Belkin rolls out new sleeves for the Apple iPad


Belkin is betting that Apple’s latest iPad device will sell millions upon millions, but we don’t think it will ever hit the 250 million mark that the iPod family has arrived at over the years, unless the iPad comes down in price drastically. As with any other Apple device, it comes with a delectable design, although some of us are already grumbling about the extra fat bezel of the iPad which was incorporated so that you won’t accidentally touch the screen when moving it around unlocked. Most importantly, we ought to keep the screen in a pristine condition, as reading on a scratched and smudged display isn’t exactly the preferred option. Belkin answers this clarion call with three new sleeves in the form of the Vue, Max and Grip (as seen above). More on each of them right after the jump.

First off, we have the Vue Sleeve that retails for $39.99, where it comes with a transparent expandable pocket which is capable of stashing another media device as well as relevant accessories, ranging from smartphones to a digital camera, a pair of earbuds and a charger. It is made out of durable neoprene alongside reinforced panels for that added strength, while a soft quilted inner lining helps keep your touchscreen display in perfect condition. It will come in black and plum colors, boasting embossed patterns to express your style.

As for the Max Sleeve, this similarly priced case has a pleated design which can expand to fit accessories (preferably Apple ones) like an iPhone, a digital camera or a power supply. It is also made out of durable neoprene and features reinforced panels and a similar soft quilted inner lining to protect the touchscreen from scratches. When not in use, it will collapse flat for easy storage, and its compact design enables you to fit it nicely into a larger bag. As with the Vue Sleeve, this one also comes in black and perfect plum colors.

Last but not least would be the Grip Sleeve, which is the cheapest of the lot at $29.99. You get a gripable surface which increases your holding power while you’re on-the-go, making it perfect for those who suffer from clammy hands due to sweat. As with the previous two, this too, will come with a durable neoprene and silicone, reinforced panels and soft inner lining to protect the touchscreen display. You can also augment your iPad with a $19.99 screen overlay for added protection.

All three will arrive later this Spring, presumably when the iPad rolls out.

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