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Belkin unveils FlipBlade & Grip 360° + Stand

Belkin is a name that is more often than not synonymous with quality accessories for a variety of consumer electronics. Of course, with the advent of iDevices from Apple, Belkin has carved out a rather comfortable niche for itself in that department by offering a bunch of pretty useful accessories as well. The company isn’t going to rest on its laurels anytime soon though, with the FlipBlade & Grip 360° + Stand being announced most recently.

These two solutions from Belkin intends to maximize portability for you to remain connected and mobile always, where it will celebrate the multifunctional use of the iPad. Basically, the new Belkin solutions will be able to manipulate your beloved iPad into just about any position, further enhancing the ability to quickly and fluidly interact with content.

First of all, the Grip 360° + Stand functions as an all-in-one solution, transforming in three ways: a carrying case, a handheld case, and a stand. The flexible hand strap will deliver a comfortable carrying case to hold your iPad wherever you go, enabling an easy 360-degree rotation to view content at just about any angle. Once you’ve arrived at your destination, all you need to do is remove the hand strap and attach the stand to position the iPad on any flat surface for a much more comfortable viewing experience. Not only that, the adjustable stand also provides multiple viewing angles for gaming, reading, surfing the Web, or typing.

As for the slim FlipBlade, this ultra-compact accessory offers solid support in a sleek design. You can choose to view your iPad in either portrait or landscape orientation, and opens up in a jiffy for added ease-of-use. The Grip 360° + Stand can be yours for $69.99, while those who prefer to opt for the FlipBlade will be able to bring one home for a much more affordale $29.99, albeit it being less versatile.

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2 thoughts on “Belkin unveils FlipBlade & Grip 360° + Stand”

  1. I bought one, but it’s impossible (so far) to get the disk off the back in order to put the handle or stand on. No instructions or even a picture. Presumably you turn the disk, but it doesn’t turn.

  2. A picture or a description it would be beneficial. It took me 20 minutes browsing the feed-back of the other confused users, to figure it out.

    Poor feedback Belkin!!!!

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