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Bellperre Touch oozes with elegance and class

bellperreNot all smartphones are created equal – although some others are more equal than the rest. Having said that, here we are with something that might just capture your attention – assuming you do happen to have deep pockets, that is. I am taking about a device that will merge the innovation in a smartphone alongside haute horlogerie, where this union would result in the Bellperre Touch. Sporting classic European design that is easy on the eye, this is a truly unique smartphone that is handcrafted as well as custom-tailored to the customer’s exact specifications.

In fact, one of the main drawing points of the Bellperre Touch would be the fact that it happens to be the first smartphone in the world that sports “touch through leather” technology, now how about that? In addition, the Bellperre Touch boasts of yet another world’s first – when it comes to the surface of sapphire crystal glass that is donned on a handset. In fact, there has never been such a large piece of leather that was needed for a single handset, and this looks set to remain for some time to come.

You will have to dig deep to own one of these bespoke handsets though, as prices begin from approximately €2,600 for the 316L Steel, Buffalo leather version, while those who happen to have at least €3,000 to spare can pick up the 316L Steel, Alligator Skin model.

Delivering timeless European influence, an abundance of customizable options, and insistence on only the finest of materials, the solid 316L stainless steel would offer top damage-resistance ratings, as it can handle a wide range of rough environments and impacts. Not only that, the finest exotic leather used can be chosen from 73 alluring leather colors which are then divided in alligator skin and buffalo leather. The equally impressive buffalo leather that is touted for its legendary durability will also be flame-resistant.

As for the earlier mentioned “touch through leather” technology, it will connect capacitive navigation buttons seamlessly with the finest exotic leather, delivering a truly innovative blend of modern technology with haute couture. Truly a masterpiece of art this, don’t you think so?

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