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If you can keep a beat, you can be a musician with Mogees

Mogee Sensor

Some people listen to music and get songs stuck in their head. Others can’t stop coming up with melodies they’ve never heard before. If you’re one of the latter, and aren’t yet good enough at an instrument to create a song in a way that fully encompasses what’s happening in your head, I bet you can tap out the drum line decently enough. If you can keep a beat and want to start capturing the tunes in your noggin before they’re gone forever, then you’re likely looking for a way to do so digitally without having to record yourself humming it first.

If you want to open up your world of creative possibilities, then you’re going to love Mogees. This is a sensor that you can attach to just about anything, and it will capture the unique sounds of the world around you. You only need to attach the Mogees to whatever object you want to play, plug it into your phone, and record your gestures. It is completely customizable, as you can associate certain gestures to individual sounds or MIDI notes.

There’s not a whole lot of setup as this is quite literally a plug and play device. Of course, customizing will take a good deal of time, but that will come with learning the ins and outs of what your preferences are. You can sync Mogees with exising tracks, use it as a MIDI controller, and it should play nicely with a variety of digital audio software you’re already familiar with. It comes with 3 re-washable adhesive pads that are made of PU polymer to give you maximum acoustic clarity. This is going to cost you around $147, and is currently part of a successfully funded crowdfunding campaign.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter

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