Best Portable Induction Cooktop [2022]

How We Picked

Induction cooktops have gained popularity in the past decade for several reasons. Some of the most common of these include their energy efficiency, the speed and reliability at which they cook, and the safety features that make them perfect for many consumers. Portable cooktops are desirable for those living in apartments, efficiencies, boats, RVs, dorms, and other small spaces. Because they heat up and cool down quickly and are compact, they can be easily stowed away when not in use.

Portable induction cooktops are widely available from a number of manufacturers. And it can be hard to know which features are necessary while others are just nice to have. We have combed through the specifications and reviews for all the top models available today to come up with our list of the top 10 portable induction cooktops for 2019. We rank our choices and then offer you a buying guide to help you select the most important criteria for you.

Duxtop 9600LS

Duxtop 9600LS


  • 1800 watts
  • Adjustable temperatures in 20°F increments
  • 20 pre-programmed temperature settings
  • 10-hour timer

Duxtop has been a leading manufacturer of small appliances in North America for years. Their products also include the Secura line of housewares. This new model for 2019 has many of the features we have come to expect from this leader, plus a few surprises.

Duxtop 9600LS

The 9600LS, an upgraded version of the 9100MC includes a digital LCD sensor-touch control panel that makes programming and using this cooktop a breeze. This Duxtop cooktop comes with a child safety lock that prevents little fingers from accidentally turning it on. It comes with an auto-pan detection function which shuts off the cooktop after 60 seconds when a pan has been removed.

Cooking bacon and eggs in the Duxtop 9600LS

Its compact size, including an 11 x 11-inch cooking surface and a 3-inch display, means the 9600LS will fit just about anywhere. It also weighs in at 7.5 pounds, so it is easily moved and carried for those who are using it outdoors or while traveling.

Unlike other Duxtop models, the 9600LS has 20 power settings, giving you more control over your cooking temperatures and allowing you to avoid scorched food better. By being able to adjust by 20°F increments, you can fine-tune your cooking with ease.

Like all induction cooktops, the 9600LS is only compatible with induction-ready cookware, which includes cast iron, enameled cast iron, and some stainless-steel pots and pans. To test if your cookware will work with an induction range or cooktop, use a magnet. If the surface is magnetic, it should work with induction cooking.

What We Like

Several features make the 9600LS stand out from the pack. The built-in timer counts down in 1-minute intervals and can be set for up to 10 hours, which far exceeds most other options. For those using this cooktop to simmer, make broth, or culture milk or cheese, that’s an important function to have.

The five-foot cord is nice for being able to place this cooktop wherever you might need it. This unit comes with two handy quick start buttons, Boil and Keep Warm. This model also includes an internal thermometer underneath the cooktop surface, helping to ensure a more accurate temperature for your cooking.

The safety features on this model are also important. The auto-shutoff feature is nearly standard on all induction units, but the 9600LS also requires a 3-second press of the “on” button to prevent small children from activating it. This cooktop also has an alert light that lets you know it is still hot to the touch after a pan has been removed, giving you a visual reminder to keep small hands away.


The 9600LS is the most up-to-date and feature-packed model in the Duxtop/Secura line of induction cooktops. It blends function with a sleek appearance and comes with many options that home cooks have been asking for. With a standard 2-year warranty and a mid-level price, the Duxtop 9600LS makes an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable, well-designed portable induction cooktop that provides excellent temperature control.

  • 20 easy-to-use preprogrammed settings
  • Allows for 10 hours of uninterrupted cooking
  • Child safety lock enhances security

NuWave PIC Platinum

NuWave PIC Platinum


  • 1800 watts
  • Adjustable temperatures in 5°F increments
  • 50 pre-programmed recipe functions, plus you can add up to 150 more
  • Programmable timer

Another leader in induction technology, NuWave has introduced its best cooktop yet with the Precision Induction Cooktop (PIC) Platinum.

NuWave PIC Platinum

This version in their premium line includes the most precise temperature controls you can get in an induction cooktop. Adjustable in 5°F increments, you get the most from the 1800 watts in this machine. The compact size and round shape mean it fits anywhere and looks great when not in use.

Boiling water in the NuWave PIC Platinum

This, the most expensive of the NuWave line of cooktops, has the broadest temperature range, reaching up to 575°F. While the numeric keypad may take some getting used to, once you have mastered it, you will find that it makes your cooking experience much more manageable.

