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Beamz Laser Harp

Beamz_Laser_HarpThis laser harp is not your traditional musical instrument. Rather than you playing the Beamz laser harp you simply tell it what to do.

The notes are timed to the beat of the rhythm accompaniment and that as you trigger each one, an appropriate musical sequence of notes is played depending upon the rhythm accompaniment’s current key. In short, you’re performing much like a music conductor: you’re calling upon each instrument and controlling the shape of the music, but the beamz software is taking care of making sure everything fits together seamlessly.

The Beamz laser harp connects to your PC via USB and contains 30 songs from a mixture of 19 different genres which are used to provide backing music to your laser creations. Music is pre-authored into loops, rifs, notes and streams and you simple move your hands about with the music to create something good. Hopefully with all that assistance it can make the most tone deaf and un musical type of person (me) more able to play something that sounds good.

The laser harp costs around $600 and is available from Sharper Image.

Source – OhGizmo and GeekAlerts

Guest Post by Matthew of Gadget Venue.