even stands behind it for 65 years! It’s not a true minimalist wallet, but it follows the same principle. Even so, you can hold a LOT (especially if you customize it with your own paracord colors and/or lengths).

  • Color Options: Four
  • Card Capacity: Up to 15
  • 65-Year Heirloom Warranty
  • Made In The USA

Dango Dapper 2 EDC Wallet

Dango Dapper 2 EDC Wallet

When you need a sleek, ultra-thin, showpiece wallet, you go to Dango. The Dapper 2 by Dango just screams prestigious. This is not a normal wallet by any stretch, but when you want to make an impression, you’ll want the Dapper 2.

The Dapper 2 starts out with a nickel-plated metal casing covered with three different colored types of leather (Brown Rawhide, Golden Whiskey Brown, and Jet Black). All three options look amazing, but we’re kind of drawn to the Brown Rawhide the most. The leather is bound to the metal framing with military-spec bolts and doesn’t slip and/or stretch at all. Access to the cards is achieved by pulling from the top and selection which one you want. There isn’t an identification slot so you’ll want to make sure that your license and/or identification badge is the top card. If you need to store money, you can use the included silicone band that wraps around the framing (though you wouldn’t want to as this looks so nice left alone).

Dango Dapper 2 EDC Wallet back

One nice feature of the Dapper 2 is the fact that it’s TSA compliant. Most of these wallets tend to be non-TSA compliant due to their metals and/or use of multi-tools. But the Dapper 2 managed to get clearance with the TSA and you can pass through without being held back on your next trip.

What We Like

Looks … we like how it looks! This has to be the best looking RFID wallet we’ve ever seen. It’s absolutely gorgeous and definitely will help you stand out at the next business meeting (when you pay the tab of course).

Dango Dapper 2 EDC Wallet with cards


If you want a wallet that looks as good as you, then the Dapper 2 is the best option. Whether you pull it out of a pair of jeans or a full-on three-piece suit, it’ll look right. Of course, you may feel like you’re second best when someone else sees the wallet. Make sure you hold on tight because everyone around you is going to want your wallet.

  • Color Options: Three
  • Card Capacity: Up to 12
  • TSA Compliant
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Made In The USA

Flipside 4 Wallet

Flipside 4 Wallet

Here’s a wallet that doesn’t look like a wallet at all; actually it looks more like a cell-phone protector from the 1990s. But the Flipside 4 Wallet might just flip your perspective of what an RFID wallet should look like.

Some of you will remember the flip-phones from the past. Well, the Flipside 4 looks like one of those, just a little bigger. But, you couldn’t break those old flip-phones and the Flipside 4 is built on that same premise. The outer shell is made from high-strength polycarbonate for extreme durability. The RFID blocking material is comprised of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and works well for blocking all RFID frequencies.

Flipside 4 Wallet open

While it doesn’t look as impressive as the Dapper 2 by Dango, it’ll do the job well. The Flipside 4 can hold up to eight cards in a 3 + 3 + 1 + 1 configuration. What that means is that it can hold two groups of three cards and the two independent cards for more consistent access. But, it can also hold money without fear of “slipping out”.

Flipside 4 Wallet edc

As far as color options, you can select from six different colors: Flare Orange, Impulse Blue, Mech Gray, Punk Pink, Stealth Black, and Trooper Green. If you can’t tell by the names, this is more for an active lifestyle. If you’re a business person, you may opt for another option like the Dapper 2 mentioned above.

What We Like

It’s not the best looking wallet we’ve seen, but it is one of the strongest and it’s easy to access ALL of your cards quickly. The 3 + 3 + 1 + 1 configuration is one of the easiest systems to work with. You can keep your driver’s license in one of the 1 + 1 slots and your most commonly used credit card in the other. After that, you can get what you need without having to shuffle through all eight cards.

Flipside 4 and car keys


If you want a secured, over-protected, completely covered wallet option, the Flipside 4 is perfect for you. While it doesn’t look like a traditional wallet (or a wallet at all), it’ll protect you from the elements and the criminals.

  • Color Options: Six
  • Card Capacity: Up to 8
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Made In The USA

Easyoulife Passport RFID Travel Wallet

Easyoulife Passport RFID Travel Wallet open

So, up to this point, we’ve only discussed pocket wallet options. This time, we’re going to talk about a passport wallet that has STORAGE like no other wallet.

The Easyoulife Passport Wallet is made from 100% genuine cowhide leather, with a rough-texture outer. To keep everything safe (and out of sight) it uses a zipper and a bi-fold design. When opened, you’ll see access to 24 individual credit card slots and/or identification slots. Plus, you’ll see two cash pockets and two passport pockets.

