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Bendit Bookends keep it simple

About the time I go reorganizing my bookshelf I start seriously considering purchasing bookends.  I just tend to grumble about it due to the lack of versatility that they come with.  Most bookends can really only hold up one side of books at a time.  However, these fancy Bendit Bookends are a whole lot more versatile thanks to their curvy shape.

One of these can hold up and separate two sets of books and the other can do the same.  If you suddenly only need to hold up one then it can go back to doing that as well.  They’re not nearly as heavy or bulky as other bookends thanks to the materials used.  They’re made out of nothing more than metal with a black rubber stopper on each end.  To keep it simple with these bookends you can purchase a set of 2 for $28.

Source: HolyCool

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