Beer Chiller gives cold beer in 90 seconds


It’s Friday yet again and for those that are still stuck at work, you’re probably dreaming of when you finally get to go home.  If in that daydream there’s a nice cold beer waiting for you, you’ll like this contraption.  Instead of jamming your beer in the freezer and risking leaving it in too long, you can have a device that safely makes it cold in no time at all.

This miniature cooler puts your beer on ice and gets it cold in 90 seconds.  Sure, that does mean you still have to wait, but it’s better than a few minutes.  Plus there isn’t any risk of getting a much too frozen beer out of the mix, like you would have to worry about if it were to sit in the freezer.  Of course if you’re outside of Japan this could be hard to get your hands on.  It’s for sale at Rinkya Stores for 1,385 yen with a $9 commission fee.

Source: UberReview

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