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The Belly Bandit keeps under-boob sweat at bay

Belly Bandit Dont Sweat It

If you happen to have mammaries on your chest that are above a certain cup size, you get to deal with a number of unpleasant experiences. Finding the right bra size, underwire bras, and best of all, heat in the summer, which causes sweat under your breasts. You get a lovely line of moisture that seeps through your shirt just under your bra, and have to hope that it will dry up before you have to be anywhere important.

If you wish you could look like a normal person that isn’t experiencing a heat stroke, the Belly Bandit can help. This is a bamboo and spandex combination that is filled with cotton, designed to soak up the extra sweat. It’s made primarily of natural materials, so you won’t have to worry about getting a rash or experience more pain than an underwire is already providing for you. If anything, it might alleviate the wire cutting into your ribs a tiny bit more.

This is a one size fits most sort of deal, and only comes in black and pink. Not that the color really matters though, as you’re not likely going to be wearing this as an accessory to show off. This will cost you $19.95, and will hopefully be more help then hassle. Seeing that this likely comes in the form of a tube top, it will definitely be awkward as all get out to put on and take off.

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