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BeeRaider delivers new wireless keyboards and mouse combos

bee-raiderThe very idea of a wireless keyboard and mouse combo is not new at all in the computing industry. In fact, it has been quite a while already that such bundles have hit the market, including offerings from industry luminaries such as Logitech. However, there are companies from time to time that would like to take a stab at this market, and BeeRaider is one of them with their latest launch of not one, but two spanking new wireless keyboard and mouse combo sets.

BeeRaider’s first of two keyboards will incorporate its unique Radial Keyboard design. This new keyboard design will be logical, ergonomic and compact, and BeeRaider claims that it is a keyboard that has been specially designed for the 21st century.

Specially meant for use primarily with WinTel computers, the combo-set keyboards will arrive in two main layouts. The first of these will make use of BeeRaider’s very own optimized alpha-character layout, which BeeRaider claims it will be able to do its bit to greatly improve a user’s typing speed. In other words, one’s productivity should see an increase from here. As for the second keyboard, that model will come with an ergonomic and compact version of the standard QWERTY layout. It should make typing for long hours on end less of a hassle. BeeRaider’s first production run of 1,000 combo-set units will boast of distinctively marked keyboards which will be unique to these first 1,000 units, so if you like to collect special stuff, it might be good to place your order early.

The innovative Optimised Radial Keyboard primarily targets untrained computer keyboard users, and it should be able to boost one’s efficiency and productivity in no time at all.

Those who are interested in these combo sets can do so by purchasing it online, where there is an introductory purchase discount of 20% for the first 1,000 combo-set units. This means the optimized combo-set will be priced at $119.99, while the QWERTY version will also be similarly priced.

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