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The Beard Pro helps you carefully groom your face fuzz

The Beard Pro

While ladies may have more options for makeup and the ability to wear just about whatever they’d like, guys get the short end of the stick in that department. Women can easily dress in men’s clothes or go without makeup, but guys can’t really put on a full face and sport a pair of heels as easily. That being said, there are things that guys can do that will definitely catch looks.

Wearing a well-tailored suit can never go wrong, but it’s expensive, and not many are willing to wear a suit every day. If you want to go the easier route, nothing will get more attention than perfectly trimmed facial hair. Just shaving your face is one thing, but precise lines, attention to length and taking care of the skin underneath the hair will make your face pop just as well as it would with mascara and lipstick. If you’re not so good with getting a perfect line, then this Beard Pro should help.

This little plastic tool is meant to help you shape your beard and goatee to perfection, symmetry and all. You only need to put it in the right spot and shave over it to get crisp lines and a perfect neck line. It’s only going to cost you $13.75, and will help you create a variety of beard shapes without having to put too much work into it while still getting perfect results.