What We Like

The NuWave PIC platinum cooktop has an impressive array of features. It comes with an easy-to-use remote that allows you to adjust the cooking temperature from anywhere in your kitchen. Its impressive memory function comes with 50 pre-programmed recipe modes, but you can add up to 150 of your own to make cooking your favorite dishes that much easier.

You will not find more precise temperature control anywhere on the induction market. Weighing just over 5 pounds and taking up little more than a square foot of counter space, you get a mighty punch in such a small machine.

The NuWave PIC Platinum model comes with a delay-start feature which allows you to run a set program later. Imagine coming home to newly hard-boiled eggs or freshly steamed vegetables without you having to stand over the stove.


NuWave stands behind its products, and most customers report high levels of satisfaction. Every model includes a one-year warranty for defects. The NuWave PIC Platinum is easy-to-clean, intuitive to use, and stashes away in a small space when you no longer need it. They are even easy to carry.

The NuWave PIC Platinum is our Premium choice due to its higher price tag, but you get a lot of control and precision for that extra money. And because they have been perfecting induction cooktops for many years, NuWave products are well-respected and known to last, which means you will not need to buy another one soon.

  • Unsurpassed temperature control
  • Delay start feature that allows you to prepare food whenever you need
  • 10 hours of memory to program all your favorite recipes

Fagor 670041900

Fagor 670041900 2


  • 1800 watts
  • Adjustable temperatures in 10°F increments
  • 8 pre-set temperature modes
  • 3-hour timer

The Fagor 670041900 is an extremely efficient portable induction cooktop. The manufacturer boasts that this model uses up to 90% of its energy usage in the cooking process, which is much higher than most other models of this type. The Fagor model looks great on any countertop or surface, with a sleek design that is also easy to clean.

Fagor 670041900 2

The ample surface accommodates pots up to 12” in diameter. The Fagor 670041900 includes standard features we have come to expect from induction cooktops, including a timer, 8 preset cooking modes, and an easy-touch display panel that makes programming your meals simple. The unit includes safety features like auto-off and a locking mechanism to prohibit unsafe operation.

Fagor 670041900 for fried chicken

The high-powered unit heats quickly and evenly, and you have exceptionally good control over your cooking. The well-constructed cooktop is sturdy enough to accommodate a pan weighing up to 11 pounds, yet it is light enough to fit in your suitcase or travel bag without weighing you down.

You can cook using temperatures ranging from 140- 465°F with this cooktop. The 8 pre-set cooking modes, which include Warm, Simmer, Boil, Rapid Boil, Sauté, Brown, Sear, and Stir-Fry, make it easy to prepare your favorite dishes. You can also customize the cooking experience to your needs.

What We Like

Fagor’s 670041900 has a slick, glass surface that not only looks great but also is extremely easy to clean. Spills and drips will not stick or burn on this surface, either. The digital display is easy to read and use, with adjustments simple to make with a touch of a button.

The efficient unit is also quieter than others on the market, with a fan that keeps your unit safe and cool without emitting a clatter that disrupts your kitchen bliss. Fagor includes an easy-to-understand instruction manual, but the display and buttons are very intuitive, making this unit easy to use right out of the box.

Fagor has long been a world-leader in small kitchen appliances, and they use quality materials and strive to provide energy-efficient appliances that are environmentally conscious for its consumers.


The Fagor 670041900 portable cooktop is a quality alternative to the big-name competitors at a reasonable price. Home cooks that enjoy cooking will appreciate the more precise cooking controls, and those who just want to get a meal on the table will benefit from its preset modes. This well-designed cooktop is stylish enough to have a permanent place on your countertop but light enough to go anywhere you need to use it.

  • Affordable prices that still gives you quality features
  • Easy-to-clean surface
  • Pre-set cooking modes for the most frequent methods

Rosewill RHAI- 13001

Rosewill RHAI- 13001


  • 1800 watts
  • 8 temperature settings plus 8 power settings
  • 3-hour timer
  • Includes induction-ready pan

You are getting a lot for your money when you purchase the Rosewill RHAI-13001 portable induction cooktop. This high-quality machine gives you many options you only see in more expensive models while also ensuring you get a product that is built to last. The 1800 watts of power in the 13001 model allows you to cook from 150- 450°F, and its quick heating capacity means you can go from raw ingredients to a cooked meal in no time.

