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Beartooth – Use your Phone, without Service


We’ve all been there, in a place where cell service is nonexistent. Of course, it seems as though important things, emergencies, and chaos all seem to occur almost exactly when we find ourselves in “the dead zone” For some folks, the ability to be in constant contact can mean the difference between life and death.

Check out Beartooth, an exciting new peer-to-peer communication platform, brought to you in a phone case that actually doubles your battery life, and allows your smartphone to communicate without the use of cellular or wifi service, utilizing their proprietary software defined radio. Beartooth enables your existing iPhone 5/5S/6/6+ or Galaxy S4/S5 for push to talk voice communication, text messaging, and even geolocation.

The simple user interface lets you transmit to other Beartooth contacts, or you can choose to communicate on the open channel. With an effective range of up to two 2 miles, this technology is sure to be helpful to hikers, skiers, emergency workers, search and rescue operations, and my parents on a cruise. The phone case, which is not much larger than a traditional battery back-up case, allows your phone to communicate with other Beartooth users, as well as with most traditional 2-way devices.

So if you have the need to stay in touch, regardless of where in the world you may roam, love the idea of off grid text messaging, SOS geolocation, and individual or group messaging (with confirmed delivery), then check out and reserve your Beartooth today. Production is set to begin in 2015, with prices yet to be determined, but it looks like the first run is going to come in at around 250 bucks.