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The Beer Slushie Maker – for Really Cold Brew!


What could be better on a hot summer day than an ice cold beer? After a day in the sun, or a round of golf, it almost doesn’t matter what kind of beer it is, as long as it’s very, very cold. I’m not sure how great a beer popsicle would be, but a beer slushy? Yeah, that could be something worth trying.

So, check out the Beer Slushie Maker. When famous Japanese beer company Kirin, recognized how much folks adore a super cold brew, they opened beer gardens in which to serve special frozen beers, and then, took it a step further by making a machine that allows you to make that refreshing frozen libation at home. This grown-up style slushie maker creates a whipped frozen head, that is delved out soft-serve style, atop your  ice-cold beer, making it look awesome, and keeping it very chilly!

Kirin’s Frozen Beer Slushie Maker can top mug after mug of frosty frozen beer, and, it’s powered by four C batteries, which also makes it a lovely companion out by the pool. If you would like to get in on the frozen beer craze, get yourself a Beer Slushie Maker over at for under 100 bucks… and when your friends ask you where you find this stuff, don’t forget to tell them.