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Beanbag Hammock Chair – Is this what sitting on a cloud is like?

We all like to have a cozy place to sit. Not only that, but we want a variety of places to plant our rump meat. There are couches, chairs, hammocks, bean bags, floor pillows, and much, much more. The type of arrangement we use is normally due to whatever we’re doing at the time. Everyone has their own optimal place to relax while reading a book, playing on a laptop, or just contemplating existence. Due to the nature of consumers and our constant need to have options, there are some crazy seating selections out there that combine aspects we love from one form of comfort to another.

It is called Le Beanock, and it is a puffy, heavenly cloud on which you are meant to sit. I don’t know who thought a suspended beanbag was a good idea, but I’m glad it exists. It won’t leave harsh rope impressions on you like a hammock does, and won’t be terribly hard to get off of like it is with a beanbag as you won’t be so close to the ground. I would imagine the only difficult part is forcing yourself to leave it.

This will cost you over $500, but is perfect for summer, spring, and even fall as it isn’t as likely to let chilly wind pass through. There are probably cheaper ways to do this at home as it’s just a giant pillow with eyelets, but the sewing skills and know-how of what materials to use may be the more difficult part. You can choose to buy your own stuffing and chain for this or get the complete package, but there will of course be a price difference.

Available for purchase at lebeanock, found via incrediblethings