Belkin Conserve Surge with Timer


When it comes to conserving energy and your electronics, sometimes it’s easier said than done.  It would be fairly easy to just flip a switch on your surge protector to power everything down.  However, when it’s way underneath the desk, it takes a lot more effort.  That shouldn’t matter, but in all honesty, it does end up making it so that you power everything down less often.  Well Belkin has come out with a solution that’s not only convenient, but it’s affordable as well.

This has an automatic timer that will turn off all of the electronics plugged into the surge protector after they’ve been running for 11 hours.  There are a total of six outlets that will shut off at that point.  What’s really great is that there are two that will stay on.  Which means although everything else is shut down, your computer can stay up and running.  It’d be great for businesses that need to cut down on their power consumption.  There is also a button that can be placed on the desk that will turn those items back on or off.  You can purchase the surge protector for $34.99.

Source: OhGizmo