Best Luggage Tracker [2019]

The absolute worst feeling is one that many people probably know too well. You arrive at your destination following a long flight. After screaming babies, cramping elbows, and strangers sleeping on your shoulder, you’re ready to grab your luggage set and relax. You wait around the luggage carousel until the next flight lands, but your bags are nowhere to be found. Did you lose them at your departure airport? Or were they on another conveyor belt? Will you ever find them again?

If you’ve bought a luggage tracker, then the answer is yes. With a luggage tracker in your suitcase or bag, you’ll never lose luggage again. But where would you even start looking for one? And how will you know which tracker is best for you? Our list of the top eight best luggage trackers for 2019 will help you find exactly which one you need. Each tracker has been deemed worthy of our list due to several criteria that you can examine in our included buyer’s guide below. There’s also a frequently asked questions section that should take care of any of your other concerns.

#1 GLCON Swiftfinder Luggage Tracker

GLCON Swiftfinder Luggage Tracker

Coverage: Bluetooth – 30-50m
Data Access: Smartphone App
Tracker Size: 3.3” x 2.1” x 0.2”
Battery Life: 5 Years

Our first luggage tracker comes from GLCON who specialize in tech charging and Bluetooth items.

GLCON Swiftfinder Luggage Tracker and smartphone

The GLCON Swiftfinder Luggage Tracker is a small-range tracker, utilizing Bluetooth to find your luggage’s location and notify you when it leaves the operable range. If you’re having trouble finding your luggage or misplace it in the airport, this tracker will accurately guide you to it within 30-50m in an open space like an airport, and 10-30m in smaller spaces, as it’s harder for the Bluetooth to connect with major blocks such as walls.

GLCON Swiftfinder Luggage Tracker reminder

When the tracker leaves the Bluetooth range, it will give you an alert and mark the last known location. Once the tracker is in range again, it automatically reappears on your screen with its current location. The tracker device itself will also sound an alert when it leaves the Bluetooth range, likely startling anyone nearby and making it easy for you to find.

This tracker comes with useful features when not attached to your luggage. The tracker becomes a phone finder or key finder as long as the app is live on your phone. There is also a selfie shutter feature. You can set up your phone and then take a large, family picture with everyone by clicking the tracker.

What We Like

While the GLCON Swiftfinder Luggage Tracker is a Bluetooth model, making its operable range shorter than GPS/GSM, its ringtone alert system and easy to use app mean that as soon as your luggage leaves range, you’ll be able to find it easily. The added features as a phone or key finder when not in your luggage and being able to take pictures remotely with your phone are useful additions.


If you are a forgetful person (or have a friend who is forgetful) then the GLCON Swiftfinder Luggage Tracker ensures that you’ll never forget your luggage again. While it does have a shorter range compared to GPS models, its Bluetooth range is one of the largest in the market, meaning that anyone looking for a short-range tracker should consider this model.

  • Customizable Ringtone Alerts For Easy Locating
  • Long Bluetooth Range For Use In Busy Airports
  • Selfie And Phone/Key Finder Bonus Features

#2 GEGO Luggage Tracker

GEGO Luggage Tracker

Coverage: Global GSM Locator
Data Access: Smartphone App
Tracker Size: 3.5” x 2.2” x 0.4”
Battery Life: 2-28 Days (Rechargeable)

The second tracker on our list is the GEGO Luggage Tracker. If you’re looking for a longer-range tracker (essentially one that can reach anywhere on Earth) then you’ll want one of these. There is an included charge for the data required to provide that worldwide coverage. Luckily, with the GEGO Luggage Tracker, you get a free 30 days of data with your original purchase before having to pay for a monthly or yearly plan.

GEGO Luggage Tracker and smartphone

There are four different settings for the tracker: Normal, Flights Under 6 Hours, Longer Flights, and Battery Saver. Battery life for each setting varies with duration and usage but can stretch anywhere from two days with regular use to four weeks with low usage. In any case, it is chargeable, so you can charge it before any flight to ensure you get the maximum battery life. If you travel a lot for work or pleasure, you will end up spending a lot of time charging as the battery drains quickly with use. It also comes with a 12-month warranty for added protection and security.

