Best Bike Lock [2019]

How We Picked

If you don’t have a car, and if you don’t want to use public transportation for everywhere you go, your bike could possibly be the only other means you have of going from Point A to Point B without walking.

But if someone were to steal your bike, you would be in a bind…as in you would literally have no other means of going places other than walking.

Therefore, having bike locks is necessary if you have a bike and use that bike on a day-to-day basis. Don’t tell yourself that your bike will never be stolen, because bike theft happens numerous times each day.

There are plenty of bike locks on the market to choose from. The only problem is precisely that: because there are so many to choose from, which one do you get?

Do you just grab the first bike lock off the shelf at your closest store? You could, but you shouldn’t. Even though bike locks may seem like simple devices, the truth is not all bike locks are the same, and some are much higher quality (or lower quality) than others.

Some are designed to be lightweight and portable (but also less secure) while others are built like tanks (and are therefore more secure). If you get the wrong bike locking device, you could be left with a bare spot where your bike used to sit, because a thief could make short work of the lock. To prevent that, you need the perfect bike lock for your daily life and we picked our top ten.

#1 BILLCONCH U-Lock (Fingerprint)

BILLCONCH U-Lock (Fingerprint)


  • Style: U-Lock
  • Locking-Mechanism: Fingerprint + Key
  • Weight: 3.6 Pounds

The first lock we are going to look at is one that sticks to a simple design. The u-style is one of the best locking styles on the market with its strength and portability. Making the u-lock better would be almost impossible, and yet the BILLCONCH U-Lock Fingerprint Lock does just that.

Before we get into the improvements, we want to talk about the standard features of this lock. For starters, it is a u-styled lock. These are considered the “best of the best” for security as they are generally thick and hard to cut through. The baseplate/lock attaches to the u-frame, generally between the wheel and the frame, making it impossible to move the bike more than a few inches. The one major downside of u-style locks is the fact that they aren’t the most “portable”; they can’t wrap around the bike frame like cable locks. Even so, this can easily be stored in your backpack as it only weighs 3.6 pounds. If you like a little flavor in your life, this comes in two color options: black/black or black/red; the black/red combination looks amazing.

BILLCONCH U-Lock (Fingerprint) color options

Now, it is time to talk about some of the major features that separate this lock from everyone else. First off, this is a fingerprint lock that will unlock in less than one second with just a touch from your finger. In fact, it can hold up to 40 different fingerprints so your family can use the lock too (and your friends).

BILLCONCH U-Lock unlocked with fingerprint sensor

The fingerprint sensor is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can be recharged using a USB cable. In case you were wondering, the lock has a low-battery indicator to let you know when it is time to recharge. If the battery does die, you are not in trouble as they also include two spare keys. And if that was not enough, the lock also works with your smartphone using the downloadable app from the Apple and/or Google stores.

BILLCONCH U-Lock unlocked with smartphone

Other features that make this a great lock for your bike is the 30mm heavy-duty cable. The shackle itself is made of hardened steel and designed to take plenty of abuse from thieves; in fact, it can handle up to 10 tons of pressure! Another great feature of this lock is the IPX6 waterproof rating making it suitable in any type of weather.

What We Like

For starters, this is an improved u-lock using newer technology. The fingerprint scanner is a great addition to an already strong design. The included Bluetooth + app connection makes this one of the easiest bike locks to work with.


It is time to move into the 21st century! The BILLCONCH U-Lock is the perfect blend of old-school design paired with new-school technology. Built to keep thieves at bay, your bike in place, and look good while doing it. While it may be a little pricey, it is worth every penny.

  • IPX6 Waterproof
  • Can Be Charged Using USB Cable
  • Comes With A Set Of Spare Keys In Event Battery Dies

#2 FOLDYLOCK Compact Extreme Bike Lock

FOLDYLOCK Compact Extreme Bike Lock


  • Style: Folding
  • Locking-Mechanism: Key
  • Weight: 2.2 Pounds

Sticking with the unconventional approach, the next lock looks unique. When folded up, it looks nothing like a bike lock. But, when it is unfolded, it looks like a super strong set of connecting rods that will easily protect your bike from thieves.

FOLDYLOCK Compact Extreme on a bike frame

The FOLDYLOCK by Seatylock is a blend of two different lock designs: the u-lock and the cable-lock. The u-lock design is regarded as one of the most secure locks on the market due to their thick, rigid lock bars. The cable-lock design is not as secure, but they are flexible which makes them great for versatility. Folding locks can incorporate the security of a u-lock with the versatility of a cable-lock.

