Bellyak Body Boat- Having Fun, Face First

I love the water. I have to say that as much as I hate to exercise, when you put me in the water I just can’t stop myself. I love surfing and waterskiing, swimming, diving and just generally floating around in any way. There have been a quite a few developments in terms of water sports over the years, some have been pretty neat, others have been flat out wacky. Let’s see where we weigh in on this one.
Check out the Bellyak, what seems to be a cross between surfing and kayaking on your stomach, the Bellyak floats the rider through and over the water ,and allows for quick and easy directional changes. The boat, which weighs in at under 30 pounds is about 8 feet long and has room for you to bring some stuff with you, while you are out and and about exploring the river on your Bellyak.
Available in 2 different models, the “Frequency” and the “Play” the folks that made the Bellyak took the idea seriously. The Frequency is for beginners and offers more stability and control so that folks just entering into the world of the Bellyak can feel at ease, while having fun. The Play on the other hand offers experienced riders a performance hull and a shorter length (about 7.5 feet) meant to push the limits, turning your Bellyak trip, into the ride of your life.
Different from river boarding or kayaking, the Bellyak can be ridden kneeling, sitting or lying down and allows for more variety in both your moves and maneuverability than most other watercraft. The Frequency model is available right now with the sporty Play model following close behind. Please visit the website for pricing and availability information. Sounds like fun, no?