GEGO Luggage Tracker size comparison to credit card

One of the major drawbacks is the plan management for multiple devices. If you want to use multiple trackers for your and your family’s luggage, you’ll have to purchase plans for each one, which obviously can be very expensive. For a solo traveler though it’s very affordable and will allow you to easily locate your luggage. It’s not as accurate as Bluetooth systems but will find the tracker’s approximate location anywhere in the world.

What We Like

It’s small size, worldwide range, and easy app access mean that you’ll never lose your luggage again while using the GEGO Luggage Tracker. Its 30-day free data trial is a great way to let you test the product’s effectiveness before committing to a data plan.


If you’re looking for a worldwide tracker, then it doesn’t get much better than the GEGO Luggage Tracker. With an alert system and fast-tracking upon arrival, you’ll be able to know exactly where your luggage is anywhere in the world easily and accurately.

  • GSM Coverage For Approximate Location Anywhere On Earth
  • Free 30 Day Data Trial Period and 12-Month Warranty
  • Chargeable Battery With Variable Settings For Power Saving

#3 TOKSAM 4 Pack Swiftfinder Bluetooth Locator

TOKSAM 4 Pack Swiftfinder Bluetooth Locator

Coverage: Bluetooth – 30-50m
Data Access: Smartphone App
Tracker Size: 1.6” x 1.6” x 0.2”
Battery Life: 15 Months

This is a Bluetooth tacker from TOKSAM that comes with four separate trackers to put in your luggage, making it perfect for a family trip or if you want to track your luggage, keys, and anything else, all at the same time. Each tracker appears separately on the app so that you can accurately locate anything you need quickly and easily.

TOKSAM 4 Pack and Smartphone App

As another Bluetooth tracker, it won’t be able to track your luggage from far away, but it does notify you when your tracker moves out of range. With the smartphone app, it is easy to keep track of all your items and vice versa, as the swiftfinder tracker will give you an alert if your phone leaves Bluetooth range. You can also snap photos from your camera’s phone with the swiftfinder tracker which is a handy feature.

TOKSAM 4 Pack Swiftfinder Bluetooth Locator packaging

The batteries are 3V lithium batteries that can be replaced, so you’ll be able to use your trackers for years to come. However, the trackers might drain your phone battery quickly while the app is connected. Even if your tracker’s batteries don’t wear out, it’s possible that the trackers themselves can display false locations or stop working entirely over time.

What We Like

This item comes with multiple trackers which can be incredibly useful for family travel or if you want to track multiple things at the same time. Loud alert system and Bluetooth locator are good at keeping your items close and ensuring you don’t leave anything behind.


If you’re looking for a short-range Bluetooth tracker that you can use for multiple items or bags, then this is the perfect luggage tracker for you. It’s two-way tracking detection make it perfect for use even after the trip to find your phone and keys as well.

  • Loud Alert When Tracker Leaves Bluetooth Range
  • Multiple Trackers For Versatility And Multi-Tracking
  • Long-Lasting Lithium Battery Powered Trackers

#4 TILE Pro Ring Tracker

TILE Pro Ring Tracker

Coverage: Bluetooth – 91m
Data Access: Smartphone App
Tracker Size: 1.6” x 1.6” x 0.3”
Battery Life: 1 Year

TILE specializes in its ring trackers that can be used for keys, luggage, wallets, etc. Their Pro model provides some of the longest range in Bluetooth tracking possible, with an operable max range of 91m. With a Bluetooth range like that you’ll be able to easily locate your items in the airport or bus station.

TILE Pro Ring Tracker key finder and car keys

You can buy this tracker in a pack of either two or four, allowing you to adjust your purchase to meet your needs. They come in either all black packs or white/black ones. The replaceable batteries are guaranteed for up to a year after purchase and are easy to exchange whenever they die.

TILE Pro Ring Tracker on key chain

The trackers won’t automatically ring when they leave the Bluetooth range, but you can use your smartphone to make it ring while in range to make relocating them simple. It will also remember the last location before leaving range, making it easier to bring back into tracking distance. It works both ways too; you can press the button on your tracker to ring your phone even when it is on silent. Another great feature is the TILE community, meaning that if anyone with the app installed is within range of your tracker, you’ll be able to see where it is on your phone. This community feature makes it super easy to find your luggage in busy cities with lots of people.

