Belfie Stick lets you capture images of your rear end

belfieUnless you happen to be one of the hotter celebrities out there who have plenty of time on your hands to prim yourself, eat right, and get the right amount of exercise to look your very best, chances are you would not have a very nice bottom. Of course, the likes of Jennifer Lopez and for some, Kim Kardashian do look very nice when their photos are snapped from the back, and if you would like to follow in their footsteps, perhaps it might be good to forget about shooting selfies for your Facebook and Instagram accounts – but rather, use the Belfie Stick for some hilarious images to fill up your social network albums.

Yes sir, this Bluetooth-enabled Belfie Stick would allow you to snap crystal clear photos of your backside, and can you believe it or not, it happens to sell out pretty quickly. This is actually a fairly normal stick that comes with an adjustable “elbow,” and there is a waiting list for it. Expect stock of the Belfie Stick to be replenished not too far off in the near future. So, if the Sony Xperia C3 is a selfie smartphone, would someone be brave enough to come up with a Belfie smartphone down the road? It probably isn’t going to smell very nice if used properly across a period of time…