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Under Bed Night Lights lets you avoid stubbing your toe against the bed

under-bed-nightlightI am quite sure that just about every single one of us have experienced this before – stubbing your toe against the edge of a bed, or another piece of furniture, which would definitely hurt like all get out – perhaps even waking up the entire household as a flurry of colorful words are let loose from your tongue in the process. This thing I have always wondered – how has swearing ever have a medical effect in soothing whatever pain you are experiencing at the moment? Well, a night light would come in handy, so why not do it with class with the $79.95 Under Bed Night Lights?

These happen to be motion-sensing night lights which will activate right from the moment when you step out of bed. It will make sure that you can find your way to the bathroom safe and sound, or perhaps when you need to answer a phone call, all without having to turn on the lights and disturbing your sleeping sleeping spouse. This is made possible thanks to a pair of LED lights strips that are secured unobtrusively to each underside of a bed, where each of them will be plugged into their own motion sensors. The light strip comes with 45 LEDs and an adjustable shut-off timer that provides 30 seconds to 10 minutes of soft, warm light, allowing the illumination level to be equivalent to that which is produced by a 20-watt incandescent bulb, which will offer adequate light for safe passage to a bathroom.