TILE Pro Ring Tracker and keys

The most prevalent issue with TILE seems to be the low-tech support quality after purchasing their products. If an issue comes up with your trackers it could be almost impossible to get a response from the company, let alone a fix, so you should be wary of that before considering this tracker. Outside of some minor Bluetooth configuration problems after installing the app and the fact that the tracker’s buttons are overly sensitive, these trackers are very high-quality.

What We Like

The extremely long range of this tracker is incredible as it is rare that you’ll ever move too far away from your tracker to sound the ringer. If you do move out of range though, there is the chance that someone else with the app will be able to let you find your luggage or item easily and quickly.


If you’re looking for a long-range Bluetooth tracker that will reliably perform, then this is the tracker for you. While the customer support isn’t great and you might experience some interference with using Bluetooth on other devices, overall this tracker works amazingly.

  • 91m Tracking Distance Locates Luggage Easily In Open Areas
  • Reverse Phone Alarm With Loud Ringer
  • TILE Community Increases Operable Range In Populated Areas

#5 KEYTOR Smart Key-Finder Wireless Tracker

KEYTOR Smart Key-Finder Wireless Tracker

Coverage: Bluetooth – 30-50m
Data Access: Smartphone App
Tracker Size: 4.3” x 2.5” x 0.6”
Battery Life: Replaceable

This tracker is on the cheaper side of the spectrum but provides great tracking for the price. The KEYTOR Smart Key-Finder Wireless Tracker is another Bluetooth tracker that can be placed easily inside of your luggage or on your keychain.

KEYTOR Smart Key-Finder Wireless Tracker and smartphone

The tracker comes in three colors (white, green, and black) so that you can add a bit of your own style. After downloading the tracker’s app to your smartphone, it is easy to see where your luggage or item was last located after leaving the Bluetooth radius, and it also has an alert system that rings whenever it strays too far out of tracking range. It’s a two-way system as well, so you can use the tracker to send an alert to your phone, which makes finding a lost phone a breeze. It includes the feature of being able to take pictures from your phone with your tracker as well.

Due to the lower price, it isn’t as high-quality a product as many other trackers, but it’s effective and the design is unique and enjoyable to look at. The battery life is also not the best but considering the reduced cost it is to be expected. You can also replace the batteries in your tracker at any time, so ultimately the small battery life isn’t a major issue.

What We Like

For its cost, the KEYTOR Smart Key-Finder Wireless Tracker is a good value deal. The customizable colors are also a neat added feature. While it doesn’t do anything special in features or effectiveness, it is a decent choice if you’re looking for something more affordable.


If your main concern is finding something that will work for the lowest cost, then this is the tracker for you. It doesn’t stand out in any way from the other trackers on the list, but its affordability makes it a perfect choice for the money savers.

  • Two Way Locator Makes Finding Phone And Tracker Easy
  • Customizable Colors Are A Nice Added Option
  • Replaceable Batteries Make For Long Lifetime Tracker

#6 H+LUX Smart Tracker

H+LUX Smart Tracker
H+LUX Smart Tracker

Coverage: Bluetooth – 30-50m
Data Access: Smartphone App
Tracker Size: 1.6” x 1.6” x 0.3”
Battery Life: 1 Year

Specializing in electronic convenience items, such as desk fans and automatic kitchen trash cans, our next tracker comes from H+LUX. It’s another model on the cheaper side, making it an affordable option.

H+LUX Smart Tracker and smartphone

This is a small, lightweight tracker that you can purchase in either black/gray or white/gold color schemes. The alert system will automatically sound if your luggage or item leaves the 30-50m Bluetooth range like other luggage trackers on this list, but you also have the option to silence this feature with the H+LUX Smart Tracker. If you don’t want to be annoyed every time you step a bit too far from your luggage to go to the bathroom, then you can easily switch from active to silenced mode in the connected smartphone app.

H+LUX Smart Tracker internals

The app will display your luggage’s last know location upon leaving the Bluetooth radius, making relocation easy and quick. You can also use the tracker to find your phone, sending an alert to the device that will sound even if it is silenced. However, due to the low-cost of the model, the plastic material of the tracker can feel a bit cheap and low-quality. The alert sound can also be slightly quiet, making it hard to hear in louder bustling places at times, which is never a good thing. Overall though, it seems to function perfectly and clearly outside of the occasional difficulty.

What We Like

The silencing feature of the tracker can be a great lifesaver, making it so you don’t have to turn the system off to avoid being annoyed by alerts. Its batteries last for a long time and are easily replaceable, making for a long-lasting tracker.