FOLDYLOCK Compact Extreme Bike Lock in storing compartment

The FOLDYLOCK comes with a mounting case and mounting strips that make storing/riding with it a breeze. Once it is mounted, you simply slide it into the case when it is not in use and drive off; it won’t rattle and/or scratch your bike at all. If you are worried about added weight, this is light at only 2.2 pounds. As for color options, it comes in one of three color options: black/black, black/gray, black/orange. Our favorite color option is the black/orange option as this stands out the most.

FOLDYLOCK Compact Extreme Bike Lock accessories

Again, the FOLDYLOCK is designed to combine the best of the u-lock and the cable-lock. As such, they make sure to include hardened steel links to withstand most cutters with ease. Plus, the rivets use a special VSR technology that can stand up to hacksaws, bolt cutters, and drills. Taking it a step further, the lock also incorporates anti-drilling technologies in the lock cylinder itself so you can leave it on the rack longer without having to worry about it being gone when you get back. When it is unfolded, it will reach out to a maximum of 33.5 inches, giving you about half the length of a cable-lock setup.

What We Like

This is a great blend of cable-lock systems and u-lock systems. The links are extremely thick with plenty of cut resistance, but they are also flexible/moveable making it easy to hook to numerous fixed points. When the lock is closed, it almost fades away into the bike frame.


For those who love u-lock designs but hate the lack of flexibility and versatility, the FOLDYLOCK by Seatylock is perfect. It opens up to a maximum of 33.5 inches giving you plenty of room to work with while giving you ultra-thick links designed to keep your bike attached to racks and street poles without having to worry that it will still be there when you get back.

  • Combines The Best Features Of A Cable-Lock And A U-Lock
  • Built-In Anti-Drilling Cylinder And Other Components
  • Folds Up For Super-Simple Portability

#3 Kryptonite New York U-Lock

Kryptonite New York U-Lock


  • Style: U-Lock
  • Locking-Mechanism: Key
  • Weight: 4.41 Pounds

Next up, we are going to talk about another u-lock with an impressive history in the lock industry. Kryptonite has consistently created some of the most durable and trustworthy locks on the market today. The New York U-Lock is designed for heavily-trafficked areas where you will need a lot of protection.

Kryptonite New York U-Lock on a bike

As for the standard features, this is a simple u-lock design without any extra features like fingerprint systems. The shackle is a whopping 16mm for increased protection from cutters and other theft attempts. The crossbar utilizes a “pass-thru” design that helps to prevent rolling/twisting attacks. The lock cylinder has security-specific anti-drill properties to prevent drill outs and other penetration techniques. And, it comes with three keys to keep on you, at your home as a backup, and with a friend for another backup; one key has an LED built-in to make it easy to see even in dark areas.

Kryptonite New York U-Lock keyhole

Now, onto the features that make this lock stand out. This is one of the most secure locks on the market with a 9 out of 10 rating on the security scale; this means it can last up to 9 hours in a heavily-trafficked area without being stolen/penetrated. Next, Kryptonite will send you two extra keys for free through their Key Safe Program if you lose and/or destroy your old keys. And, if your bike does manage to be stolen, Kryptonite will reimburse you up to $4,000 through their anti-theft protection plan (one-year included for free). The lock itself comes with a lifetime warranty so you are covered no matter what life throws at you.

Kryptonite New York U-Lock used for locking bike in the city center

What We Like

This is a heavy, bulky lock that can take some serious abuse. The 16mm hardened-steel shackle is thick, able to withstand plenty of abuse without giving in. The fact that Kryptonite stands behind their product with a $4,000 reimbursement plans shows how dedicated they are to this lock.


A lot of companies can say they have the best locks on the market, but the best companies put their own money on the line. With up to $4,000 in reimbursements if your bike gets stolen, there is not much to worry about when you lock your bike up the with New York U-Lock from Kryptonite.

  • 9-Hour Security Rating
  • $4000 Reimbursement Program
  • Key Safe Program Will Ship New Keys If You Lose Your Old Ones

#4 ABUS Bordo 6100/90 Folding Lock

ABUS Bordo 6100-90 Folding Lock


  • Style: Folding
  • Locking-Mechanism: Combination + Key
  • Weight: 2.76 Pounds

Even though we just talked about another folding lock above, this lock from ABUS is another viable option that you might prefer. This is another hybrid/blend locking design that gives you both security and style in one convenient package. The Bordo lock comes with a mounting case and straps to make it easy to store when not in use.

