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Beat Lips is the first headphone pillow of its kind

beatlips-headphone-pillowWhen we talk about pillows, most of the time we are looking at something that is comfortable and soft, offering the right kind of support for our heads while we rest or get some shuteye. However, some of us who prefer to have a private listening experience before dozing off would put on a pair of headphones, and sleeping with headphones on tends to be a very uncomfortable experience no matter how soft the pillow in question is. Enter the first ever headphone pillow of its kind in the market, the Beat Lips.

Other than the extremely unique form factor of a pair of sultry lips making up the Beat Lips pillow (which is why it is named that way), this pillow has been specially designed in such a manner to form to any set of headphones providing comfort while resting on your side or in any other comfortable position. It is made possible through the elimination of pressure points that are created from leaning on headphones against a surface. In other words, the next time you have a long haul flight with plenty of connections in between, the Beat Lips pillow is perfect to make traveling or lounging with your headphones on a far more relaxing experience.

The Beat Lips headphone pillows will feature a gap in the middle that enables the speaker portion on any headphone to reside within it. Filled with the right amount of microbeads that deliver enough height, you can be sure that your headphones will not touch a surface, allowing the speaker portion of a headphone to virtually float in the air in order to eliminate pressure on your head. Not only that, the microbeads will also help to form to any user’s facial features and neck, ensuring the right kind of support is provided. It is also versatile enough to be an arm pillow, baby feeder, or a foot cushion.

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