If you’re looking for an affordable, easy to use, and adaptable tracker then you should consider the H+LUX Smart Tracker. While not the highest-quality tracker on the market, it functions well and lasts for the price that you pay.

  • Last-Location Marker On Locator Make Relocation Fast
  • Two-Way Alert System Is Adaptable And Useful
  • Silence Mode For The Alert System Can Reduce Faulty Alarms

#7 OPTIMUS 2.0 GPS Tracker

OPTIMUS 2.0 GPS Tracker

Coverage: US GPS
Data Access: Smartphone App/Website
Tracker Size: 3” x 1.5” x 1”
Battery Life: 1-2 Weeks (Rechargeable)

Here comes another GPS tracker, but unfortunately this one’s coverage is limited to the United States only. If you’re planning on using a tracker for international coverage (or simply aren’t in the U.S.), then you might want to consider a different one. But if you are using it in the U.S., then this is the perfect tracker for your travels.

OPTIMUS 2.0 GPS Tracker and smartphone

The OPTIMUS 2.0 GPS Tracker utilizes Google Maps to provide you accurate information on the location of your tracker at any point. With the app or with the computer site, you can follow your tracker from anywhere.

OPTIMUS 2.0 GPS Tracker app

Several great extra features make sure you’ll never lose track of your luggage or attached item, as the OPTIMUS 2.0 GPS Tracker. You receive text notifications to any number and in app notifications whenever the tracker starts moving, when it’s going over the speed limit on a road, when the battery is low, or whenever the SOS button is pushed on the tracker. There is also a feature that allows you to define a pre-set area and receive notifications when the tracker leaves it.

You will need to pay a subscription fee for a data plan to use this tracker, which can be deterring if you don’t travel often and won’t use the tracker daily. There can also be some issues with the accuracy of the tracker considering that it uses an outside map system and not the company’s own. However, if you contact their customer support, they will be more than willing to take care of any issues that come up after you’ve received your tracker and had time to test it.

What We Like

The number of alerts that you receive on your tracker’s condition and placement is great, making sure you’ll know exactly where it is at any point in the day. Having a GPS tracker is always a plus, even if it is limited to the U.S. only.


If you’re looking for a high-quality GPS tracker that will give you real-time updates on its location throughout the day, then this tracker is perfect for you. Whatever issues come up can easily be addressed through OPTIMUS’s customer service and its low price combined with its ease of accessibility make it a top pick for sure.

  • US Only GPS System Is Accurate And Up To Date
  • Multitude Of Alert Messages For Immediate Information
  • Ease of Access With Google Map System

#8 CUBE Smart Tracker

CUBE Smart Tracker

Coverage: Bluetooth – 30m
Data Access: Smartphone App
Tracker Size: 1.5” x 1.5” x 0.3”
Battery Life: 1-Year

Our last tracker comes from CUBE, a company dedicated to luggage and key trackers, and is another Bluetooth tracker. The range with the CUBE Smart Tracker isn’t as large as the other Bluetooth trackers on this list, but it makes up for that low range with its dependability.

CUBE Smart Tracker and phone app

You can use the app to look at the last location of your tracker when it was connected to Bluetooth and can ring it to make relocation easy once back in Bluetooth range. It will also alert you when it exits the Bluetooth range, ensuring that you’ll never leave your luggage behind on a trip. With a two-way alert system, you can use the tracker to locate your phone as well; causing it to ring, flash, and vibrate.

CUBE Smart Tracker in a glass of water

The tracker itself is small and has a rubber-coated design to increase its durability and longevity. You’ll be able to use this tracker for years without issue, though you will have to replace the battery every year. Your purchase comes with an extra battery, so you won’t have to worry about buying another for a few years.

CUBE Smart Tracker on a purse

A small issue of phone battery drainage seems common while your phone is connected to the tracker, and sometimes the ringing can be difficult to hear if you aren’t close. However, the CUBE Community feature, like the TILE Community, lets you locate your tracker if it is within range of any other CUBE member’s Bluetooth. This makes it easy to locate in big cities and crowded airports even if the ring is hard to hear.

What We Like

The durability and easy to use CUBE app make this one of the top picks for luggage trackers on the market. While the range is small comparatively to other Bluetooth trackers, its added features and the CUBE Community ensure that you’ll be able to find your tracker no matter how far it’s gotten.


