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The Bear Papa Rachet Screwdriver is an adorable kit hidden in plain sight

Bear Papa Rachet Kit

When you live in an apartment, there’s really not much need for power tools. Well, that and there’s no space even if you wanted them. Most people don’t buy things that require such powerful tools, and can make due with some screwdrivers, a hammer, and duct tape. That being said, when space is a big issue, you don’t necessarily want a massive bag for tools hogging up the place.

If you only need a few essential tools here and there, why not get them in an adorable package? This Bear Papa Rachet is divided into three parts which consists of the head, torso, and feet. The head is the handle of the screwdriver, the feet holds the various magnetic bits, and the torso holds the two together. When combined it makes a pretty adorable looking bear figurine that comes in brown, black, red, or grey.

To change out the bits, you only need to rotate the black O-ring to lock or unlock the bit, and interchange the heads since they are magnetic. This comes with a #1 and 2 Phillips head bits, 4 and 5mm slotted head bits, as well as 4 and 5mm hex head bits. It only stands 125mm tall, and is 57mm wide, so it’s not going to take up much room, and is cute enough to be on display. This is going to cost you around $28, and would be a great buy for those who want to make every inch of their space cute and functional.

Available on pinkoi

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