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This Bell Jar Light will give you a special place for your prized possessions

Bell Jar Light

If you’ve ever seen Beauty and the Beast, then you know about that awesome bell jar that Beast kept his rose in. It kept dust and contaminates from tarnishing his delicate flower, and since this container is in a movie, it seems like we could never have something that cool. Thankfully the world is precisely that cool and companies like to make money, so there is a similar containment display that you can actually get your hands on.

This Suck UK Bell Jar Light is exactly what the beast had, but with the addition of LEDs that will add the glowing part. You can always leave it unplugged if you do have a magical glowing item to stick in there, but for everyone else it will give highlights to whatever you deem worthy enough to put inside. This consists of hand blown glass and a painted wooden base that measures 8.5 x 8.5 x 10.6 inches. That being said, you can’t put anything huge in there, but whatever will fit will definitely look awesome.

While this is meant for knick-knacks and trinkets that hold sentimental value for you, it’s not a purchase you’ll make lightly. It’s a higher-ticket item at around $129, but is made of decently solid materials. Whether you have an old power ranger or pony to display, this will definitely make it seem as though the item’s visual worth is as much as it is in your mind.

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