If you’re looking for a small range, long-life Bluetooth luggage tracker, then you should consider looking into this device. With the two-way alert system and the compact nature of the tracker, this is an easy choice to bring along for any trip.

  • Two-Way Alert System Makes It Easy To Locate Phone Or Tracker
  • CUBE Community Increases The Operable Range
  • Last Seen Location Of Tracker Marked On App For Relocation

Buyer’s Guide To Find The Best Luggage Tracker


Perhaps the most important thing to consider when purchasing your luggage tracker is what kind of coverage it provides. While most of the trackers on our list are Bluetooth and have short-range coverage, there are also GPS/GSM trackers that can provide global coverage. While it might seem obvious to always spring for the global trackers, there are several important differences that don’t always make that true. Bluetooth trackers are usually more accurate in displaying your luggage’s location within their range, you’ll have to pay extra for a data plan when using a GPS/GSM tracker, and often the Bluetooth has some useful two-way features that GPS/GSM trackers won’t.

Ultimately, you’ll need to decide based on your own needs whether a Bluetooth, GPS, or GSM tracker is better suited. If you’re looking for something that will keep track of your luggage and make sure you don’t lose it in transit then a Bluetooth might be best, but if you’re looking for a tracker that will follow your luggage around the world, then you should look into GPS/GSM trackers.

Tracker Size

The next important item is the tracker size. While it may seem arbitrary in the case of using the tracker in your luggage, the size of the tracker itself can affect how you use it. The larger the tracker is the harder of a time you’ll have trying to fit it in among your packed luggage. It can make or break whether you’ll be able to fit everything you want into your bag or suitcase. Also, if your tracker is small enough, you might be able to attach it to the zipper or another strap on the outside of your luggage, making the Bluetooth signal more reliable as your luggage case won’t interfere with it.

While secondary to the tracker’s coverage, the size of your luggage tracker can still greatly affect how you use it, so make sure to look for the tracker with the perfect size for you.

Battery Life

Another extremely important aspect of your tracker to consider is its battery life. Is it a single-use battery, meaning you’ll need to replace the entire tracker eventually? Or is it a replaceable or chargeable battery? How long does it last while in use? Will it drain the battery on your phone while connected to your Bluetooth?

These are all important questions to consider when looking into buying a luggage tracker. If you’re looking for a long-lasting battery that you won’t have to replace very often or at all, then you should consider trackers that carry long battery life even while being used. If you want a tracker that you can charge over and over to increase the amount of usable tracking time, then you should look for replaceable or rechargeable batteries where you won’t need to worry as much about battery life.


Your tracker’s information would be nothing without a way to access it. While some use websites or special receivers, the most common way that you can access your tracker’s data is through a downloadable app from the company. With it, you can instantly access location, last seen, ringer capabilities, etc., with easy taps from your thumb. Not all apps are created equal though. You might find that one company’s app is a bit too slow or clunky for you and by the time you figure that out it’ll be too late. You’ll be stuck using the app (often leaving it running in the background so you can use your tracker) to find your luggage for the foreseeable future. You could always just purchase a different tracker to get a better app, but then your previous tracker becomes nothing but an expensive paperweight.

To avoid being stuck with a clunky, unusable app, make sure to look up reviews in the app store for your intended buy. If you notice many negative reviews with specific details describing the problems with an app, you might want to consider looking into a different tracker. While it’s not the most important aspect, and you can still purchase a tracker even if the app looks clunky, it’s still something you should examine before adding any luggage tracker to your cart.

Additional Features

The final thing to consider when purchasing your luggage tracker is all the nifty added features that come along with it. These can turn your luggage tracker from a one-use item into a constant, beneficial aspect of your life. Whether it is two-way locating to help find your phone, being able to use your tracker to take pictures, or a network community that can locate your phone even outside of Bluetooth range, you should always look for those additional features that will turn your tracker into an important and useful tool for every day.

Frequently Asked Questions About Luggage Trackers

Q: What are the differences between GPS, GSM, and Bluetooth trackers?

A: If you’re wondering what kind of coverage is right for you then you’ll need to know the differences between each type. To make things simple, we’ll run through the uses and the problems with each kind.