Again, you’ll see up to ten color options, all of which are more gender specific (except for the gender-neutral black). This is more suited for a female, especially one with a purse and/or carrying bag.

Easyoulife Passport RFID Travel Wallet measurements

What We Like

If you have a purse, you’ll love this wallet. You can store EVERYTHING in it. Even if you aren’t using it for a passport, you can store coupons, receipts, cash, credit cards, appointments, bills, envelopes, and SO MUCH MORE in it.


When you have a LOT to store, you need a wallet that can handle it without sacrificing functionality. While most men will scoff at this wallet, women will love it. Literally, it can hold so much in such a small design.

  • Color Options: Ten
  • Card Capacity: Up to 24

Mou Meraki Vintage Long Bi-Fold RFID Wallet

Mou Meraki Vintage Long Bi-Fold RFID Wallet open

Now we’re going “old school” with a wallet that most men grew up with. Long wallets were some of the most popular wallets “back in the day” as they didn’t require you to fold your money up. They became very popular and have withstood most “trends”, even ending up in the youth of the 90s and 2000s.

This wallet is made out of genuine leather with a rough, matted outside texture with a little bit of weathering. It comes in four color options of Brown, Dark Brown, Cognac, and Khaki. All of which work well in most environments, especially in a pair of work jeans. As far as storage, the wallet can hold up to eleven cards (independently) and one identification card while still giving you a cash storage option. For RFID protection, the wallet blocks the 13.56MHz frequency which is the most common RFID credit card frequency.

Mou Meraki Vintage Long Bi-Fold RFID Wallet

What We Like

This doesn’t look like an RFID wallet. In fact, it looks like a normal wallet that a dad would use. It holds plenty of credit cards and cash, all without having to be folded up. It definitely looks vintage-worn, but that’s a good thing.


For those who can’t make the move to the more trendy “minimalist” wallets, this is perfect. It looks a little worn, so there’s that. Plus, it works for the “older” crowd well.

  • Color Options: Six
  • Card Capacity: Up to 11

Zitahli Bi-Fold RFID Wallet

Zitahli Bi-Fold RFID Wallet

We haven’t mentioned a lot of bi-fold wallets, but this is another great option that is designed to protect your RFID-chipped cards without looking “trendy”.

The Zitahli bi-fold wallet is wrapped in genuine cowhide leather for a professional refined appearance. It comes in ten different colors so you can match it to your environment easily without standing out like a “sore thumb”.

There are two features that really stand out with this wallet. First, most of the wallets we’ve mentioned only use one type of blocking material, but the Zitahli used three different metals to block more of the RFID frequencies. The second feature is the pull-strap which makes access to all of the hidden cards easier to extract than with other wallets.

Zitahli Bi-Fold RFID Wallet and tools

What We Like

The fact that it uses multiple metals to block more frequencies means it is built for now (and the future). And, the pull-strap is a nice feature that makes card extraction so much easier.


For the wallet purists, this is a hard-to-pass wallet that looks “normal” but offers a great deal of RFID protection. With the ten different color options and the low price point, it’s hard to leave this on the table.

  • Color Options: Ten
  • Card Capacity: Up to 8
  • Lifetime Warranty

Buyer’s Guide To Find The Best RFID Wallet

There are a LOT of RFID wallets to choose from, and picking the right one for you can be difficult – especially if you don’t know what you really need to look at. Which is why we’ve put together this buyer’s guide to find the best RFID wallet. We’ve looked at plenty of RFID wallets and these are the most important factors you should consider when looking for an RFID wallet. Using this guide, you should easily be able to find a wallet that will meet your needs.

RFID Blocking Technology

An RFID wallet is only as good as the design and/or blocking technology that it uses. Some wallets are designed with an open concept that doesn’t use blocking technology efficiently. Others are designed using a minimalist approach when might use blocking technology efficiently either.

While the wallet itself may look cool, the blocking technology (some metal backing and/or covering) may not be effective enough to protect your information from criminals. Make sure that the wallet uses enough metal and/or blocking materials to actually keep your information safe – otherwise, all you have is a trendy wallet.

Find The Right Size

While a BIG wallet can carry a LOT of stuff, it won’t look very professional. And a big wallet is hard to fit into pockets, especially tight jeans and/or dress slacks. But, don’t downsize too much either, especially if you carry more than four cards.

