Bed Glasses

When I was just a wee lad, I was told that one should not lie down on one’s back and read, it will lead to deteriorating eyesight. I am not quite sure whether that is just a bunch of baloney, but what I do know is this – I have been wearing glasses for the better part of the past two and a half decades already, and sometimes, I just wish I could do away with my glasses and have perfect vision. Permanently. Well, for those who still want to get their daily dose of reading in bed while lying down, you might want to check out the $89.95 Bed Glasses.

Yes sir, the Bed Glasses might make you look like a top notch dork, but at least you can read or view the TV while lying flat on your back, without having to experience any kind of neck strain, as there is no need to raise your head. You wear them just like regular eyeglasses, and heck, they were made in a way to fit over prescription glasses. Just like a periscope, the Bed Glasses function on principles of reflection and refraction. This prism is adjustable and reversible, so when standing upright, all it takes is a simple flip and you can check out what is right above your head.