ABUS Bordo 6100-90 Folding Lock on bike

At only 2.76 pounds, this will easily ride along with you without weighing you down. And while the last lock came with multiple color options, this only comes in one: black.

Trying to break the ABUS Bordo

The 5mm steel bars are designed to withstand all types of torture, racking up an impressive level 9 security rating which puts it in rarified air with the Kryptonite locks. The rivets themselves are built using a patented technology to protect them from drilling, cutting, pinching, etc. The lock cylinder has anti-drilling features built-in to protect from penetration and/or cracking techniques. Unfolded, you do get a little bit more from this when compared to the FOLDYLOCK with 35.0 inches of full length. And if you forget the combination, you can unlock it with one of the two included keys.

ABUS Bordo 6100-90 Folding Lock illustration

What We Like

The folding design is extremely compact and easy to use. It has more than enough reach at 35.0 inches to reach around most street poles and/or bike racks. The level 9 security rating is impressive as most folding locks cannot achieve this rating; in most cases, only u-locks can achieve this rating.


While the FOLDYLOCK is a great option, the Bordo from ABUS is built like a tank! With a 9 security rating, there isn’t much to worry about when your bike is locked up with this lock. For those who don’t like key only systems, this four-digit combination lock will easily fit the bill. It might be a little expensive, but what it offers should easily overcome any “issues” you have with the price.

  • Four-Digit Combination Lock + Key System
  • 5mm Steel-Hardened Links
  • Level 9 Security Rating

#5 ETRONIC M6 Self-Coiling Cable Bike Lock

ETRONIC M6 Self-Coiling Cable Bike Lock


  • Style: Cable
  • Length: 6 Feet
  • Locking-Mechanism: Combination
  • Weight: 1.2 Pounds

The M6 from ETRONIC is a cable-styled bike lock that stands out for more than just its color choices. Cable-style locks like the M6 are considered extremely versatile as they can be used for several applications beyond just a “bike lock”; this is one reason they are so popular. The cable on this lock is six feet long with a 10mm diameter/thickness. At 10mm thick, a thief would need a pretty strong pair of bolt cutters to get through this. The added vinyl covering also helps to protect from rain, water, and some smaller cutters. For those looking to add a little color to their lives, the M6 can be purchased in black, blue, green, pink, or orange. The locking mechanism is a four-digit combination lock that comes preset at 0000. Changing the combination is a four-step process:

  1. Unlock the cable using 0000 (or other code).
  2. Turn the “SET” knob clockwise to the designated position.
  3. Turn the dials to the combination you prefer.
  4. Turn the “SET” knob back to the original position.

Looking at some of the other features of the M6 lock, we find that it comes with a mounting bracket that makes it easy to keep it with you/your bike wherever you go. Most people will wrap it around their frame, but this can take time to unwind. The included mount makes it easy to keep it with you without spending a lot of time winding it up/taking it off. The fact that it is self-coiling also helps with portability as you won’t have to wrap it up yourself.

What We Like

This is a simple lock with a thick 10mm cable to prevent cuts without costing a fortune. The four-digit combination lock will keep most thieves at bay and the bright color options let everyone know this is protected.


While it is not the most advanced security lock in the world, it is a lock that will keep most people away. With six feet of cable, you’ll be able to wrap it around just about anything you want (with room to spare). For the price, it is a great value buy and the reason why it made our “Best Value Pick”.

  • Mount Included With Purchase
  • 6 Foot, 10mm Cut-Resistant Cable
  • Resettable Four-Digit Combination Locking Mechanism

#6 Kryptonite Kryptolok 12.7mm U-Lock

Kryptonite Kryptolok 12.7mm U-Lock


  • Style: U-Lock + Cable
  • Locking-Mechanism: Key
  • Weight: 3.59 Pounds

The u-lock design will dominate our list because it is the most secure of all the locks. The Kryptolok is another lock from Kryptonite (one of the most dominant brands) that made our list; honestly, they could have all their products on our list and that would be okay).