Rosewill RHAI- 13001 and pot

The polished crystal plate surface is durable and stylish. The LED display on the 13001 model has touch controls and is easy to read. The built-in 3-hour timer makes planning your meal prep simple, too.

Preparing food in the Rosewill RHAI- 13001

This Rosewill model is perfect for tailgating, backyard BBQs, camping, or taking with you whenever you travel. You will feel confident in its ability to get the job done no matter where you are cooking. And its efficient design means you will not heat the whole house or your space while using little electricity in the process.

What We Like

Unlike other models that remain warm to the touch for up to an hour, the Rosewill 13001 cools down entirely much faster. That is an essential feature if you have children with eager fingers in your kitchen or are using your unit outdoors, where people may not be paying attention to hot surfaces.

This model is great for those who use big and small pots for cooking because the Rosewill 13001 comes with two separate burners in one. The smaller burner is just 4” in diameter, perfect for warming a small kettle or cooking in your smallest pots. The larger 10.5” burner accommodates your standard cookware. Most induction cooktops struggle to work with small cookware, which makes this option an excellent choice for many people.


This small, lightweight, portable induction cooktop is the perfect option for those on a budget but who still want plenty of features and options. You will get powerful, even heat that you can control well, and when you are finished using it, it stores or packs easily with no fuss. When you purchase this, our budget pick for portable induction cooktops, you will receive a quality product with simple, essential features that get the job done every time.

  • Cools down very quickly
  • Allows you to use smaller pots
  • Compact design that is sleek but efficient

Max Burton 6450

Max Burton #6450


  • 1800 watts
  • 15 temperature settings plus 10 power settings
  • 3-hour timer
  • Burner that extends to edge of the cooktop

Aervoe Industries, the maker of Max Burton appliances, has been making induction cooktops and other commercial and home products for over 40 years. They are known for their quality and dependability, which makes owning the 6450 an easy choice. This portable induction cooktop is an upgrade on last year’s 6400 model, which included many notable features. While there are many similarities between these two, the 6450 has some wonderful improvements.

Max Burton #6450

The styling of the Max Burton 6450 has taken their standard, industrial-looking cooktop into the home kitchen with a much more tailored design. The redesigned touchpad reduces the tendency for unintentional adjustments or overheating of the controls, and the easy-to-read LCD panels keep you informed of precisely what is happening with your food.

This model is slimmer and more lightweight than previous designs, making it perfect for entertaining, adding another burner to your kitchen for special meals, or for on-the-go cooking. The unit features one-touch simmer and boil buttons, a three-hour countdown timer, and auto-shutoff features to prevent burns and overheating.

What We Like

The Max Burton 6450’s design brings the burner’s edge all the way out to the side of the cooktop itself, giving you the most cooking surface possible in this small but mighty portable cooktop. Your food will be cooked evenly regardless of where it rests in the pan.

With the one-touch simmer and boil functions, you can get your meal going quickly and with little fuss, and you can lock the controls so that no unwanted changes can be entered accidentally. Max Burton customers will enjoy quality customer support if they should have any questions or problems, as well.


While not an official commercial-grade product, this portable cooktop would be at home in any commercial kitchen. The home chef benefits from top-quality materials and construction at an affordable price. The Max Burton 6450 is an excellent addition to any kitchen or cooking situation, and because of its numerous safety features, you can cook wherever you are without worry.

  • One-touch Simmer and Boil features
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Beveled front edge protects display and controls from overheating

Waring Pro ICT200

Waring Pro ICT200


  • 1600 watts
  • 8 temperature settings
  • 2.5-hour timer

Waring has been making small kitchen appliances since 1937. While they only have one current model of portable induction cooktop, they have packed all their expertise into this machine. With the ICT200, you will get all the safety features you have come to expect, including a 30-second auto-off feature when you remove cookware from the burner.

