Benkatine Turbine Makes Energy While You Flush

Benkatine Turbine

Sometimes I have to wonder if there is a limit to eco-friendly gadgets that try to save as much energy as possible. For example, the Benkatine Turbine: a device from Leviathan Energy that allows you to generate electricity when you flush the toilet.

The device works using the principles of hydroelectric power. In other words, water flows in (or, in the case of flushing, out) a turbine fan spins, and power is generated. Not only can the Benkatine Turbine generate power from the indoor plumbing, but it can be used outside to generate power from gutter drainage.

I have to admit that this is a pretty obvious use for what is essentially wasted energy from our…waste. Still, I wonder how we hook up the Benkatine Turbine to our toilet. Is there going to be wires coming out of it? If so, then you’d better hope your toilet doesn’t overflow. The end result could be quite shocking.

Time will tell if this newly-channeled power can really reduce our electric bill. My sources for this sorry do not say whether this device is theoretical, conceptual, or already in production. However, I am guessing we will see devices like the Benkatine Turbine during some energy crisis when “every kilowatt counts”.