For some, having an almost five-pound lock like the New York is a little too much. And while they still need security, they may not need 8+ hours of protection. Which is why the Kryptolok is a great choice. This u-lock system from Kryptonite only weighs 3.59 pounds (about 25% less than the New York). The shackle is still stout, coming in at 12.7mm (about 25% less than the New York). It comes with a “Flexframe-U Bracket” that mounts to your bike making it easy to transport the lock when it is not in use. To slow down thieves, they’ve also included two hardened deadbolts with a locking crossbar. The drum cylinder has anti-theft features built-in to protect against drilling and bumping attacks. On the security scale, this rates a 6 out of 10, giving you up to 6 hours of protection.

Kryptonite Kryptolok 12.7mm U-Lock packaging

As with most Kryptonite products, you gain access to the Key Safe Program which will replace your first two keys for free. You’ll also gain access to the Anti-Theft Protection Offer which will reimburse you up to $1,750 if your bike is stolen. And, your lock is covered by a lifetime warranty through Kryptonite.

What We Like

It is lighter than the New York while still providing a reasonable amount of protection. Since it is lighter than its big brother, it is a little more portable.


When you want to go with a trusted company, you choose Kryptonite. All their products are built like tanks and designed to protect your assets. The Kryptolok will keep your belongings where you left them – without weighing you and without hitting your wallet too hard.

  • Dual Hardened Deadbolts
  • 12.7mm Steel Shackle Provides Up To 6 Hours Of Protection
  • Covered By The Anti-Theft Protection Offer For Up To $1,750 In Reimbursements

#7 Crystal Vision SHBLA 130db U-Lock

Crystal Vision SHBLA 130db U-Lock


  • Style: U-Lock
  • Locking-Mechanism: Key
  • Weight: 2.93 Pounds

Yet again, another u-lock made our list. This time, it is not because it can withstand theft attempts for 10+ hours, but rather stop it almost immediately. To do that, it emits a super-loud noise capable of producing 130db of ear-piercing noise when it detects movement. At 130db, most humans lose the ability to think (much less steal). Not to mention, that much noise will definitely draw attention to the thief which is not what they want. If you were to use this at night, you would surely hear it and know something was wrong.

And while the noise feature is the best feature, it is not the only feature. The shackle is thick at 14mm and a carbide-reinforced, hardened-steel locking pin. Plus, it is waterproof for all types of weather. The battery that powers this will last for up to one year and it can be replaced easily with another CR2 battery if it dies. It also comes with a mount to keep it with you when it is not in use.

Crystal Vision SHBLA 130db U-Lock on a bike

What We Like

At 130db, no one will be able to focus on stealing your bike. Unlike most other locks, this one tells everyone around that something is wrong. The siren is so loud, that you will hear it at night even if you were “sound asleep”.


There is an old saying that “it is not over until the fat lady sings.” Well, thieves will never get a chance to steal your bike if you have the Crystal Vision SHBLA 130db U-Lock. The siren will belt out a shrill noise at an unbearable volume. It will literally run off anyone with nefarious intentions.

  • 130db Siren
  • Thick 14mm Steel Shackle
  • Carbide-Reinforced, Hardened-Steel Locking Pin

#8 Lumintrail 18mm 5-Digit U-Lock

Lumintrail 18mm 5-Digit U-Lock


  • Style: U-Lock + Cable
  • Locking-Mechanism: Combination
  • Weight: 3.8 Pounds

So, what makes this u-lock different from all the others? Well, for starters it has an 18mm steel shackle that makes cutters and hacksaws work overtime. Next, it comes with a five-digit combination lock (the rest on our list were only four-digit) giving you more number combinations and making it harder for a thief to crack. And finally, it does not have a keyhole that can be drilled and/or bumped.

Lumintrail 18mm 5-Digit U-Lock on a bike

But, that’s not all. In fact, you can choose from one of three colors: black, bright green, or bright orange; we like the green option the best this time. Next, you also get a seven-foot 12mm cut-resistant, steel security cable to give you a few more lockdown options. The built-in dust cover protects the lock mechanism from dirt, debris, and even water.

What We Like

With an 18mm shackle, there is not much that will get through this. The bright colors will grab attention and the five-digit combination will make it a lot harder for crooks looking for an easy score.


If a four-digit combination was not enough for you, then how about a five-digit combination instead? The Lumintrail 18mm U-Lock is built to give you tons of protection without breaking the bank. If you want a little more security, here it is!

