Bedside House-Shaped Booklight


Reading in bed is a soothing way to unwind from a long day for many people.  With this booklight, you’ll no longer have a need for a bookmark, nor will your book have any dog eared pages.  Just place your current book right on top of the light and you have yourself an interesting way to keep track of what page you’re on.

The light uses a low energy 11 watt bulb.  Which means you can leave your book on the light all night long and the bulb will never get hot enough to damage the book.  Just plug the light into the wall and it will give you a soft light to read by.  The dim light would be great to help slow your brain down a little.  Unfortunately, right now the light isn’t available through the Firebox US site.  That means that unless you’re in the UK you may be out of luck.  The price is set at £39.95 and if they come in stock for the US again, they’ll cost you $64.

Source: RGS