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These BeoPlay H8 Wireless Headphones are for rich audiophiles

BeoPlay H8 Wireless Headphones

If you look into buying any kind of product, you know there’s a range of quality available. The hard part is finding the best cross-section of quality and price that will fit you. Some people have so much money that they don’t mind throwing it at whatever the coolest looking option is so long as it seems like it will be worth it.

While buying a new pair of headphones doesn’t have to be a costly endeavor, these BeoPlay H8 Wireless Headphones from Bang & Olufsen shows that it still can be. These are said to be premium on-ear headphones that provide you with active noise canceling that you can turn on or off. They only weigh 9 ounces, and are made of anodized aluminum and leather. The exterior of the aluminum ear cup is where you can control the noise cancellation, volume, track changing, or take a call. It is said to be so sensitive that it will work even if you’re wearing gloves.

You’ll be able to choose between gray and hazel or argilla bright, which translates to most of the world color-wise as gold. Either option is going to cost you anywhere from $468-499 depending on how buddy-buddy you are with Amazon. The battery life is capable of 14 hours of listening, active noise cancellation and Bluetooth, or up to 35 hours with active noise cancellation only. It uses 40mm drivers, and comes with a 3.9” audio cable as well as a micro USB cable for charging.

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