  • Five-Digit Combination Lock
  • Ultra-Thick 18mm Steel Shackle
  • Included 7-Foot, 12mm Cable

#9 ONGUARD Brute STD U-Lock



  • Style: U-Lock
  • Locking-Mechanism: Key
  • Weight: 2.5 Pounds

For those who don’t know, sometimes you just have to be a BRUTE. The Brute lineup is one of the strongest lock lineups in the world with an impressive 97 of 100 security rating. In fact, you can get their locks in one of three sizes: LS – Long Shackle, STD – Normal Shackle, or Mini – Small Shackle. To keep this an apples-to-apples list, we are discussing the STD lock from ONGUARD.

Again, the u-lock design is the best when it comes to security. Even so, the BRUTE manages to squeeze out even more with an ultra-thick 16.8mm shackle for extreme protection; in fact, this is more than any other shackle on our list included the Kryptonite locks. To keep everything locked down like Fort Knox, the bolt-locking mechanism locks down on four sides using their patented design/technology. To prevent bumping and/or drilling, they have incorporated a specialized Z-cylinder. To prevent prying and ripping, they even rounded all the edges making it hard to grip and/or snap.

ONGUARD Brute STD U-Lock on a bike

While the New York like from Kryptonite has a great rating, the BRUTE from ONGUARD has more. The shackle is thicker with extra protections built-in. The rounded edges and specialized cylinders give you even more time before a thief “would be” successful. The keyway cover helps to protect against water and weather so your lock works for a long time. For those who need extra keys, this one comes with five: one LED micro-light key and four standard keys.

What We Like

With a shackle that is thicker than any other on the market right now, it is hard to argue with the security value. Even though it does not come with a protection plan and/or a reimbursement plan, the amount of time a thief would have to work makes up for it.


If you want a big, strong, durable bike lock, the BRUTE is perfect! It might not be one of the most “well-known” companies on the market, but that will change. It is a direct competitor to the Kryptonite brand with components that are almost overkill – almost!

  • 97 Out Of 100 Security Rating
  • Shackle Locks On Four Sides For Increased Security
  • Specialized “Z-Cylinder” Protects From Bumping And Drilling Attacks

#10 Hiplok Lite v1.0 Wearable Bicycle Lock

Hiplok Lite v1.0 Wearable Bicycle Lock


  • Style: Cable
  • Length: 28 Inches
  • Locking-Mechanism: Key
  • Weight: 2.2 Pounds

Mr. T wore a chain around his neck to look cool, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson wore chains around his neck to look tough and strong, and now you can wear a chain too. The biggest difference is you will not be wearing it to look tough, you will be making it tough for someone to steal your bike.

Hiplok Lite v1.0 Wearable Bicycle Lock worn by a cyclist

The v1.0 from Hiplok is a cable-styled bike lock with a unique look/twist. Instead of wrapping it around your bike, you wrap it around your body; it rests on your hips, making portability the priority. It has a unique look with a nylon outer that protects the chain itself from scratches and/or dings. The front lock looks like a seatbelt with a much more secure clamp. The lock itself is keyed using a specialized disc-tumbler system designed to prevent picking. For those looking to cut through the chain, it is hardened steel with plenty of outer protection to prevent most cutting attempts.

Hiplok Lite v1.0 Wearable Bicycle Lock on a bike

Again, what makes this so unique is the body-wearable feature; it will fit waists from 26 inches to 44 inches. It wraps around your waist and sits on your hips, riding along with you wherever you want without getting in the way; it will not scratch your bike or catch in your wheels if it is on your waist.

What We Like

This is a perfect example of form, style, and function. Most brands go for super-secure leaving looks at the door while others focus on looks without much security; most forget the middle ground. The v1.0 is a perfect balance of style and security, making bike locks look good.


For someone looking for a unique bike lock that will protect your bike without looking like a lock built for Alcatraz, the v1.0 from Hiplok is a great choice. This is one of the few wearable locks on the market that work well enough to make our list. For those who always like to look stylish, this is the perfect bike lock for you.

  • Built To Sit On Your Hips
  • One-Size-Fits-All Design Fits Waists Up To 44 Inches
  • Disc-Tumbler Locking Mechanism To Prevent Easy Picking Methods

Buyer’s Guide To Find The Best Bike Lock


When looking for a bike lock, you must make sure that you have considered your location. For instance, if you live in a bustling city with a lot of traffic, then you will need a lock that can withstand a lot of abuse/theft attempts. If you live in a small town where hardly anyone passes by your house, then a simple lock will suffice. Understanding your location will make it much easier to pick a lock (pun intended).

