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The Beko Turkish Coffee Maker will give you a new caffeinated experience

BEKO Turkish Coffee Maker

We’ve looked at a myriad of methods to make espresso and coffee, but they are both a pretty similar experience. Both drinks range in texture from watery to a bit on the grainy side, but there’s one thing you normally leave out of the equation, and that would be the grounds. The world is a varied and wonderful place, and it is thanks to that which gives us more options for coffee.

If you are no stranger to Turkish coffee, then you likely enjoy the added texture and boldness of the brew. If you aren’t making a huge batch though, it seems a waste to heat up water to boiling only to make a cup or two. The Beko Turkish Coffee Maker will let you make up to three cups at a time while making sure to keep the integrity of what it should taste like intact. This means that you’ll still get your foamy coffee just the way you like it.

Whenever the drink is done it will give an audible and visual alert to let you know it’s time to party. It only has one button, so there won’t be any tinkering with the heat or brew time. Since Turkish Coffee is a bit more of a specialty, you shouldn’t be too sticker-schocked with the $114.79 price tag. Of course, don’t go getting this willy-nilly out of curiosity, as you’ll not only need to buy the right kind of coffee for it, but the flavors might be more than you can handle if you’re only a fan of a light roast.

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