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The Bead Bracelet Lightning Cable merges fashion and function

Bead Lightning Charger Bracelet

As the years press on, it’s becoming more and more apparent that we will eventually integrate fully with our technology. We can move faster, be stronger, see better, and a whole mess of other awesome things when combined with gadgets and gizmos. While it will still be a little while before we have to bow down before robot overlords, we can embrace the cute and fashionable side of technology…for now.

That first paragraph was quite a bit of build-up, but we really are addicted to our technology in an almost unhealthy way. Our phones are constantly glued to us, and have become a part of everyday life. While this may end up being a good thing, there are always pros and cons to something new. Regardless of how it’s argued, we still want to charge our phones, and don’t want to mess with a tangle of cables. If you’d rather make your cable integrate seamlessly into your wardrobe, why not hide it in an accessory?

The Bead Bracelet Lightning Cable appears to be a simple bracelet merely used for tying an outfit together, but hides a lightning pin connector in the clasp. This will keep the connector safe from dust and getting scratched up. This is a very simple product that comes in red, black, pink, and white, and will only cost you $13. It will only work with iPhone and iPad devices via USB.

Available for purchase on Brando, found via Redferret