Beard Trimmer with laser guide will have you looking prim and proper

Laser guide beard trimmer

Looking professional and acting professional go hand in hand. Of course, you need both to succeed, but dressing the part is often harder to keep up with. You can slap a smile on your face, but coming to work looking clean, and as though you’ve spent some measure of time on your appearance is much more difficult. It’s all in the little details, like having manicured nails, no wrinkled clothing, and well-kept hair can attribute to a well-put-together package.

Of course, going in for an actual manicure, getting your beard trimmed or shaved every few days or weeks, and having your clothing dry-cleaned and pressed can be a major burden on your wallet. So long as you go about things in the right way, you can do most of that at home for a relatively cheap amount. Of course, for the gentlefolk, shaving your facial hair can be a bit more of a challenge. The Norelco Beard Trimmer with laser guide is hoping to help with this aspect, so you can keep up with the Joneses.

This has a reversible trimmer, and won’t annihilate your face as you shave. There is an LED display that will let you choose your length, and 17 lock-in settings to pick from as well. You’ll also be able to tack on a beard or detail comb for whichever issue you face (on your face). The laser aspect is the same as a scope on a gun, helping you to hone in and take care of business with precision. It needs to charge for an hour to work for an hour, and is water-resistant for easy cleaning. This will set you back around $100, but would be better than going to a barber on the regular.