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Bebop Sensors introduces new kind of smart fabric technology

bebophe Internet of Things (IoT) is an interesting concept, not to mention an idea that is fast catching on with various technologies in different fields coming together to make plenty of new scenarios possible – including those which were deemed to be impossible in the past due to restrictions by the law of physics and the like. Trust Bebop to come up with a new kind of thin, smart fabric sensor that is capable of measuring various aspects of physicality, including force, location, size, twist, bend, stretch and motion.

Bebop and their patented monolithic fabric sensors will, some time in the near future upon implementation, enable one to answer calls from a shirt, or perhaps to even be able to predict diabetic events. How about using it to measure one’s gait via the insoles of a shoe, or perhaps to depict the hand and foot location on a gym mat? Heck, it can even be used to help track a driver’s alertness level at the steering wheel, which could potentially help to save lives!

It does not matter if it is integrated in clothing, footwear, or sports gear, the number of potential application fields do seem to be rather boundless when one thinks about it. BeBop sensor technology came about after half a dozen years of developing smart fabric sensors for more expressive musical instruments, including the likes of KMI’s popular QuNexus and QuNeo keyboards.

Keith McMillen, Founder, KMI and BeBop Sensors, shared, “BeBop is a natural step for KMI, where we have diligently tuned fabrics, geometries, and production processes allowing us to ship over 1 million sensors to some of the most demanding musicians in the world. All musical instruments are essentially sensors with forms of acoustic processing attached. The same care and creativity used to build our instruments will serve well for our non-musical customers as we expand into the wearables market.

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