Bendi Light-up Keyboard

Bendi Light-up Keyboard

Remember the Flexible Keyboard? Well, this is like an upgrade of that keyboard but its sporting a different name, this time it is presented as the Bendi Light-up Keyboard. It features everything the past version had like standard keys, easy for transportation and more. It is made of silicone and not easily destroyed, it’s also waterproof so no worries when dropping coffee/water/coke/tea/etc on to your keyboard like it happened in the past months.

As suggested previously it can be rolled up and packed inside a small bag, I can see myself using it on big LAN parties but I have never been to one so scratch that. The best usability I see on this keyboard (for me) are in big trips and stuff like that, if it could only support bluetooth to connect to a cellphone or PDA it would be awesome but that isn’t a feature yet.

So, the big change between the Flexible Keyboard and this Bendi Light-Up Keyboard is of course the glowing blue light that pops up whenever you connect it, this light can either be good because you can see the keys at night (and on dark ambients) or it can be awful because of the after effect that it provokes. I seriously don’t know if my eyes would like to be presented with a blue glowing light for hours. This model uses a USB to get it to work and costs £29.99 (~$54) at Gadget Box.

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