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Beddit 3 Sleep Tracker might help you enter dreamland

beddit3Those who have not experienced any kind of insomnia would not know the experience of wanting to get some sweet, sweet rest, and yet are unable to obtain such respite from everyday life. It can be quite a painful and emotionally draining experience, even driving others nuts. Well, it is always a blessing to know that anything which can be measured, can be improved — so why not go ahead and keep track of your sleep quality? Sleep trackers abound in the market, but you can also have something different in the form of the Beddit 3 Sleep Tracker.

The all new Beddit 3 Sleep Tracker should be able to answer the questions of why one sleeps well and why not. The Beddit 3 Sleep Tracker is proud to be the first product that depicts how personal habits, activities, and feelings will be able to impact all aspects of sleep quality, while offering personal insights to help develop the habits for better sleep.

It will make use of the industry’s most comprehensive and accurate set of data and features, providing access to a vast network of professionals. Being the first dedicated sleep tracker that has been integrated with eClinicalWorks and Healow, the largest Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) service in the United States with more than 115,000 physicians across all 50 states. You will be able to obtain a 2-week summary of sleep, recovery, and breathing in the terms and format that personal trainers, therapists, and healthcare professionals are able to understand at a glance.

Not only that, it will be integrated with the Health app on iPhone, ensuring that users will be able to choose to share sleep results with thousands of fitness and health applications. You also do not have to worry about running out of juice unlike activity trackers, where the Beddit 3 Sleep Tracker is totally ambient. It has a thin, flexible, and soft sensor which is unnoticeable when placed under the sheet on top of the mattress, where it plays nice with all beds and tracks the sleep of the person sleeping on the sensor, even if you are sleeping with your loved one. Expect the Beddit 3 Sleep Tracker to retail for $149 a pop from October 4th onward.

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