BellyBuds Pregnancy Bellyphones

Mom’s have been talking about the benefits of playing music for babies for quite some time.  With these Bellybuds you can play music for just the baby no matter where you’re at.  With the pair of Bellybuds attached to your stomach the music won’t be able to be heard by the rest of the room.  Plus since they’re just a pair of earphones for your belly, you can hand pick exactly what music you’d like to be played.

The Bellybuds come with several items, including 2 different sets of hydrogel adhesive rings to make sure that the buds can stay secured while your belly/the baby continues to grow.  You get one set of Bellyphones, a neoprene storage pouch with belt clip and buddons to dampen the external sound.  One nice perk is that it comes with an audio splitter so that you can listen to the same thing as the baby.  You can purchase the full set for $49.99.  You can also get a 3-pack of replacement adhesive rings for $14.99.

Source: ChipChick

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