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The Beast D ATV is a mean machine

thebeast-atvPersonal transportation is a category that is wide ranging and definitely not something which is static and boring. Some folks prefer to get around on two wheels, while others would like the four wheeled option a whole lot more due to stability and perhaps even safety reasons. When it comes to four wheels, there are also many other choices out there – and an all terrain vehicle (ATV) happens to be one of them, especially for those who would love to get their adrenaline pumping along the way. Hence, enter the Beast D all terrain vehicle which is also electric in nature, where it will boast of a dual 500W Motor, and a Daymak Drive controller that will assist the already powerful Daymak Beast, making this a far different ATV proposition from the other models that are in the market.

In addition, the Beast D will arrive with the 60V20ah Lithium Ion upgraded battery, where every single order will be custom built in Canada. The Beast D happens to be touted to be the perfect vehicle which will be able to bring you just about anywhere and everywhere you can imagine – in the outback, hunting, camping and more. There is a solar panel available to juice up the battery without any kind of power sockets in sight, allowing you to do your stuff and have it power up when parked. Being different from the standard version that will arrive with a dual brushless DC motor, the Beast D is meant to achieve off-road transportation.

With the ability to climb hills of up to 36 degrees, you can be sure that tackling rough terrain would be a breeze for the Beast D. The asking price for the Beast D will be $4,299 a pop, where you also have the option to pick one up with a dual motor ATV that will add another $1,300 to the final sticker price.
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