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BEAM Authentic showcases a wearable smart button

beamWhen it comes to wearable technology, there are dime a dozen examples on display, and the smartwatch is one of the prime devices that showcase just how versatile wearable technology can be in changing our lives for the better. BEAM Authentic figured out that there are still other unexplored areas when it comes to wearable technology, which is why it has come up with the BEAM smart wearable button that will open up the door for one to broadcast the exact things that they care about out in the real world.

 Each of these BEAM smart wearable button will feature a round AMOLED display, with 24-bit color, allowing the digital device to be the modern-day version of static, analog expression which used to arrive in the form of button badges that had long appeared on hats and backpacks, while also making a statement like t-shirts and wristbands of yore. With the BEAM app, people are able to upload single images or dynamic, rotating content, slideshows and GIFs courtesy of the company’s partnership with GIPHY.

Carrying the status as the first digital dynamic button in the world, BEAM is available for purchase for $99 a pop, where the BEAM app itself is available on both iOS and Android platforms. Andrew Zenoff, founder and CEO of BEAM Authentic, shared, “We are very rapidly losing the art of meaningful, human conversation. With all the backlash over social media bullying, ‘screen time’ and ‘screenagers,’ BEAM demonstrates that people can use technology to not hide behind, but to start conversations in the real world that break the ice, discover common interests, and help people engage and get to know each other for productive purposes.”

Why not learn to express yourself differently and in a new, modern manner this time around with BEAM? It lets you share messages on things that you care about with the rest of the world, and you can now do it in style.

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