GPS trackers use a GPS chip inside of the tracker to give you an accurate location of your luggage anywhere in the world. It’s easy to know exactly where your luggage is at any time with this type of tracker. However, the major downside is that the GPS system doesn’t work well when blocked by trees, buildings, or other blocks. If you’re thinking that this could be problematic (for example, when being used inside of an airport), you’re correct, and it’s one of the GPS tracker’s biggest issues.

GSM trackers act like GPS trackers but manage to avoid the problem of blockage by using the local mobile phone service to triangulate the tracker’s location. It seems like every tracker should be GSM instead of GPS, but the GSM trackers come with their own problems too. The big one is that not all countries support the GSM chip in trackers. In both Japan and South Korea, you won’t be able to utilize your GSM tracker.

Finally, Bluetooth trackers are just that: Bluetooth trackers. These luggage trackers use a Bluetooth connection to show the location and notify you when they leave the range of your smartphone. The obvious advantage of this is being able to keep your luggage close, even when indoors, and receiving distance alerts to ensure you don’t leave it behind. The negative side is the short range of most Bluetooth trackers, which doesn’t allow for much tracking outside of a small operable area. Some trackers have ways to offset this downside, such as a community system that allows you to track from other members’ Bluetooth.

Q: Will I need to turn my GPS/GSM tracker off before flying?

A: No. While it may seem like the GPS/GSM tracker could interfere with your flight, you won’t need to worry about turning it off before your flight. GPS trackers are, by nature, receive-only devices. They don’t put out any signal of their own, only responding to the signals received from your smartphone or computer to display their current location. So, while you should turn off your tracking app or anything, you’re using to access your tracker’s data, you can be safe in the knowledge that your tracker itself can remain on and connectable as soon as you land.

Q: What if my luggage is stolen? Will the tracker help?

A: While a tracker won’t ensure that your luggage is never stolen, it can greatly increase your chances of recovery. In the case of GPS/GSM trackers, you’ll be able to look up exactly where your luggage is after you’ve noticed it has been stolen and can alert the local authorities, making it easier for them to find the criminal. It won’t ensure they’ll find your luggage 100% of the time, as the thief could remove the tracker or ditch the suitcase after taking its contents, but in most cases, it will give the police a head start on finding it again. Bluetooth trackers are even better for preventing theft, as their alerts sound whenever your bag strays too far, pointing out any thieves and giving you an instant notification along with its last known location.

Q: Will other people be able to access my Bluetooth tracker?

A: You might be worried, having connected to your neighbor’s Bluetooth printer accidentally one too many times, that someone will be able to connect to your Bluetooth tracker instead. However, unlike average Bluetooth devices, Bluetooth luggage trackers have very specific and unique Bluetooth signatures that only the person who bought it can access. As soon as you connect the chip in your tracker to your user account in whichever brand you’ve purchased, only you will be able to connect to your Bluetooth tracker.

Of course, if you want to share your device with a family member or friend while traveling, you can share the device with anyone.

Q: Who can access my GPS/GSM tracker data?

A: As a GPS/GSM tracker utilizes a much broader data coverage, it is impossible to keep complete privacy with the data that you receive. Who has access to your data is mainly dependent upon who provides and assists with your data plan. If you are using a GPS plan that owned by the company you purchased your tracker from, then only the company will have access to your data. In the case of GSM trackers, the company providing service and the phone services that help triangulate your position will be able to access your tracking data.

If you are concerned with privacy, then the addition of a cellphone company, often one you’ve never interacted with if you are traveling to a different country, can lead to a feeling of unease. However, all that doesn’t mean that your data is insecure, as the tracker company and cellphone companies will keep whatever data they have of yours safely without sharing it. Of course, you can always buy a Bluetooth tracker instead if that notion still doesn’t set your mind at ease.


And that completes our top eight list of the best luggage trackers for 2019!

Every luggage tracker on our list was carefully researched in order to determine its value and qualities, such as coverage ability, longevity, ease of use, and overall impressiveness. All these trackers belong on our list and the order doesn’t say anything about whether one tracker is better than the other. Each one has its own benefits and issues that you should examine carefully before deciding on the right tracker for you.

If you have any questions regarding what qualified a tracker for our list, please refer to the buyer’s guide included above. You can also use it to help you in deciding on which tracker would most serve your needs. If you have any other questions that you don’t see answered in our frequently asked questions section, don’t hesitate to let us know so that we can include it in future lists.