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The Beard Bib keeps trimmings off your bathroom counter

Beard hair catcher

If you’re a fellow that enjoys keeping your facial hair looking nice and neat, then you likely buzz, shave, and trim your beard almost every day. The not so fun part about that is how much hair you find left behind all over the place. It’s about as pleasant as finding a toenail clipping 15 feet away from the trash can you were preening over, and it’s not like you can catch every hair that falls on your own.

Should you be tired of having to find hair in places you didn’t know it could end up after you used your hair clippers, then maybe the Beard Bib can help. This is a barber-like bib that you will snap around your neck, attach the suction cups to the mirror, lock them in place, and start trimming away. Your hair will fall onto the bib without making an appearance anywhere else. Well, so long as you don’t spill the contents onto the floor on the way to the trashcan.

Just in case you find yourself needing to pause to answer the phone or door, there are two loops on the back of the neck straps that you can hang on the suction cups. Thanks to the adjustable neck strap, this should fit around any size neck without difficulty. This is going to cost you $29.99, and comes with a bag to keep the bib in, which you will be able to find sets of in white and black or dark grey and black. It would certainly make the morning routine feel a little bit more streamlined, and would save on cleaning up a hairy mess later.