To make sure you have the right size wallet, you should take inventory of your current wallet and everything that’s in it. Open up your wallet and take everything – lay it out on the table. Then, figure out what you really need and what you don’t need; you might end up throwing a lot of things out. Once you’ve minimized what you’re carrying, now you can figure out how BIG your next wallet really needs to be.

How Much Can The Wallet Hold

Now that you’ve cleaned out your wallet, you know how many compartments you ACTUALLY need. With that in mind, do you still have a LOT of credit cards? You may need to stay away from a minimalist wallet then. If you carry just a few cards with some cash, then you might enjoy a minimalist wallet with a money clip.

Ultimately, don’t buy a wallet that is too small, but don’t go too big either as it’ll create a bulge in your pants and/or jacket that will be unsightly.

What Are The Color Options

While a red wallet may look bold and aggressive on the website and/or store, it might not work well in your daily environment. You need to consider your daily attire and/or environment when picking out a wallet color.

If you’re active and don’t have a lot of professional encounters, most any color will work for you. However, if you meet a lot of professionals and tend to go out a lot, then a bright color such as red, yellow, and/or white might stand out and become a distraction rather than a conversational piece.

Sure, adding a little “flavor” to an otherwise bland accessory can be tempting, but a wallet is supposed to be used more as a tool and less as a showpiece; find the right color and it will become a conversational piece (for the right reasons).

Be Open To Different Materials

When picking out a wallet, most are made out of a leather and/or rugged cloth. But RFID wallets are starting to incorporate other materials including ABS plastic, kevlar, carbon fiber, and even glass.

All of these come with their own unique look, feel, and design. So, don’t be afraid to use other materials. While an RFID wallet may not look like what you’re used to, remember they work differently than your older wallets.

Don’t Get Caught Up On Price

And finally, don’t get too caught up on the price of an RFID wallet. Yes, that’s easy for us to say because we don’t know your budget. But, you need to consider this more like an investment than just another purchase.

The market for RFID wallets has a very broad price range. In fact, some RFID wallets can be purchased for a little as $5. However, most RFID wallets tend to land between $50 to $200. The best wallets tend to cost more as they use more blocking material and/or design features to maximize space and/or protection. Plus, higher quality wallets tend to last longer when compared to their cheaper counterparts.

And, the higher priced RFID wallets won’t look so cheap and/or flimsy. Remember, we talked about considering your environment. If you’re fairly active, you’re going to want a wallet that can take a beating. If you’re a professional, you might want a wallet that has an exotic leather that will give you the “edge” when paying for the meal.

Remember, the price is only ONE aspect of an RFID wallet. Instead of settling for a lower-priced option, be willing to “overspend” a little for a better quality wallet that can offer more protection. Remember, the point of an RFID wallet is to protect your RFID chips from being compromised. Are you willing to risk your RFID safety for a few dollars?

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most commonly asked questions about RFID wallets that we’ve seen and/or heard.

Q: What Is RFID And How Does It Work?

A: RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification. RFID was “first” invented in 1948 by Harry Stockman. In 1966, commercial establishments started using RFID for security checkpoints and/or anti-theft purposes.

RFID is used to transmit data more effectively from source (i.e. cards, smart tags) to readers (scanners). Some companies have even started replacing the “tried-and-trued” barcode system with RFID tags. One reason for the switch is that RFID can be scanned in the “general” area; not from a direct line-of-sight as is used with barcodes.

RFID gained HUGE notoriety after it was integrated with credit cards, but RFID has been in use for many other applications such as:

  1. RFID was used at security checkpoints in 1966.
  2. RFID was used in license plates in 1977.
  3. RFID was used for toll road payment systems for Europe in 1987.
  4. RFID was used for toll road payment systems for the United States in 1992.
  5. RFID was used in railroad cars in 1994.
  6. RFID was used accepted for use in Walmart in 2003.

As you can see, RFID technology has been around for quite some time. It wasn’t until it started being used for personal information and financial information that people started getting a little skittish of its implementations.

Q: How Does RFID Work?

A: RFID works using two components: a tag and a reader. The tag has two parts: an integrated circuit with data/storage and an antenna for transmitting and receiving a signal. Tags are either active or passive. An active tag is powered by a battery of some type and actively sends out signals to be read by readers. A passive tag is not powered by any type of battery but uses energy that is transmitted from the reader to communicate.

A reader is a two-way radio that requests information from RFID tags. When an RFID tag, either active or passive is close by, it “wakes” up the tag and the tag sends back the requested information. From there, the reader “decodes” the information and relays it back to the system to allow access, submit financial information, and many other useful functions.