Waring Pro ICT200

The Waring cooktop includes 8 temperature settings, allowing for reasonable control over your cooking. You can also set the timer to enable up to 150 minutes of continuous use. This model features a 7.5” cooking area, which is sufficient for most home cookware. The powerful ventilation fan ensures it will not overheat, too.

preparing chicken paella in the Waring Pro ICT200

The one-touch buttons make controlling your Waring ICT200 simple and straightforward. You will feel confident knowing your cooktop is protected by a 1-year warranty, as well. Weighing just under 6 pounds, the ICT200 is small enough to travel anywhere or to be tucked out of the way when not in use.

What We Like

The surface of the ICT200 cools quickly when turned off, making it an excellent choice for use around small children. This unit is highly energy-efficient, and it heats up quickly. For those looking for a streamlined, no-frills portable induction cooktop, you can’t beat this unit, which is simple to use and has just the right amount of flexibility for most cooks. You will get a quick, even heat with the Waring ICT200, and you will feel confident and safe using this cooktop with your family.


If you have never used an induction cooktop or are looking for a simple unit to use while traveling, the Waring ICT200 is an excellent choice. With premium safety, easy-to-use controls, and the right balance of power and adjustability, this model will get the job done for a lower, entry-level price.

  • Low price with plenty of standard features
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Quick heating element offers even heat

Secura 9100MC

Secura 9100MC


  • 1800 watts
  • 15 temperature settings and power levels
  • 170-minute timer
  • Slim design with two different-sized coils

Another model in the Secura/Duxtop line of induction cooktops, the 9100MC model has plenty of features that distinguish it from others. The first is its slim design, which ensures that this cooktop is indeed portable and will store just about anywhere.

cooking bacon and eggs in the Secura 9100MC

Like the Rosewill model, you can use both small and larger pans with the 9100MC because it has two separate copper coils.

You will enjoy the standard Secura safety features, including auto-shutoff, overheating protection, and temperature sensors. You can easily adjust your cooking temperature using one of the 15 pre-programmed increments, and the 170-minute countdown timer makes it easy to stay on top of your cooking time.

What We Like

The most precise control you have regarding power and temperature using the 9100MC model is at the lower settings, which is what most cooks want. The ability to finetune your simmers and slow boils is much more critical than adjustments in the hot zones. That makes the 9100MC a smart choice for those who create delicate sauces, like to simmer their stocks or soups, or tend to cook at lower temperatures.

The beveled display and control panel ensures your larger pans will not overheat your controls and shorten the life of your cooktop. With sleek styling and intuitive buttons, the 9100MC is easy to use and looks great in any setting.


While the fan on the 9100MC can be a bit noisy, you will not mind this a bit when you realize all the functions and features you get in such a reasonably-priced portable cooktop. The Secura 9100MC provides plenty of control for the home chef, gives you elegant styling without sacrificing power, and includes safety features that will make you feel good about using this cooktop in any situation.

  • Great for simmering foods at lowering temperatures
  • Intuitive controls make use simple for any user
  • Elegant styling

Mai Cook Stainless Steel 3500W

Mai Cook Stainless Steel 3500W


  • 3500 watts
  • 13 power levels and 13 temperature settings
  • 24-hour timer
  • Capable of handling heavy pots for extended cooking

The Mai Cook Stainless Steel 3500W induction cooktop is a commercial-quality unit that may be of interest to certain types of home cooks. While not everyone needs to accommodate 133 pounds on their cooktop, there may be some out there who are looking for just that feature.

Mai Cook Stainless Steel 3500W

Mai Cook’s glass cooktop is surrounded by a stainless-steel housing, giving it strength and durability. For those who need to slow-cook large batches, who can to preserve food, or who make homemade cider or beer, being able to put a huge pot on the burner and walk away for hours is immensely helpful.

Mai Cook Stainless Steel 3500W

The Mai Cook burner offers push-button controls and a digital display that is easy-to-use and allows for excellent control over your power and temperature. Because it has such a sturdy design, it is perfect for anyone who cooks professionally, caters events, or needs a trusty cooktop that can take a few bumps and bruises.

The one drawback to this unit is that it requires a 220-volt outlet, similar to that used for your dryer. But, for those who need the strength and wattage of this unit, installing an exclusive outlet seems a small price to pay for the benefits you get from this induction cooktop.

What We Like

Unlike most cooktops, which shut off automatically after a few hours, the Mai Cook Stainless Steel cooktop will remain on as long as 24 hours once the timer is set. This is great for anyone who brews or enjoys slow cooking their food. The unit can comfortably accommodate pots up to 18”, which is much larger than other portable cooktops available today.