Lock Type

There are basically three types of locks:

  1. U-Locks
  2. Cable Locks
  3. Chain Locks

U-locks are considered some of the strongest locks on the market right now. Some of the locks are even able to withstand theft attempts for up to eight continuous hours. However, these locks tend to be heavy and hard to carry around, even with a bike mount.

Cable locks are considered the middle ground when it comes to bike locks. These locks tend to be fairly thick but much easier to carry around. Most coil up and/or wrap around your bike, making it easy to keep them with you. They generally do not way too much and they provide a fair amount of protection (up to six hours in some cases).

Chain locks are considered the most basic when it comes to bike protection. These logs are generally easy to break and are not weatherproof. In most cases, the lock is very simple and easy to pick and/or bump.

Locking Mechanism

There are two main types of locking mechanisms:

  1. Combination
  2. Key

In some cases, there is another which is battery-operated/app-controlled (this is a form of a key).

Combination locks tend to use a series of numbers to lock everything down. These tend to be a little more effective than a basic keylock as they add a layer of complexity to the unlocking process. The higher the number of options, the more effective the lock is supposed to be.

Key locks use a simple key with a tumbler inside for protection. Key locks do work, albeit not as well as combination locks. In most cases, you will see a hybrid where it will include both a combination lock and a keylock.


And finally, a bike lock must be portable. If it is hard for you to carry around, then there is a good chance you will leave you behind. If you do not have a lock with you, your bike is very vulnerable.

Make sure that the weight is something you can manage and that you have a bike mount to work with. There are numerous styles to work with so find one that works perfect for your environment.

Just because it is the strongest lock on the market does not mean it is the best lock for you. If it is too heavy, then is not right for you. Pay attention to how big, how heavy, and how hard it is to carry around.

Expensive bike locked on the street

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will any bike lock protect my bike?

A: This depends on your definition of protection. If all you need to do is keep your bike safe from random strangers walking past your house, a simple cable lock should suffice. However, if your bike is in the center of town outside of your office, there is a good chance that the cable lock will be on the ground and your bike would be gone. Technically, no lock can fully protect your bike from theft, but the best locks make it a LOT harder for a thief to walk away with your investment.

Q: Why are cable locks considered “less secure” options?

A: For the most part, cable locks are not as cut-resistant as their heavier counterparts. Folding locks and u-locks have extremely thick links, making it much harder to cut through them. A cable lock tends to have a foldable steel wire that can be cut with a pair of heavy-duty bolt cutters in under a minute. Some include an extra covering making it harder to cut through, but ultimately, they don’t work as well as thicker options.

Q: What if I forget my combination?

A: If you forget your combination, you could try to guess it. If you fail to guess it, then the next best thing is to use the keys that were included with the lock. In most cases, combination locks also have a few “spare” keys that can be used when the combination won’t work. If you don’t have a spare key/key cylinder, then your best bet will be to cut the lock and buy a new one.

Q: What if I lose my keys?

A: If you lose your keys, you can call a locksmith who should be able to pick the lock or cut the lock off. Your keys are generally your option when it comes to opening your lock. Some locks use special features like Bluetooth, but this is more of a premium option.

Q: What is the best option to secure my bike?

A: Again, this is dependent on the situation. If you are in a small city where your bike is stored in the backyard, a cable lock may be enough. If you just want the biggest and best option, u-locks are considered the most durable and theft-proof. Some even give you a guarantee of more than eight hours! In fact, one of the brands on this list even gives you a reimbursement if their lock fails to keep your bike safe.

Q: If I get a bike lock, can a thief still get my bike?

A: No matter how strong a bike lock is, anyone determined to walk away with your bike will walk away with your bike. The difference is how long it will take them to do this. Ultimately, the tougher a bike lock is, the more likely a thief will move on. But, if it is dark, no one is around, and they have all the time in the world, there is a good chance that they will get it. If your bike is that valuable, find somewhere to store it with a lock on it.


So, there you have it! These are the top ten best bike locks for 2019. Each one stands out when compared to the overall market in one way or another. Some are strong enough to protect your bike overnight while others are meant to keep honest people honest.

In the end, you now have everything you need to make the best decision for you. The buyer’s guide helped to identify what to look for, the frequently asked questions section should have answered your questions (if it didn’t, let us know), and now it is up to you to buy a bike lock that will protect your investment.