Q: How Far Away Can RFID Be Read?

A: The depends on the frequency of the RFID chips, but here’s a quick breakdown based on frequencies:

  • 125KHz – Up to four inches
  • 134.2KHz – Up to four inches
  • 13.56MHz – Up to five feet
  • 860 – 960MHz – Up to fifty-three feet
  • 2.45GHz – Up to three-hundred and twenty-five feet
  • 433MHz – Up to 1.24 miles.

Most RFID chips and/or readers for credit cards function on the 13.56MHz frequency which has a maximum reading distance of five feet. Some RFID chips and/or readers for credit cards function on the 860 – 960MHz frequencies and can be read up to fifty-three feet away!

Q: What Is RFID Skimming?
A: RFID Skimming is a method of capturing the RFID information that is being transmitted unlawfully in order to commit fraud – this is called “Card Not Present” fraud.

Criminals can use numerous RFID readers, all of which can be purchased legally, to gather the information from unprotected RFID chips/tags such as credit cards and/or employee badges. In fact, certain phones equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) chips can be used to do this too.

Considering that some RFID chips can be read from up to fifty-three feet away, this could quickly become a BIG problem as more cards are switching to contactless payments.

Q: How Common Is RFID Skimming?

A: In 2016, more than $16 billion USD was fraudulently charged to unsuspecting consumers of RFID Skimming. There were 2+ million instances of RFID Skimming in 2016 alone, and the trend is continuing to rise.

Q: Do All Cards Have RFID?

A: At the moment, no. Not every card that you have been issued used RFID. But, there’s a good chance that it will in the future.

Q: How Can I Tell If My Card Has RFID?

A: There is an easy way to tell if your card has RFID … it’s beeping (not really). All you have to do is look for a radio wave symbol on your card (looks similar to a WiFi signal). If you have this, your card is RFID equipped.

Another way to check is to use an actual RFID reader to see if it detects your information. If it detects your information, it’s RFID equipped.

Q: How Does An RFID Wallet Protect Me?

A: RFID wallets work by blocking/interfering with radio waves. Since RFID requires unfettered access to the radio frequency, the information is “not accessible”. Of course, the type of material used and/or build quality can determine the effectiveness of an RFID wallet.

Basically, your information can’t “leak” out by accident and a criminal can’t “read” your RFID-stored data when stored inside of a properly designed RFID wallet.

Q: I Heard That Aluminum Foil Can Protect From RFID Skimming, Is That True?

A: In theory, yes. However, it requires a lot more than a single-wrap of aluminum foil to protect your RFID information. The problem with using aluminum foil is that it bends easy, tears easy, and it would have to be wrapped multiple times making access to your cards time-consuming.

A wallet that is properly designed can give you almost-instant access to your cards without bending, tearing, and/or losing effectiveness over time.

Q: How Can I Test If An RFID Wallet Is Protecting My Information?

A: If you are concerned about RFID transmission even with your wallet, you can always try to use it at an RFID reader (i.e. the supermarket or gas station). Another way would be to use an NFC equipped phone or another RFID reader. If it is working, no information should be accessible at ANY time.

Q: Is RFID Blocking More For The “Conspiracy Theorists” And The “Tinfoil Brigade”?

A: You probably know someone who fits this category, but you won’t be categorized the same just because you use an RFID wallet to block unauthorized access to your information. As we stated earlier, RFID Skimming is BIG and it’s only going to get worse as more companies start using it more. There’s nothing wrong in taking preventative measures to keep your financial information private.

Q: Will A Minimalist Wallet Still Work To Block RFID Readers?

A: For the most part, yes. Depending on how much blocking material was incorporated into the wallet, the more likely it will block RFID readers. However, you have to remember that minimalist wallets tend to have a LOT of open space too so there’s a chance that a signal could still get out unprotected.


As you can see, there are a LOT of great RFID wallets to choose from. We did our best to help you find ten RFID wallets that would easily protect your RFID credit cards and/or badges while looking great. And, we tried to keep all the prices budget-friendly too.

If you didn’t find the wallet you wanted in our top ten list, then you could use our buyer’s guide to help you find the perfect wallet based on several factors. And we even included a FAQ section to help you answer any questions about RFID and RFID wallets so you can make the purchase fearlessly.

Ultimately, we hope you found the right RFID wallet for all of your needs. If you did, we are excited for you. If you didn’t, we hope that you find one soon. Remember, an RFID wallet is more than just a storage locker – it’s an investment for your protection.

So, did you find the right RFID wallet for your needs?