Better Beard Trimmer is something even Santa would want this Christmas!

better beard trimmer

How do you ensure that your beard remains well trimmed? Well, it takes plenty of time as well as effort, unless you want to end up with the unsightly bush that Gimli the Dwarf has in Lord of the Rings. I know that a good workman never blames his tools, but there certainly are moments in life where having the right kind of tool would go a long way in ensuring that your job gets done right and in a whole lot faster and more efficient manner. With this beard trimmer, the name of this device itself sounds as though it can sell without the need for any advertising.

After all, the Better Beard Trimmer happens to be a wet/dry rechargeable trimmer which can be adjusted to 19 different settings so that it is capable of grooming a beard of any length in a neat manner. With but a normal turn of a dial, its blade can be adjusted from 1 to 10 mm in half mm increments, so that it can precisely trim all lengths of facial hair. It does not matter if you want to end up with a closely-cropped mustache or a long, full beard, the Better Beard Trimmer is more than capable of handling the situation. Apart from that, there is also a built-in drain which makes it a snap to rinse after use. It has enough juice to run up to 50 minutes, and can be recharged while you sleep via the included AC adapter.