While the Mai Cook Stainless Steel 3500W cooktop may be overkill for some home cooks, it has the right audience in certain circles. Because it can handle heavy pots and cooks without interruption all day, you should consider this model if your needs are more than the average user. You will get a quality product that will meet all your cooking needs.

  • Allows for 24 hours of continuous use
  • Able to accommodate large pots
  • Excellent control at both high and low temperatures

NuWave PIC Flex

NuWave PIC Flex


  • 1300 watts
  • 45 precise temperature settings
  • 100 hours of memory for storing recipe programs
  • Includes an induction-ready pan

Another, more affordable option from NuWave is the Portable Induction Cooktop (PIC) Flex. This option is a scaled-down version of the Platinum model but still packs in quite a few features in this cooktop. The touch keys and digital display offer unsurpassed control options among induction cooktops.

NuWave PIC Flex used for cooking chicken

The PIC Flex features NuWave’s iconic round styling, ensuring it takes up minimal space on your counter or when stored away.

While not as powerful as the Platinum model, you are still getting 1300 watts of power, which is plenty for most kitchen needs. This unit will even reach temperatures of 575°F, and because it is energy efficient and uses induction heating, you will not be heating your kitchen every time you turn it on.

What We Like

The PIC Flex unit comes with a 9” frying pan, which is a nice bonus. It is also so compact and lightweight, you will not have any trouble taking it with you wherever you might need it. Like its big brother, the PIC Flex has excellent temperature control, allowing you to adjust the heat in 10°F increments for precise cooking control.

With a 1-year warranty, you can feel confident that your unit is covered in the event of defects or problems. The easy-to-use, comprehensive controls allow you to customize each cooking experience to your recipes and needs, too.


As a leader in induction technology, NuWave produces quality products that provide customers with the options they crave. The PIC Flex is a slightly-scaled-down version of other NuWave options, but you still get a lot of bang for your buck with this model. If you want a reliable induction cooktop that is stylish, fun to use, and packs a punch, then you have found your match.

  • Heats to 575°F
  • Includes a quality fry pan
  • Many options and features at a lower price point than other NuWave products

Sandoo HA1865

NuWave PIC Flex


  • 1800 watts
  • 15 temperature settings and 15 power levels
  • 179-minute timer

Sandoo’s HA1865 is one of the lightest and most powerful cooktops available from this manufacturer. In a compact size, you will get excellent temperature and power control, with 15 settings in each category.

Cleaning the NuWave PIC Flex

You can also keep your cooking on track with the 1.5-hour timer that counts down in 1-minute increments. You can slow-braise, stew, or sear on this cooktop, which can reach anywhere from 120- 465℉.

storing the NuWave PIC Flex

Sandoo’s HA1865 is the perfect size for any small space, including apartments, studios, dorms, and RVs. With its energy-efficient design, you will feel good about using this cooktop over gas or electric, that have incredibly inefficient use of heat for cooking.

What We Like

Customers love the HA1865 because of its ease of use, fast heating, and quick cleanup. This inexpensive induction cooktop offers quality for an excellent value. This model’s tilted control panel prevents burning of the buttons by oversized pans while also making it easy to read. The Sandoo HA1865 also comes with several important safety features, including auto-shutoff and simple to understand diagnostic codes.


This portable and efficient cooktop is compact and easy to use. It makes a wonderful addition to any small space or for those looking to add an extra burner to their kitchen from time to time. You get plenty of power and adequate temperature control while still having lots of additional features to raise this above the level of a basic unit. For a great price, you get a reliable cooktop.

  • Excellent value for a quality product
  • Plenty of safety features for all kitchen needs
  • Lightweight and compact design

Buyer’s Guide to Finding the Best Portable Induction Cooktop


The more wattage that is available to your cooktop, the faster things will begin cooking. The models we share in this guide can be adjusted to use anywhere from 100-1800 watts, depending on their power settings. While it is true that more watts mean more electricity being used, induction cooking is one of the most energy-efficient forms of heating, so for just a tiny difference in energy usage, you get a faster cooking experience.

