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Beam is a smart projector that gives you a screen anywhere, any time

Beam Smart Projector

If you’re all about having a smart home, then you likely dream of having a similar setup to Tony Stark’s workshop. Everything is a motion or spoken word away from popping up before your very eyes. Currently it takes no small measure of work and money to have access to even a modicum of that same fluidity throughout your home. The most a fair number of us could manage right now is having Alexa hooked up to some smart lights that turn on or off when we say so.

Should you be the type of person who is always watching something, then having a screen pop up wherever you’d like would be a venture worth pursuing. Enter in the Beam, a smart projector that will screw into any light socket, and give you a projector wherever you’d like. This means you can watch your favorite show on the kitchen counter while cooking, wake up to the news on the wall by your bed, or watch a movie in the tub.

This is based off of the Pico LED projector which puts out 100 lumens, and has an image size range of 5-150 inches. This will connect with any app that’s on Beam, and you can control it through your smartphone or tablet. This is a $449.99 purchase, which makes it something that you’ll have to think over a bit more thoroughly before jumping into.

Available for purchase on Amazon