Temperature Control

Many people love cooking with induction because it is the closest analog to using natural gas, which offers the cook infinite control over temperature. Many induction cooktops have small increments between settings, while others have larger increments, making it more difficult to control the temperature of your food as it cooks. Depending on your cooking style or needs, having such specific control over the heat may be necessary for you.


Most people who are purchasing a portable cooktop are doing so because they plan to move it frequently. Knowing how much your unit weighs and how much space it will occupy on your counter or while stored is, therefore, essential. Some units even come with a carrying handle to make them easier to move from place to place.


While induction cooking is much safer than using natural gas or electric burners, they still come with some risk, especially when used around small children. The safety features may be relevant to you, especially if you are a cook who likes to multitask or becomes easily distracted. Auto-shutoff, audible alerts, and child safety locks are all things to look for when choosing your cooktop.

Special Features

Some home cooks prefer nothing but the basics while others are looking for lots of bells and whistles to help them customize their cooking experience. For those who are new to induction cooking, you may want to choose a less-complicated model, while induction pros may be looking for options like a remote control, the ability to program your cooking process, and audible warnings to alert you to trouble.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does induction cooking work, anyway?

A: Induction cooking works differently than other tops of cooktops. The pan is heated not by a flame or an electrical element but instead by a magnetic field. Electrical current is passed through a copper wire that is coiled beneath the cooking surface. This creates a magnetic current throughout the entire induction-ready cooking vessel, producing heat. This process is much more efficient than other forms of cooking because nearly all the energy goes into heating the pan. And because the pan heats instantly, there is less waiting using induction cooking, as well.

Q: What types of pans can I use with an induction cooktop?

A: Because the nature of induction cooking is to create a magnetic field, your pans must be magnetic to work with an induction cooktop. Unfortunately, that means some of the cookware you own may not be compatible with an induction cooktop. Cast iron, enameled cast iron, magnetic stainless steel, and some types of fully clad cookware will be compatible with an induction cooktop. To test whether a pan will work, you can place a magnet on the bottom. If it sticks solidly, it should work just fine. For this reason, glass or ceramic dishes and some types of copper or aluminum cookware will not work on an induction burner.

Q: Are there any drawbacks to induction cooking?

A: Aside from not always working with your current pans, there are a few other quirks you should know about when it comes to cooking with an induction cooktop. It does take some time to learn to use an induction cooktop. The pan heats much faster and, depending on the sensitivity of your controls, you may need to adjust the temperature more, especially when you are discovering what works best for you. Most people find that, once they become familiar with their cooktop and practice a bit, though, they know exactly how to cook what they want on their induction surface.

Q: Can I cook large batches on my induction cooktop?

A: Because of the limited size and weight capacity of most induction cooktops, they are not designed to carry heavy stockpots or large pans full of food. If you plan to use your induction burner for canning, preparing large batches, or using heavy cast iron cookware, be sure to check the weight limit for your particular cooktop. While the glass tops are very heavy and durable, they do have a maximum capacity that you should not exceed.

Q: Do I need to be careful with my glass cooktop surface?

A: The glass used in induction cooktops is no ordinary glass. This is what is known as ceramic glass, which has been specially made and tempered to withstand not only extreme temperatures but also to resist scratching. If you are careful with your cooktop, it can withstand everyday use just fine. Carelessness can result in cracking or scratches. Be sure not to drop heavy cookware directly on the surface and do not slide rough-bottomed pans across the glass, either. If you are worried about scratches or use a lot of cast-iron on your induction burner, you can protect the glass using a piece of parchment paper between the pan and the burner.


When purchasing a portable induction cooktop, it is important that you understand your needs and the purposes for which you will be using this product. There are many options and features available, but they do not all make sense for every home cook. Determine what is most important to you, and then choose options that fit your highest priorities.

You can purchase an induction cooktop for anywhere between $45-200, and we all want to know we are getting our money’s worth, no matter what we are buying. When it comes to induction cooking, you do not have to spend a lot to get high quality and helpful features. And with several reputable manufacturers providing quality products, you can feel good that your choice will last for years to come.

All the portable induction cooktops on our top 10 list are quality machines that have been highly rated by many customers. By examining the many essential categories, including power, control, size, safety, and distinctive features, we have shared with you the best of the best, to make your buying decision that much easier. Happy cooking!